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Aayla Secura led ARC troopers in the battle of Christophsis... did a Gotal Jedi knight.

A Pacithhip, a Klatooinian, and a Givin were all killed in the arena on Geonosis.

Council member Depa Billaba also met her doom, as did a human and an Arconan.

The casualties kept piling up with a Sullustan, a Snivvian, and another human dying in the arena.

A Kallidahin, another human, and a Gungan were also part of the carnage.

A female Jedi knight and her padawan, as well as a Quarren, died too.

The massive carnage continued with two Mon Calamari and a Chagrian.

Master Windu's recklessness included bringing Jedi padawans along, who too met their doom.

These Jedi knights, though diminutive, fought valiantly before being cut down.

Nouk Kii and Voolvif Mon survived and went on to lead clones in the following years, but the Rodian was killed.

A Trandoshan, one made with oil-based paint then one with water-based.

Nouk Kii right after graduating from youngling status, as a padawan, and as a knight.

Saesee Tiin, Aayla Secura, Coleman Trebor, and Yarael Poof in the Jedi temple.

Ki-Adi-Mundi along with an Ugnaught, a Yarkora, and an Ishi Tiib Jedi.

Viceroy Gunray has his own guard on Cato Neimoidia, and a regal mechno-chair to chill on.

A Neimoidian officer with worker droids, and Viceroy Gunray in garb that matches that he's got on in the chair above, contrasted to the original.

Wat Tambor (with shinier enviro-suit), a Nautolan businessman, and a Sakiyan count. All present for the big meeting on Geonosis.

The Kel Dor and the Quarren also have big interests in a separatist alliance.

Po Nudo's associate, a Gotal, a Givin, and a Gran were also present.

Unseen for the battle of Geonosis was the bounty hunter Xain, a bodyguard droid for Shu Mai, General Grievous in his first post-cyborg operation state, and a Neimoidian general.

Preceding the executions of Kenobi, Amidala, and Skywalker was a gladiator match.

The Mon Calamari have a strong diplomatic presence on Coruscant.

The Galactic Senate is in session.

They vote in favor of giving Chancellor Palpatine executive powers.

Though Senator Amidala objects.

Before this Muun was Darth Plagueis he was a Professor, as was Palpatine who then became a Senator on his way to ascending to the emperorship and Sith lordship.

Darth Plagueis, and the monster he created.

The Jedi Knight Nouk Kii is escorted by clones on Tatooine for a covert mission in which he passes for a war correspondent.

The crew assigned to him is highly eccentric due to their experiences in the war.

Theed's defense force and holographic Senator Palpatine.

High society nightclub on Coruscant with courtisans and a bartender droid.

Blue plate special today is roast Toydarian.

A squad of Galactic Marines on Mygeeto, made before the release of a stock figure by Hasbro.

Crazy things: A xenomorph Sith lord, a Florn Lamproid Jedi knight, a crawfish alien, and an homage to Brian Blessed of the 1980 Flash Gordon movie where he plays Prince Vultan.

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