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Two years before the Battle of Yavin, the galaxy is in turmoil. Hoping to gain aid in their fight against the evil Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance sends Col. Airen Cracken and his team of commandos to speak with Senator Natalee Reed of Naboo and request her peoples’ support. However, they are discovered and rebels Jaig Landow and Sila Kott flee to nearby Castile IV, where they are suprisingly greeted by former Jedi Master Qwarr, who agrees to train Jaig as a Jedi. Meanwhile, the rest of the team waits on Naboo, for though much of the Imperial presence has left the planet on orders of Lt. Hogan, they need a distraction that will allow them to leave Naboo undetected…


On the picturesque shores of Bombad Lake, two of Sargeant Bass’ Sparrti clones are on patrol, debating whether or not to turn in their commanding officer for insuborbinate ideas. However, their thoughts are disturbed by a stirring in the tranquil water.


Up rises a Gungan warrior, in full battle dress. The shocked trooper is caught off guard…

And overwhelmed.

His partner on the shore opens fire…

But fares the same fate, ensuring Bass’ safety, for a time.

All across Naboo, the Gungans rise up, the first phase in a well-planned Rebellion.

Within two days Naboo is has been taken back and is cut off from the outside galaxy. The last ship to leave before the raising of the planetary shields is the Lucky Mantu, carrying Colone Cracken and his fellow rebels.

Meanwhile, on Castile IV, as Master Qwarr trains Jaig, Sila attempts to teach Senator Reed self defense. She plays along, despite having already been trained by some of Naboo’s best soldiers.

It is the fourth day of hiding in El-les’ home, and Vlinn Argyus and Jaig both wish to contact Cracken. Qwarr and El-les, however, are still afraid of Inquisitor Dreyfus’ investigation, and decide it is best for Jaig, Sila, and the Senator to remain in hiding.

Thus, Vlinn and El-les depart into the spaceport. They sucessfully make contact with the rebel Colonel, who agrees to come to pick up his allies. However, they have not been as safe as they had hoped, and Dreyfus has heard everything.

And ambushes the duo in an alley!

El-les manages to push the Inquisitor down, while Vlinn grapples with Knife.

Commander Scorn leaps into the fray, overwhelming the aged mercenary.

Vlinn, however, manages to escape the Imperials.

In hiding, he contacts Master Qwarr:

-“We were ambushed! The Imps have Les, they know you’re here. They were probably monitering our call and know about the others. You have to leave”.

—“But Vlinn, what about you?”

-“I’ll meet you at our planned spot. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine”.

However, no one on the backwater world knows the full scope of what is to come. Light-years away, George Naht, head of Alliance Intellegence, recieves a tip that Chief Inquisitor Tarsus and Lt. Hogan’s combined forces are en route to Castille IV. Hurridly, he brings together an Alliance fleet to ambush.

The next morning, Master Qwarr and co. have arrived at their hideaway, 5 miles out of the spaceport.

“You don’t need to stay with us, Master”, Sila points out. “You’ve done enough already. You don’t need to risk anymore”

“No. Jaig has given me hope to fight again. We will stand together”.

As Qwarr prepares to fight, the Lucky Mantu arrives on Castille, 5 miles away from the Jedi’s location.

The rebels have arrived just in time, as Jaas spots 3 shuttles from Tarsus’ Star Destroyer, The Erebus, landing outside the spaceport.

“This isn’t good”, Cracken surmises. “We need to hurry. Artoo stay here and guard the ship. Jaas, rally the others, we’re going in”. Jaas nods.

Later that day, at Qwarr’s hideout, Natalee points out an aproaching bird to Jaig.

——“It’s rather large, and very fast. I’ve never seen anything like it before”.

-“Well I have” the Jedi leaps up. “Take cover!”

Confused, Natalee runs to shelter as the “bird” aproaches. Scorn’s hunters have found them.

The Hunter swoops down towards the Senator on wings of steel, but instead meets Jaig’s lightsaber…

Sending its rider, and head, flying.

The Commando scrambles to his feet to open fire..

Only to be dispatched by Master Qwarr. But the alarm has already been raised…

And Inquisitor Tarsus is ready to strike.

“It seems I have arrived just in time, Commander. Ready the men to move out.”

——“Isn’t this a bit overkill, sir?” Knife asks. “There’s only five of them”.

-“You’ve never fought a Jedi, Captain. I won’t let them escape this time”.

The men rush to their transports, leaving behind only Knife, Dreyfus and a score of their 60-man landing party to guard the ships the rest on their way to catch a Jedi.

Amongst their numbers is one Vlinn Argyus, who is, as he predicted, just fine.

Early the next morning, they have reached their destination.

—“Keep them trapped in their little fortress,” Tarsus orders. “There’s a 200 foot cliff on the other side, they aren’t going anywhere.”

“Yes, my lord. It will be done”.

As Tarsus’ snipers open fire, they neglect to see one TIE pilot slip up the side of the hill.

“You didn’t have to come back, Vlinn,” Qwarr tells his guardian.

—“I swore to protect you, General. I’m not stopping now”.

