The Photonovel Alliance

Originally a Separatist stronghold, Jedi Council member Adi Gallia & Commander Deviss arrive on Adaven to begin the rebuilding effort.


Adi Gallia: This should be close enough, Commander.


Commander Deviss: Yes, General. The base is just over the hill, north of here.

Adi Gallia: Prepare your men, Commander. We will see some disturbing things that could rattle the rookies.

Commander Deviss: Yes, General. Will we encounter any resistance?

Adi Gallia: No. The last reports of the War indicated the Republic succeeded in driving the Droid Armies out of the Adaven system, but only after the “MAYDAY” call from the original battalion.

Commander Deviss: Is this what you meant by “disturbing?”

Adi Gallia: Yes, Commander…this is what I meant……

Adi Gallia: Every life is precious to the freedom of the Republic.

Commander Deviss: We will fight for as long as necessary, General.

Commander Deviss: This must be the remains of the droids that killed the two troopers.

Commander Deviss: Four droids versus two Clone troopers. Our brothers-in-arms did us proud!

Adi Gallia:

Adi Gallia: Keep moving. We need to reach the base and see if anyone survived this carnage.

Commander Deviss: More droids, General. The Seppes knew this was the base of the Adaven system.

Adi Gallia: Unfortunately, we did not have enough troops for the initial attack.

Commander Deviss: Be proud, General. This solider destroyed four more droids.

Commander Deviss: According to the map, the base is hidden behind the brush. Remove those leaves, troopers!

Adi Gallia: We’re too late…

Commander Deviss: Even more droids, General.

Adi Gallia: They were trapped.

Commander Deviss: They did their job, General.

Adi Gallia: Nevertheless, this is proof of Grievous. brutality. We have to end this War soon.

Commander Deviss: Pilot, you were to remain with the ship.

Omega: Sorry, sir! We’ve received a transmission from Coruscant.

Omega: The transmission is for you, General Gallia. From Master Windu.

Adi Gallia: Master Windu?

Adi Gallia: Let’s go, trooper. Commander Deviss, begin the cleanup process.

Commander Deviss: Yes, General.

Commander Deviss: Troopers! Begin collecting the bodies for burial.

Commander Deviss: We will give all of our fallen brothers the proper burial, with full honors.

Adi Gallia: I wonder why Master Windu would contact me here.

Omega: I don’t know, General, but the message was marked “URGENT”.

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