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On the moon of New Tirith, Col. Airen Cracken and his Wookie companion Saigorr have been sent by Alliance Intelligence to locate Jedi Master Qwarr, who has been hiding within the city since the rise of the Galactic Empire.


After meeting the Jedi’s guardian, Vlinn Argyus, they are led to a small house in a dilapidated section of the city.


Where Master Qwarr and his other guardian, former Senate aide J’Inx Philo await.

“Master Qwarr,” the Colonel introduces himself, “My name is Airen Cracken. This is my companion, Saigorr. We’ve come to speak with you on the possibility of you lending your aid to the Alliance to Restore the Republic”

“The Republic is the last thing in this galaxy that needs restored. Peace, justice, liberty, those must return, but that is not what the Republic became!” the Jedi snaps in reply.

—“Beg your pardon, sir, but…”

“I’m sorry, Colonel”, Qwarr, significately calmed, resumes speaking. “I’m tried to tell your friend, but he wouldn’t listen”.

“I fought in the Clone Wars, along with my bretheren, defending the sovriegnty of the Republic,

Fighting and dying on the frontlines, bending our rules to adhere to those of the Senate, all the while those we were to protect were being turned against us”

“We were blind to the twisted schemes of the Chancellor, we fought his war, gave him power, let him strip away rights for the sake of victory. I see now why Dooku left, why so many worlds followed him, why Paplatine was heralded into power with barely a whisper of resistence”.

“The Republic was dead long before the Empire was born”.

“We didn’t see it, those who did we ignored. And that is why I will not fight with you, Colonel. My order failed and is dead, there is no hope for us. Whoever rises to take our place must do so without me, for fear of condmening them to the same fate”.

“We, will respect your wishes, Master” Cracken relpies, “Though we may not be in agreement. However, you will no longer be safe here, with the Empire a constant presence, if you will let us take you to safety, our mission will not have been a complete waste”.

“I suppose I will allow that, if my guardians deem it wise. I apologize yet again, for I have heard of your exploits, your friends surely have better things for you to do then set here and listen to the ravings of a forgotten old Master. We have a ship in the hanger. It shouldn’t be too hard to get off this old rock”.

But in the palace, General Traine and Lt. Hogan await news of their manhunt…

Which comes through the arrival of General Kott, with the Klantoonian mercenary, whom had earlier accosted Cracken and Saigorr, in tow.

—“Sir,” he reports. “This bounty hunter claims to have confronted the rebels in the south precent. His companions corroborate the report”.

“Well then don’t just stand there!” Traine orders. “Block off that section of the city, don’t let anyone out without proper identification”.

“Yes, sir! I’ll see to it personally! Should I also close off the hanger?”

—“No,” Hogan answers for the General, “I am expecting a visitor soon. Leave it open.”

“As you wish, Leutenant.”

Meanwhile, the rebels and their new companions are moving through the backstreets of New Tirith…

Until they encounter a Fangorn checkpoint.

“We’ll have to find another way through”, Cracken says, and the five duck into a nearby werehouse…

-Coming out into a seemingly abandoned alley.

That isn’t nearly as abandoned as they thought. Stormtroopers and Fangorn troops open fire, Qwarr ignites his lightsaber to repel the blasts…

“Waving that around isn’t going to help you maintain a low profile”, Cracken yells over the blasterfire.

—“It’s all I know how to use”.

“Well, I would advise you to have J’Inx and Vlinn show you a blaster sometime. It’s real simple”

—“And uncivilized”.

Saigorr and Vlinn clambor onto the roof of the werehouse, hoping to shoot down at the enemy…

But someone else already has thought of that, and a blaster bolt hits Vlinn in the shoulder, off the roof to the street below.

Saigorr dispatches the shooter and leaps down after the guardian, only to find him tended to by General Kott himself.

“Your friend will be fine in a few days”, Kott tells the shocked Wookiee. “The troops have been diverted from the hanger to prevent your retreat. You should be able to get in without much trouble”.

—“How do we know we can trust you?”


“The Wookiee does”.

Meanwhile, the remaining three members of the group have arrived at the hanger.

“Where are Saigorr and Vlinn?” Cracken calls out over the fight.

—“I haven’t seen them for some time”, Qwarr answers.

“We can’t leave without them!”

“Wait!” J’Inx yells. “I see them!”

Saigorr apears out of an alley, carrying Vlinn back to the group. Together again, the rebels run the final steps to their ship, and take off as the Imperials continue to fire, albiet futily.

The next day, on a distant planet, Cracken and Saigorr bid farewell to Master Qwarr and his guardians.

—“Are you sure you’ve made your choice, Master?” Cracken asks, one last time.

“Yes, my new friend, I have. My order is gone; I wish to die with it in peace. I have friends here who will harbor us. Good luck, Colonel, perhaps one day your kind will free the galaxy from our failings”.

—“Good bye, sir. Perhaps we will meet again?”

“I do not think so. I have no place in this new world”.

With that, he turns and, with his guardians, walks off towards a nearby village. Watching them leave, Cracken turns to Saigorr:

—“Well, let’s get back to the ship. Do you have any ideas how to explain this to George?”.

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