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On the planet Naboo, Col Airen Cracken leads his band of rebels on a mission to gain support from the planet’s senator. Jaig Landow and Sila Kott have gone under cover as guards in the Senatorial Mansion, while Cracken and Havi go to meet with the Gungans. 4 days later, however, their plans are about to collapse with the capture of one of their own, Jaig’s brother Hank…


As the sun rises over Lake Bombad, Cracken and Havi are asleep in a small cove, unaware of what is transpiring at the manor.


And are rudely awakened by their Gungan scout.

—“Goodsa Morning, eeverybody!”

-The sun glares down into the rebel’s eyes, leaving them temporarily blinded.

-“Where are we?” Havi asks, having arrived in the dark.

“Een thee mostest sacred and secret Gungan hideaway of theem all! Isa go speak to the bosses. Yousa stay here”.

With that, he clambers up the sandy cliffs, leaving Cracken to comment:

-“He could have just let us sleep. The sooner we get off this planet the better. Water, anoying natives…”

-“Whatsa wrong weeth the natives, Air?”

-“Cut it out, Havi. Go to sleep.”

However, Hank is facing a much more serious situation, imprisoned within the Senator’s mansion, with Commanders Kife and Scorn as his guards.

Cheif Inquisitor Tarsus enters the room.

“I’ll take over the interrogation from here” he smiles. “I promised Dreyfus he could borrow you two for his little Jedi hunt. Now who’s the rebel scum who walked into my trap?”

“The only scum here is you and your men Tarsus. It’s nice to see you face-to-face for once. I’m surprised my brother didn’t beat you on Kasshyyk”.

——“Fool. You have no knowledge of the powers of the dark side” Tarsus retorts.

-“Well, I do know what I’m going to tell you. Nothing”.

——“You don’t need to. Your mere presence here gives me a reason to shoot the Senator within the day”.

-“Then what do you want from me?”


With that, force lightening shoots from the Inquisitor’s fingertips to Hank, whose screams echo through the halls of the mansion.

But they are unheard by Senator Natalae Reed, who, 30 minutes later looks out from her trelice, over the world intrusted to her care, a world she may never see again.

She is approached by her security chief.

—“The two new guards are here to see you, my lady.”

-“Send them in Karl. You have business to see to”.

As Karl exits, Jaig and Sila enter.

-“I have made my descion,” the Senator announces. “My people will side with you. Karl has recieved word from the Gungan bosses, it seems your friends have gotten through. Once the Imperial presence is lestened, we are capable of rebeling”.

“We also have news, Senator,” Jaig announces. “Your life is in danger. Sila overheard that you are to be shot before the end of the day”.

-“Tarsus. That scum reeked of treachery from the minute he arrived. We must leave at once, I have a ship waiting”.

15 minutes later, Hank is awakened in pain by Lt. Hogan and a Nemoidean pilot.

They deactivate his bonds, leaving him to slump to the floor.

-“What do you want know?” he snarls.

—“For you to escape,” Hogan replies. “You will over-power Sargeant Manassi here, sneak out through the guards’ exit, and leave with your friends” Hogan replies.


“I can assure you, Mr. Landow, this is no trick. I have helped you and your Colonel before. In fact, we knew each other quite well, once. Now go”.

—“But what of Senator Reed?”

-“She is safe. Hurry!” Then, into his comlink, he orders “Ready the troops for withdrawl, Klink. I want to want to leave before sunset tomorrow.”

On his order, scores of roaming Imperial troops begin to march back to the mansion, leaving only enough to fill the local garrison.

While a few fall as Jaig and Sila escort the Senator…

-To her shuttle, hidden on the outskirts on the estate.

“Shouldn’t we try alerting the others,” Sila asks. “Or at least helping Hank escape?”

—“No, this was our job,” Jaig answers. “Cracken will handle everything else, we just need to get Miss Reed to saftey”.

“But I must ask, Senator, are you sure the ship is safe?” Jaig inquires “Tarsus is very thorough”.

“Yes, I am sure of it. Only Karl and I know it’s location. It is equipped with top of the line stealth technology. They’ll never see it coming”.

“Hurry up! I think I found it!” Sila calls out and his companions comply.

