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When we last left Col. Airen Cracken and his band of rebels, they had narrowly escaped Chief Inquisitor Tarsus and Commander Scorn on Kasshyyk, liberating an enslaved tribe of Wookiees and extracting their chieftain to safety. Shortly thereafter, Cracken has volunteered for a new mission, this time granting safe passage to several citizens of New Tirith whom, upset by the ruling Fangorn Empire’s merger with the Galactic Empire, wish to join the Rebel Alliance.


In New Tirith, the arid moon’s only settlement, Jaig and Hank Landow stroll the streets with their Nosaurian comrade, Jaas.


“You really ought to try a new outfit, Jaig”, Hank is saying. “You’ve been around Air to much. Never off duty, so you don’t think you need off-duty clothes.”

—“I’m not and I don’t” Jaig answers. The conversation is interrupted as the trio walks into the middle of a crowd gathering before the Imperial Palace.

-“This looks interesting”, Hank struggles to catch a glimpse at the speaker…

Who is none other than Fangorn’s Supreme General Traine.

—“People of New Tirith”, the General begins. “I am proud to announce to you that after a month of negotiation, we have a great step forward in the history of Fangorn. From this day forward we shall walk hand and hand with the Galactic Empire, marching towards a prosperous future!”

The crowd erupts into wild cheers, but one denizen is not so happy as his neighbors. Pushing his way to the stage, the short Klaatu hurls a bomb at the General…

Which explodes. Security forces rush into the throng as the furious people turn on the diminutive terrorist.

Who is quickly captured and dragged away.

Watching after him, Hank shakes his head.

—“Our job just got a whole lot harder”.

The duo quickly returns to the home of Davish Kuell, whose family the rebels have promised to get to safety. His wife and daughter already off world, Davish has remained home with his son-in-law Jax Pavon and the other Tiritian rebels.

—“Colonel”, Hank reports. “We have a problem”.

-“We already know,” Cracken answers. “News travels fast in this town”.

——“Good, so then you’ve made preparations to leave early?”

“No,” Davish speaks up. “The bomber at the speech was H’larr, my mechanic. He has a temper, but we never thought he’d do something like this. We have to free him”.

——“No”, Hank retorts. “We can’t risk the whole mission on this hot-headed, pint-sized terrorist”.

-“If he’s pintsized, what does that make me?” Havi pipes up.

——“Shut up!” Davish barked. “H’larr is a member of our family. We won’t leave him!”

“Everyone calm down!” Cracken breaks up the argument. “Davish is right, Hank. We wouldn’t abandon one of our squad, we can’t ask them to either. Now we have a plan on how to free H’larr……”

As the rebels discuss their plans, a drama unfolds in the Imperial Palace, as General Traine has not survived the attack. After giving orders to lock down the city, Lt. Hogan is speaking to General Wollfe and General Kott (the late S.G.’s second in command)

“The Galactic Empire expresses its condolences at the loss of your leader. General Traine was a great man, and we know this must be a difficult time for you. I have spoken with my superiors and, while, in my personal opinion, it would be best to follow through his chain of command…”

He is interrupted by Cpt. Oxixo, of the Imperial Navy.

—“We see fit that General Wollfe should take the command”.

“What?” General Kott is shocked. “This is highly irregular!”

——“There will be no discussion,” Oxixo snaps.

-“Then I am afraid I will be forced to resign my commission!” With this, Kott storms out of the room.

“I regret to have caused you so much drama’” Hogan apologizes. “However, I am pressed for time. I would request you unlock the hanger so that my ship may prepare for departure”.

——“Of course, Lieutenant,” Wollfe replies. As the Hogan leaves, the new Supreme General turns to Oxixo. “I would like to speak with you for a moment, Captain”.

An hour later, back in the streets of New Tirith, Jax Pavan leads Jaas and Jaig through a back alley, explaining his plans.

“We’ve received word from an inside source that H’larr is being transferred from the palace to the prison. We’ve planted a smoke mine along the route. When it goes off, our group and Davish’s will surround them. Once we have H’larr, we’ll meet with your Colonel by the hanger, he’ll be trying to find a way in Is that clear?”.

