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After the events of the last chapter, Sila Kott has joined Col. Airen Cracken’s band of rebels, to strike back at those responsible for the death of his father and to track down his brother Haines, an Imperial fighter ace.


His first major mission with the team is to Naboo, where the planet’s Imperial senator is considering joining the Rebel Alliance.

-“The plan is relativly simple”, Cracken explains.


“Jaig and Sila will impersonate guards to get inside the palace and contact the senator”

“Havi and I will take care of the other half of the mission. We’re to meet with a Gungan agent on the prospects of aid from his people”

“That sounds simple enough”, Sila replies.

-“Trust me, it’s never as simple as it sounds”, Jaig replies.

Within the hour, the two stroll into the Senatorial mansion near Theed…

Unaware that an Imperial probe has spotted their ship…

And that the Imperial presence on Naboo is greater than they accounted for.

Cracken and Havi are also unaware, as they follow the river to Lake Bombad…

Crawling in and out of tunnels as Havi enjoys the moisture, which is remniscent of his home.

“Havi”, Cracken warns his distracted companion, “The wall is very slick, and…”

It is too late as Havi slips off the ledge into the river, landing harmlessly in a pile of seaweed.

Back at the mansion, Inquisitor Tarsus is attempting to negotiate with Senator Natalee Reed:

-“Senator Reed, I know the Empire has had less than postive relations with your people in the past, but we would like to put that all behind us in light of the benefits this space port will bring to Naboo”.

-“Then why are you here, Inquisitor? I would think Lt. Hogan would have been perfectly able to negotiate the lease”.

“Senator, I am here on the Emperor’s request, as we believe the Rebels may be plotting an attempt on your life”.

-“If that is so, would you kindly leave the negotiating to me and the Lt. Conversation does not seem to be your most strong point”.

Tarsus has no chance to reply to the insult, as the group is interrupted by the arrival of Commander Scorn.

“Scorn!” Hogan barks. “What is the meaning of this?”

-“Sir,” the commander reports to his superiors in hushed tones. “We have located the rebels in the outskirts of the city.”

-“Let them be,” Tarsus orders. “They will walk right into our trap”.

At the moment, Cracken and Havi are attempting to avoid capture as they travel towards the shores of Naboo’s largest lake.

Their efforts, however, go unnoticed by Sargeant Bass’ squad, who are more concerned about complaining over the Emperor’s failings and their miserable Spaarti comrades than the mission at hand.

Back at the palace, Senator Reed is approached by a guard and a pilot whom she has never seen before. They quickly remove their helmets.

“Senator,” the guard begins. “My name is Jaig Landow, my companion is Sila Kott. We’ve been sent by the Rebel Alliance to discuss the possible transfer of aid to our cause”.

“Of course,” the Senator replies, “However, I apologize if it causes you any inconvienance but I would like to have some more time to consider the offer. The Imperial’s recent proposals have been quite…. interesting”.

-“That would be fine, Senator. We can wait as long as you need”.

Meanwhile, Cracken and Havi have reached the rendevous point…

Where their Gungan guide awaits.

“Meesa very glad to sees you, Colonel. Thesa meetings place ees rights over thisa way. Pleesa follows”.


And the trio heads off to the shores of Bombad Lake.

Meanwhile, it’s been a day and a half since the team first arrived on Naboo, and the remaining rebels have grown tired of guarding the ship, their attention has turned to the nearby Imperial garrison.

Scouting the perimeter, Hank moves through the surronding foilage, hoping to find a back door…

When he is set upon by a squad of Storm Commandos!

In a blur of motion he is overpowered…

And stunned into unconsciousness by the commandos electrified gloves.

As dusk falls, Cracken and Havi reach the shores of Bombad Lake, unaware of the calamity that has taken place.

The guide motions for the duo to join follow him into the water.

-“You didn’t tell me this would involve swimming” Cracken mutters.

———“Yeah, Boss”. Havi agrees. “Who doesn’t like a good swim? Just pretend that it’s only 2 feet deep, instead of practically bottomless, and no maneating sea monsters, or…”

-“Shut up, Havi.”

As Cracken faces his fear of water, Sila, while avoiding contact with Cpt. Oxixo, spots Scorn parading his prize into the mansion…

A prize that could ruin the entire mission!

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