A short time later, the palace is in an uproar. Hank, on his way out, stops a random pilot to ask what was going on.

-“The senator’s been kidnapped by the rebels, right when the Imps were packing up. Tarsus and Hogan are at each others throats blaming each other. On top of it all, one of the satallites just picked up an unauthorized ship jumping to lightspeed. They’re gone”.

The next day, Cracken and Havi find there way back to Jaas and Saigorr.

Who, along with Hank, recount the events of the past week.

“Well, I’d say we oughtn’t leave for a day or two,” Cracken decides. “Even with the withdrawl, there will still be high security. The Imps will have a surprise coming in four days, we should be able to leave in the chaos. Jaig and Sila will be able to take care of themselves ‘til then”

The next morning sees Jaig and Sila at a black market shop on a nearby world, hoping to lose their distinctive Naboo gear, Natale has gone off to take care of her own clothes.

—“We’re looking for a good disguise”, Jaig tells the shop owner.

“Ah, well, you certainly took long enough. I’ve got them waiting in the back,” he replies.

“I’m not so sure we are who he thinks we are”, Jaig whispers.

-“Eh, never look a gift bantha in the mouth”.

-“If you say so. But I have a bad feeling about this”.

Shortly thereafter, the duo leave in their new disguises.

And are just missed by Commanders Scorn and Knife, searching for disguises.

-“But you were just here!” the owner protests. “I’ll give you half off on my Darth Malgus costumes! Plo Koon’s breath mask? A genuine Death Watch jetpack?”

After meeting Natalee, the rebels walk towards the house of El-les, a mercenary freind of the Senator, who also is harboring a few unknown guests. Suddenly, they hear an angry voice calling after them.

Turning, they see Inquisitor Dreyfus storming towards them in a similar disguise. They send Natalee off running to their destination before turning to meet their foe.

“Scorn, Knife! I just heard about your bumbled job on Naboo. You don’t diserve dates!”

—“I know, sir”, Jaig improvises. “We’re terribly sorry. It won’t happen again”.

“It had better not. And are you okay? Your voice sounds funny.”

-“Oh, he got a cold, swimming on Naboo, sir,” Sila answers.

“Inconcievable! I never get a vacation. Follow me.”

—Deciding sidetracking Dreyfus will keep him from the Senator, as well as give them information on his mission, they do.

Nearby, Dreyfus briefs his two “comrades”.

—“Two and a half months ago, a Jedi escaped from our grasp. We’ve been searching for him ever since and have reason to believe that he is hiding somewhere on this moon”.

“To be precise sir, it’s more of a planetoid” Jaig adds.

-“Don’t get snippy with me, Knife! Inconcievable as it may seem, I haven’t caught a Jedi in over a year, with that blasted nerf-herder Tarsus taking all the credit. If I don’t get this one, I’ll be retired to teaching at the acadamy…” his rant fades as he looks behind his men at two figures quickly approaching.

Two figures who happen to be the real Scorn and Knife.

-“We’ll be seeing you, sir”, Sila quips before he and Jaig leap off the wall.

Leaving behind three confused and angry Imperials.

The duo soon arrives at El-les’ house, and are greeted by the last people they expected to meet:

Jedi Master Qwarr and his guardians: Vlinn Argyus and J’Inx Philo.

Qwarr rushes to meet Jaig, suprising the rebel, who has only heard of the Jedi Master.

—“I sensed your arrival on the planet, Mister Landow. Your friend the senator has told me much about you. Come, we must sit and talk”.

Moving to a small plaza behind the house, the Master continues.

“When I left your Colonel two months ago, I was sure I had made the right descion. But since then I have had second thoughts”.

-“I have felt as if the Force was speaking to me, as I feared would never happen again. I thought our kind was without hope, but now it seems that I was wrong. I see the future in you, Jaig, you could become a great Jedi night. But are you willing to be trained?”

-Jiag pauses for only a moment before replying.

“I am”.

So there, with the old order dead and gone, one of the last of the Jedi puts aside his remorse and fear, and takes up his blade.

Teaching thw way of the Force once more to his pupil. And here, in the midst of The Galactic Civil War, a new hope for the galaxy is born.

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