—“Yes,” Jaig answers.

-“And him?”

—“He doesn’t say much”.

At the other end of the alley, Davish Kuell watches the prison speeder go by.

The mine goes off, and the speeder slams into the alley wall.

Each group of rebels charges in…

Quickly overwhelming the shocked guards.

In their rush to free H’larr, however, one of the guards manages to run away, sounding the alarm…

Back in the palace, Wilhelm Kott has packed his bags, in preparation to leave, when he is approached by Wollfe and Oxixo.

——“Wihelm, as part of my new position, it is my duty to ensure the loyalty of all those serving Fangorn. Captain Oxixo here has informed me that we have a traitor in our ranks”

-“And who may that be, Karl?”

“Wilhelm, you should have known you couldn’t betray your people,” Wollfe sneers.

—“No, you’re the traitor Karl! Do you think Palpatine cares about what happens to our people? No, this is all about power for him. And you!”

-“Wilhelm,” Wollfe chuckles, “I wish I could say I regret this. But I don’t”.

At that, the alarm goes off in the palace. With the distraction, Kott attempts to flee, but is shot by Oxixo and topples over the balcony, before his killers turn to see to the crisis reported by one guard…

Sila Kott, son of former General Wilhelm Kott, who at this moment races towards the palace unaware of the change in command.

While Sila runs to the palace, Cracken leads his group of rebels towards the hanger, trying to find a way in.

Suddenly, he stops, as the sound of blasterfire draws nearer.

The Imperial reinforcements have arrived…

And are chasing the rescuing rebels through the streets.

Within a few moments, the two groups are reunited.

And the streets of New Tirith erupt into battle.

“Do you have to keep waving that thing around?” Cracken shouts as Jaig ignites his lightsaber.

——“I’ve got to practice”.

Distant from the sound of blasters, Sila Kott arrives at the palace, and is shocked at what he sees.

“Dad!” he cries, running to his father’s side. “What happened?”

—“Wollfe’s taken over”, the former general gasps. “He’s sold out to Palpatine”.

-“Okay, now stay calm”, Sila is barely listening, “I’ll get you out of here”.

—“No, it’s too late for me. You’ve got to save yourself. They’ll be after you and Haines next. The rebels are headed to the hanger. Give them these codes, and leave with them. Someday, perhaps, you can return. To free our people”.

-“Dad, no!”

—“Good bye, Sila. I know you’ll be a great man. Now go, until we meet again”.

-“No!” Sila yells again, but it is futile.

And so passes Wilhelm Kott, of the Fangorn Empire.

And his son, the only world he has ever known turned against him, picks up his father’s pack, and runs to the sound of blaster fire.

As the rebels reach the hanger, they keep fighting, as local mercenaries join in, hoping to pick up a bounty.

Everyone doing their part to get the others to safety,

Even the droids.

Turning to the hanger, Hank calls out:

—“It’s open! The hanger’s open! Make a run for it!”

“I take it your inside man had a hand in this?” Cracken looks to Davish.

—“I have no idea”.

The group of rebels dashes into the hanger, but Jax spots a lone Fangorn trooper running towards them, unarmed.

“Wait”, Sila Kott calls out. “Take me with you!”

“Sila!” Davish stops, recognizing the son of his informant. “What happened?”

—“They killed my father. He told me to give you these codes and get off world”.

-“We can trust him, Colonel. I know him”.

“All right, then”, Cracken decides. “Now let’s get to your ship”.

That night, with the rebels gone, a furious Lt. Hogan approaches Oxixo and Wollfe.

—“This is an outrage!” he shouts. “I don’t care how many spies you find here, there is no way those prisoners should have been allowed to escape!”

-“Sir”, Oxixo adds, “If I may, they could not have gotten off world if you had not opened the hanger”.

This makes the Imperial even more upset.

—“Captain! Don’t let me ever here another insubordinate word out of your mouth again! I don’t care how good of a pilot you are, you will be gone in a heartbeat! And don’t forget it!”

As the Lieutenant storms off, Oxixo glares after him. He has a reputation for exposing disloyal officers. Particularly those he doesn’t like in the first place…

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