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On the distant planet of Raxus Prime.


Alpha: This is the last one, sir.

Cmdr. Bacara: Any sign of activity here?


Alpha: Just one security droid, sir. One more than the last barracks yesterday.

Cmdr. Bacara: This one is not worth our time. Call in the Kimcharise to bomb the facility.

Alpha: Yes, sir.

Ki-Adi Mundi: Not so fast, Commander. Cancel the order for the gunship.

Ki-Adi: I want to verify that Grievous is not on this planet. This is the last of the strongholds. If we destroy the General, I want physical proof he is dead. Have your Marines secure the barracks.

Cmdr. Bacara: As you wish.

Cmdr. Bacara: I want one squad to circle around the barracks! The other with me! Leave nothing standing! Move out!!

Ki-Adi: Be cautious, Commander. I have a bad feeling about this. May the Force be with you.

Cmdr. Bacara: If Grievous is inside, then this war will end here and now.

Alpha: The security droid has dropped to the ground, sir.

Cmdr. Bacara: Take him down quickly, trooper.

Alpha: Yes, sir.


Cmdr. Bacara: Now, circle right and activate your electronic visor. Beta Team: Report!

Beta: We have reached the back of the barracks. No sign of …wait…I hear…

Beta: Destroyer droids!!! Cover! Cover!


Beta: Too late!!! Aaarrggghhhh…

Cmdr. Bacara: Beta Team is down.

Alpha: Sir, the barracks are opening…

Alpha: Droids!!!

Cmdr. Bacara: You know what to do, troopers!


Cmdr. Bacara: FIRE!!!

Thud! Thud!

Alpha: The destroyer droids!

Cmdr. Bacara: General Mundi will dispose of them……not soon enough…

Ki-Adi: Sweep the barracks, Commander. Grievous must be inside.

Alpha: Another droid coming.

Cmdr. Bacara: This one’s mine!

Cmdr. Bacara: Check the rest of the barracks.

Alpha: Nothing, sir. Only a few droid parts.

Gamma: The same on this side, sir. Nothing but screws and bolts.

Alpha: I’ll check the roof.

Alpha: Commander! I found…something…

Cmdr. Bacara: Report! What do you see?!

Alpha: I see…Grievous…


Cmdr. Bacara: Magna Guards!!! Spread out!!!

Cmdr. Bacara: Stay away from the staffs!

Gamma: Aaaaahhh!!!

Cmdr. Bacara (thinking): Rifle is worthless in close combat.

Cmdr. Bacara: Last chance…

Cmdr. Bacara (thinking): Just a little closer…

Cmdr. Bacara: Now!! AAAHHH!!!

Ki-Adi: Grievous must be close!

Ki-Adi: But, first to dispose of his “companions”.

Ki-Adi: I’ll take that!

Ki-Adi: You have failed your General!

Ki-Adi: Commander!! CATCH!!!

Cmdr. Bacara: Got it!

Cmdr. Bacara: Now, this makes things even.

Cmdr. Bacara: Where is General Grievous?! TELL ME!!!

Cmdr. Bacara: I will give you one more opportunity to answer my question: WHERE IS GENERAL GRIEVOUS?!

Cmdr. Bacara: Stop wasting my time!

Cmdr. Bacara: Mission accomplished.

Ki-Adi: Good work, Commander. Your training has served you well.

Delta: Reinforcements have arrived, Commander.

Cmdr. Bacara: Reinforcements? I did not call for…

Ki-Adi: I called for reinforcements, Commander. Wasn’t sure if your Marines were going to be enough to take down Grievous.

Cmdr. Bacara: My men can handle anything thrown at them.

Ki-Adi: I can see that now. Nevertheless, this adventure proved worthless. Grievous is not here. He only left these droids as a distraction.

Ki-Adi: Pick up the wounded, and bury the dead, Commander. I will report our result to the Council.

Cmdr. Bacara: Do as the General says, trooper.

Delta: Yes, sir!

Cmdr. Bacara: And trooper…call for the Kimcharise to destroy this place. I want nothing left standing.

Delta: Yes, sir.

Cmdr. Bacara: Should have done that from the beginning.

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