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When we last left Col. Airen Cracken, his squad of rebels had been deployed to Kashyykk to negotiate with a Wookiee chieftan. However, when they arrive they find the Wookiees gone and are discovered by the Storm Commandos of Commander Scorn, Cracken’s nemesis…


Crashing through the overgrown forest floor of Kashyykk, Jaas Greyleaf struggles to esacape the pursuing Imperials…


One of which is right behiond him.

The Nosaurian rebel scrambles up a nearby plant…

In order to leap down onto the confused Commando…

Commandering his AT-RT walker and dashing off into the undergrowth.

Back at the landing site, the decoy rebels have grown bored, all but Jaig.

—“Anyone up for charades?” Havi asks.

“Nah”, Hank mumbles. “Jaig always wins”.

“You two really should be more serious about this,” Jaig chides his companions. “We can have time for fun when we’re not on a job”.

—“Lighten up, litte brother,” Hank smiles. “If we aren’t blasting Imps, we might as well have a good time being bored, and besides…”

“Wait,” Jaig interrupts. “I hear something!” Artoo beeps in reply.

—“Artoo says you always hear something”, Havi translates.

“No, it’s a walker. I’m sure of it. Draw your weapons!”

The rebels prepare for a fight, but as the walker emerges, it is driven not by a Imperial but by their fellow rebel.

“Jaas, what’s going on?” Jaig quickly enquires as the Nosaurian dismounts.

“We were ambused”, he explains. “The Wookiees have been taken, probably to work in the mines. We tried to follow, but Scorn was there. I was seperated from Air and Saigorr”.

—“They’ll need out help”, Hank replies. “Where were they headed?”

“The nearest mine is across the river, not to far, really. Saigorr knew a shortcut, they were trying to cut them off”.

—“Well, then let’s go!” Hank declares.

“Can I drive the walker?” Havi asks.

—“Havi, your feet wouldn’t touch the floor”.

As the other rebels prepare to come to their colonel’s aid, Cracken himself is fleeing through the trees from another of Scorn’s men.

Which has managed to leap onto one of the low branches and give chase.

Thinking he has his quarry captured, the Commando prepares to fire…

But has forgotten to look out for the Wookiee!

Elsewhere in the forest, the men of Sargeant Bass’ squadron climb in the direction of the rebel landing site, muttering along the way.

“Hey Doyle, where are the Spartiis?” Bass asks his corporal.

—“Not this time sir. I told them to stay at the river and watch for crossing rebels”.

“Hah, sounds like fun. Still don’t know why the stuck them in our squad to begin with. Think they’d give us some decent troops,scarce as colored armor is these days. All Palps wants to spend money on is that blasted Death Star”.

—“Yeah,” Doyle laughs. “Whats he think it’ll do. Blow up a planet?”

“In his dreams. As long as they hit Spartii for target practice, it’d be fine by me”.

Little do the grumbling clones know, but their destination is deserted, as the rebels have set off for the river…

When Jaig calls them to a halt.

—“Two walkers coming”, he whispers, drawing his weapons. “From front and behind!”

Whipping into action, the rebels turn the tables on the first walker, pulverised by Hank’s rotary canon.

The second manages to fire one shot, but Havi easily dodges…

Leaving Jaas to get off a shot of his own

And it’s driver is forced to flee the fight on foot.

Cracken and Saigorr, meanwhile, are left trying to find a way across the river.

They find a fallen tree forming a bridge to an island in the middle of the river. They begin to cross the decaying trunk when Scorn, astride his walker bursts from the underbrush.

The Imperial Commander opens fire as he crosses the bridge, his quarry scrambling to escape.

Luckily for the rebels, the blasts further weaken the trunk…

And the walker crashes into the river

Which carries a furious Storm Commander Scorn downstream.

On the island, Cracken follows Saigorr to a shady lagoon…

Where they encounter Fours, one of Bass’ Spartii clones.

Saigorr quickly sends Fours toppling into the river…

And the two rebels make their way to a hidden boat.

—“Are you sure this thing is safe?” Cracken asks. “The last thing I need today is to sink. In water”.


—“Yeah, I know there are worse things to sink in than water, buddy, but you know how I am…”

“These oars do float, right?”

Further down the river, Jaig and co. have reached its edge.

—“I don’t see any sign of them,” Havi reports, having climbed a tree to scout.

“In all liklyhood they’re going to the mine”, Jaig decides…

“So we’ll meet them there”.

On the other side of the river, a small boat arrives on shore. Cracken and Saigorr are, indeed heading to the mine. As they walk up the bank, they can at last see, not to far away, a caravan of Wookiee slaves. And now comes the “fun” part…

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