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Senators Bail Organa of Alderaan and Padme Amidala of Naboo await Supreme Chancellor’s arrival for a private meeting.


Bail Organa: Why would he call this private meeting?

Padme Amidala: These days, we can never be sure. With each passing day, he seems more overwhelmed with the War.


Padme Amidala: Nevertheless, we need to be careful. No matter what he says, we must closely evaluate any new proposals.

Bail Organa: I wonder who else he invited?

Bail Organa: Governor Wilhuff Tarkin? Last I heard, he was still battling the Separatists out on the Seswana sector.

Padme Amidala: Since the beginning of the War, he has lobbied for stronger weapons and the development of a battle station. I don’t understand why he would be here, since he is the Governor of Eriadu.

Bail Organa: We’ll soon have our answers. Here comes the Chancellor.

Bail Organa: Well, they seem friendly.

Padme Amidala: Yes……very friendly……

Chancellor Palpatine: Senator Organa, I’m glad you could come. It is a privilege to see you again, M’Lady.

Padme Amidala: Thank you, Chancellor.

Bail Organa: It is an honor to be here.

Chancellor Palpatine: Thank you all for coming. I brought you here today to discuss the upcoming vote on the Galactic Security proposal. You are my closest allies and friends, and it is of the utmost importance that we remain united while this measure is being debated.

Chancellor Palpatine: Peace is our objective here, peace throughout the Republic. However, we must also provide security for the citizens of Coruscant, especially the representatives in the Senate. If the Separatists were to attack Coruscant, as outrageous as that sounds, the Senate must be safe and continue to function.

Governor Tarkin: That is why I have always insisted on taking the fight to the enemy’s home planets, to prevent any attack against the Inner Core, especially Coruscant. With additional fire power, the War could end with one swift stroke. You have my support for any upgrades to the Grand Army, Chancellor.

Bail Organa: The Jedi provide security for Coruscant. We do not need the Grand Army patrolling Coruscant. The War is all too real for the people of Coruscant, simply by viewing the HoloNet.

Chancellor Palpatine: I understand your sentiment, Senator, and I wish we could depend on the Jedi in this matter. However, we would be foolish to leave the security of the Republic in the hands of a few Jedi. The Jedi Order has been crippled by this War. There are simply not enough Jedi to protect Coruscant.

Padme Amidala: But what exactly are you proposing, Chancellor? We can’t spare a Clone Army from the front lines. Where would we find the troops to create a Galactic Security? I would only support a new Security measure if it comes with a guarantee to conduct a Peace Summit. We could then guarantee the safety of the Separatists leaders in order to negotiate a peace agreement.

Chancellor Palpatine: Right you are, M’Lady. The Galactic Security would be a brand new army of Clones, specifically trained to defeat any threat against Coruscant. If this measure passes, we could hold your Peace Summit. A diplomatic solution to this War still remains my first priority.

Chancellor Palpatine: I need your support. You are the two most respected Senators in all of the Republic. Your support could rally the Senate to pass this proposal as soon as possible.

Bail Organa: Thank you, sir. We will get the word out.

Padme Amidala: If it will lead to a peaceful end to the War, you’ll have my support, Chancellor.

Bail Organa: For once, we get some good news. This may actually lead to the end of the War, which would result in Palpatine stepping down.

Padme Amidala: We can only hope, Bail.

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