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In the midst of the expanding struggle between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, our story begins two years before the Battle of Yavin.

Col. Airen Cracken of Alliance Intelligence and his Wookiee friend Saigorr have escaped an Imperial trap…

Set by his nemisis, Commander Scorn, leader of the Imperial’s elite Storm Commandos

But, as they flee, their ship is damaged and they are forced to land at a nearby rebel base on New Tirith, where at that very moment the Imperials are negotiating with the planet’s ruling Fangorn Empire.

Upon arrival at the rebel base, Cracken is suprised to meet his boss, the head of Alliance Intelligence, George Naht. Drawing his star agent aside, he informs him of the situation.

“While monitoring the Fangorn Empire’s activities, one of our agents made a discovery. Within New Tirith, there is a Jedi, a Master Qwarr, who survived the Purge. As someone with his talents would be of great benefit to our cause, we established communications, which were cut short by the Imperials’ arrival. So, as you are already here, and have expirience with force-users…”

“You want me to go in and finish the talks,” Cracken interrupts.

—“Precisely. Will you do it?”

“Saigorr and I don’t have much of anything else to do”.

—“Good. Your guide will be at the gate in 10 minutes”.

Within 15 minutes, the rebels are being led across the desert towards the capitalcity of New Tirith.

Unaware that a duo of Stormtroopers on patrol lie directly in their path.

The two groups haplessly stumble upon each other, but the rebels react first…

The guide taking down one…

While Cracken shoots the other.

“The Imps haven’t come out here since they arrived. They must have tracked your ship. When these two don’t report back, they’ll know you’re on the move”.

“Then we’ll have to move even faster,” Cracken replies.

Meanwhile, in New Tirith, negotiations coninue between Lt. Hogan of the Galactic Empire and Supreme General Traine of Fangorn.

“I suppose, General, that you are aware that the delay in proceedings is brought by two highly wanted rebel spies we believe have arrived on the moon”.

“I can assure you, Hogan, my men are perfectly capable of handling the situation. The 13th Battalion is made up of the finest troops in all of Fangorn. They have a flawless…”

He is interrupted by the arrival of his second-in-command, General Kott.

—“Sir. One of Lt. Hogan’s patrols has failed to report in and are not ansering calls. They were last recorded in Area 5-9”.

“Well”, Hogan replies. “It apears we will soon see if your men are as good as you say they are”.

At one of the back gates into the walled city, Cracken and Saigorr bid farewell to their guide.

“You’ll find our informant at Davish Kuell’s Droid Repair Shop” he says as he leaves, “But there’s one problem. With the increased Imperial presence, Naht ordering an evacuation of the base. You’ll have to find another way out”.

—“Sure was nice of him to tell us that beforehand”.

“You know him. Anyway, good luck”.

Saigorr growls in reply.

——“Come on, fuzzball. Don’t shoot the messenger, remember?”

It doesn’t take long for the duo to locate Davish’s Shop, where their informant waits.

“So you’re the great Col. Cracken, eh? And the Wookiee.”


——“The Wookiee has a name,” Cracken reminds the man.

“Yeah, of course, anyways, the Jedi lives just a few blocks from here, go straight twice, and take a left. He lives with two guardians. Oh, and you might want to watch out. News just broke that your in town, and with that bounty on your head, you’ll now the most popular man on New Tirith. And not in a good way”.

With that, he turns and walks away into the crowd.

“Don’t look now, but that Klaatus been following us for five minutes and as are friend said, not in a good way”.

Hoping to lose their trail, they duck into an ally, only to be cornered be a Klantoonian mercenary.

“You must be the rebel spies. If you wanted to keep a low profile, you should have left the walking carpet at home”.


—“Well,” Cracken interprets. “That walking carpet is about to rip your arms off”.

——“Not if I’ve got a stun rod. Gnack!”

Gnack runs to his boss’ aid…

But is attacked from above by a stranger in clone trooper’s armor.

Taking advantage of the distraction, the rebels turn on their opponents…

Who are quickly overcome with help from their new ally.

The fight over, the blonde “clone trooper” turns to them.

—“My name is Vlinn Argyus. You are here to see Master Qwarr. Follow me.”

So, not seeing a better option, they do.

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