As the standoff contiues, clouds roll in, obscuring Tarsus from the sight of a rebel fleet ambushing his own, leaving Lt. Hogan to flee in his private shuttle. The ground forces remain unaware, kept in the dark by their own jammers. So those guarding the shuttles are shocked to see escorted rebel craft coming through the clouds…

General George Naht has arrived with his men,

Launching an assault on the poorly defended Imperial base.

It takes little time for the rebels to overrun their foes

Forcing the surviving Imperials to retreat with a handful of prisoners.

Some hours later, Tarsus has grown impatient with his siege.

—“Sargeant, this is taking too long. Order all our men to attack at once”.

-“Yes, sir”. The trooper turns to his men. “Charge!”

The Imperials do charge, and the small band of rebels nearly loses hope…

Until the timely arrival of Gen. Naht’s forces.

The “calvery” arrived, Jaig leads his own charge down the hill.

Facing two fronts, the Imperials are quickly overwhelmed…

And the battle is nearly won by the time Cracken shows up.

—“Looks like we were late to the party,” the Colonel smiles.

As the rebels join together to celebrate thier victory, Cracken and Jaas chase down the last few stormtroopers.

But are unaware of the presence of Commander Scorn, who swoops down from above.

His mechanical mount crashes down atop Jaas, setting off a landslide

Sending it tumbling down the hill, along with Cracken.

Back atop the hill, the rebels regroup and atend to the wounded, unaware of what has become of Jaas and Cracken. However, they have neglected to post a lookout…

And Tarsus emerges from the shadows behind Natalee.

—“No one move. I’m here for Jaig Landow. If anyone else moves, I’ll be forced to kill two birds with one…”

He doesn’t get a chance to finish, as J’Inx ignores the threat and tackles Tarsus. The two topple down the hill, taking the Senator with them.

Recovering from the fall, J’Inx attempts to fire…

But is hit by a rock Tarsus throws with the force.

-“Only Landow!” he yells again. “Or the senator dies!”

“Well”, Jaig leaps in front of his foe, lightsaber drawn. “Here he is”.

On the other side of the hill, Cracken lifts his head from the ground, and is horrified by what he sees.

Jaas lies dead, beneath the crushed Hunter. The Colonel hasn’t lost a man since Contoruum, a memory which is suddenly and violently brought back.

Lying in field of ashes, five years ago, Hank shakes Cracken.

—“We’ve got to go! She’s gone, Air! We’ve got to go….got to go……got to…”

“Noooooooo!” Craken leaps up, pushing the memory aside…

And, grabbing a stick, launches himself at Commander Scorn.

Meanwhile, rain has begun to fall, and Jaig realizes his five days of formal training have not given him an advantage over the Empire’s Chief Inquisitor…

Who causally pushes him away.

“You have been trained since our last meeting,” Tarsus smiles. “But it will not change the result. If you will not join us, you will be destroyed”.

—“Then I guess I’ll be destroyed”, the young Jedi replies, as he leads his opponent farther away from the Senator.

“I see your master is not coming to your aide”. Tarsus continues, leaping away.

—“You told him not to.”

-“And he listened. As expected,” Tarsus leaps away “He’s used to letting his padawans die”.

At that, Jaig leaps after him, but stumbles upon landing…

And the unsturdy perch collapses to the ground. But the fight has lasted long enough, as the rebels rush to the wounded Senator, before turning their guns on Tarsus.

Outnumbered, Tarsus manages to flee with his remaining men, but not before yelling back at Jaig:

— “We shall meet again, Jaig Landow! And when we do, I wil destroy you once and for all!”

Jaig’s duel is done, but Cracken still furiously fights on.

The Commander is slowly wearing the Colonel down, forcing Cracken do dive away.

Which catches Scorn off guard.

Cracken scrambles to reach the fallen forcepike as Scorn whips out his pistol.

—“It all ends here Cracken….”

“You talk too much,” Craken moves at the last second, taking a shot to the knee, but not before ending the illustrious career of Scorn the Hunter.

Far away, the Imperial fleet, fleeing their defeat, has landed. Lt. Hogan exits with Col. Klink when he is approached by Cpt. Oxixo, with an armed patrol.

“Leutenant!” Oxixo announces. “You are under arrest for treason against the Galactic Empire.”

-“What!?” Hogan and Klink declare in unison.

“I’ve compiled a list of coincidences I’ve noticed under your command. The Admiral agrees with me,” Oxixo smirks. “We don’t need evidence. Take him away”. As the Stormtroopers escort Hogan away, the Captain turns to Klink. “You must have been blind not to suspect something, Klink. I’m reassigning you to a prison camp on Annesland. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know Mr. Hogan better”.

That evening, as rain falls upon Castille IV, the rebels prepare to leave, taking with them the bodies of their fallen bretheren.

Jaas’ death has touched Cracken’s men most of all. They have lost one of their first comrades,

Whom fought with them on Contruum, and in every battle since.

Another victim of Palpatine’s evil workings, that have cloaked the galaxy in darkness

And as the weary fighters march to their ships through the deluge, they know that Jaas has not died in vain. They will survive, they will fight on, until the light rules again and every being in the galaxy lives free….

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