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-We return to the story as Cracken and his Wookiee friend Saigorr have finally caught up with the slave caravan.


-Quickly, the colonel devises a plan…

-And Saigorr stealthily sneaks into the line of captive Wookiees.

-Predicting that his friends will soon arrive, Cracken waits for nearly 6 hours in the wilderness outside the camp, only to have his rest disturbed by the sound of approaching hoof-beats. Looking up, he sees that Scorn and one of his troops have commandeered two kybucks and are charging towards him.

-Moving quickly, Cracken ambushes the first scout,

-And steals his mount, rushing off to the slave mine

-With Scorn in fast pursuit.

-Meanwhile, Jaig has already lead the other rebels to the slave mine, where he himself is coming up with a plan.

-“Havi, we’ll need to break com silence to tell the shuttle our new location. Try to make contact. Hank and Jaas, we’ll need to take out their artillery, so they can’t shoot the shuttle down. You two can blow up the canons. I’ll try to make contact with the Wookiees”.

— “I would ask how you plan to talk to that mob of walking carpets, but I’m to busy planning the big blast,” Hank smiles. “See you later, little brother”.

-The next morning, the Wookiee slaves are sent into the mines to work. Saigorr locates the chieftain, Grawluk, to tell them of their plan.

-He explains that the rebels will try to move the leader off world to safety, but at first Grawluk is reluctant to leave his people. Eventually he is convinced that his freedom will inspire the Wookiees until it is safe to return.

-Shortly thereafter, both Wookiees are surprised when Jaig sneaks up to them.

— “Saigorr, now listen. There’s going to be an explosion today, when that happens, you and your friend need to rally a rebellion. Free the slaves and we’ll escape in the confusion. Nod yes if you understand”. Saigorr nods. “Good. I’ll see you later”.

-Unaware of what is transpiring under his watch, Warden Bossk reports to the Empire’s Chief Inquisitor Tarsus, who is inspecting the mine.

—“We jussst brought in the lassst of them, ssssir”, the Trandoshan hisses. “There are no more free Wookieesss in my precccent.”

— “I should hope not”, Tarsus replies. “We aren’t paying you for nothing.”

-The conversation is interrupted, however, when Cracken, astride an exhausted Kybuck, bursts into camp.

-Scorn soon follows, but is stopped on the Inquisitor’s orders.

-“Scorn!” Tarsus barks as the commando dismounts. “What is the meaning of this?”

— “Sir! That was Colonel Airen Cracken! He’s landed here with his team! I’ve been hunting him for the past day!. Inquisitor Dreyfus…”

- “What does Dreyfus have to do with this?”

— “Well, nothing, really,” Scorn is interrupted as the mines artillery explodes into flames.

-At this sound, the three hundred Wookiee slaves rise up…

-Storming out of the mines against their shocked captors.

-The Imperials scramble to respond…

-But are overwhelmed…

-And the slaves ransack the mine as they race to freedom.

-Tarsus, however, has sensed a presence amidst the furry throng and scales a cliff…

-To appear behind Jaig, who is searching for Saigorr.

— “Greetings, young Jedi,” he smiles, igniting his lightsaber.

-Surprised, Jaig lunges at him with his sword, but the Inquisitor easily dodges the blow…

-And tosses Jaig away with a flick of his wrist and the force.

-“I see you have no training”, Tarsus leers. “I can teach you. I can tell you desire greatness. Only we can offer you that. Here, take a true blade”. He tosses Jaig a lightsaber hilt. “Its former owner couldn’t see things our way. Hopefully you will”

-“I’ll never join you!” Jaig shouts, igniting the saber.

— “What a pity”

-Nearby, Cracken has left his Kybuck to the rest it deserves, and is struggling to to make sense of the scene unfolding around him, as the Wookiees’ rampage goes on. But he hears footsteps behind and grabs a shield…

-In time to block a blow from Commander Scorn.

-“So I finally caught you, after all these years,” the Commander snarls. “Didn’t think it would be this easy”.

—— “It won’t be” Cracken replies, pushing back.

-As these two duels unfold, Havi locates Saigorr and Grawluk amidst the chaos…

-Leading them to their escape shuttle, which, driven by Gen. Naht’s pilot, Nien Nunb, has landed safely.

-Jaig, meanwhile, attempts to duel Tarsus…

-But is no match for the Chief Inquisitor.

-As the fight goes on, Jaig slowly backs away…

-Before jumping off the cliff into a speeder waiting below.

-Cracken, meanwhile, is also struggling in he own fight…

-As Scorn drives him ever closer to the edge of the cliff.

-He stumbles…

-But manages to grab the ledge, dangling over the chasm.

-“Good bye, Colonel”, Scorn sneers, lifting his blade. “And good ridd…” He stops mid sentence as Jaig’s speeder races into view…

-Allowing Cracken to drop to safety.

-Back at the landing site, the remainder of the rebels fend off the Imperial troops, who hope to find a vehicle not damaged by Wookiee rage.

-“We can’t hold out much longer!” Nien Nunb yells. “Where are they?” Jaas looks up, and points frantically at an approaching speeder. “What is it?”

—“It’s them!” Havi shouts.

-Sure enough, the last members of the squad have arrived, and the rebels hurry to their ship with Grawluk, fleeing to safety…

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