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After a long journey, the gunship “Kimcharise” arrives on Coruscant, returning from Adaven.


Tau: The Jedi Temple landing pad is just ahead, General.


Aayla Secura: Good. We are finally home.

Commander Bly: I requested additional troops to assist with the unloading.

Commander Bly: Here comes your Jedi friends, General.

Ki-Adi Mundi: Welcome home, Aayla.

Yoda: Pleased by your safe return, we are.

Aayla Secura: Thank you, Master Jedi. We could not get back soon enough.

Mace Windu: All the preparations have been made. Everyone has assembled in the meditation room.

Aayla Secura: Master Gallia is aboard. I rode with her.personally.

Mace Windu: Commander Bly, please direct the procession. Follow us to the meditation room.

Commander Bly: Yes, Sir.

Commander Bly: Alright men! Everyone lift and walk together. On my mark…ready…march!

In the sacred Meditation Room, a traditional ceremony is held for the fallen Master Jedi Adi Gallia, a member of the Jedi Council.

All available Jedi are called back to Coruscant for the sacred ceremony, to be broadcasted on the Holonet.

Agen Kolar: Here comes Chancellor Palpatine, ready to deliver another impassionate speech. How is he allowed to speak at this memorial, when the Code forbids any non-Jedi speakers?

Mace Windu: Since Adi was a part of the Council and a friend of the Chancellor, he made it an Executive Order. He also invited some of his fellow politicians. The Senate requested his presence.

Chancellor Palpatine: Thank you for joining me for this very special ceremony. It is under the saddest of circumstances we come together to remember a fallen hero. A hero which was a member of the Jedi Council, but also a friend to the political society of Coruscant.

Chancellor Palpatine: Jedi Master Adi Gallia was born & raised on Coruscant. Being the daughter of high-ranking Corellian diplomats, she understood the importance of the Republic & its democracy. Her close friendship to Chancellor Valorum led to the successful liberation of my home planet of Naboo over ten years ago.

Chancellor Palpatine: It was shortly after the blockade that I first met Maser Gallia. She quickly earned my respect as a very instinctive & intelligent Jedi. She was not one to be fooled easily. Master Adi Gallia’s long contribution to the Jedi Council has saved the Republic from many dangers over the years. Her loss is especially difficult during these troubled times.

Chancellor Palpatine: Quite frequently, I would consult with her regarding the security of the Senate and Coruscant. In fact, we had an appointment to meet today regarding the Galactic Security. It is my strong belief that Master Gallia would have supported the upcoming measure, as a way to preserve the working democracy of the Republic.

Agen Kolar: Leave it to the Chancellor to turn this into a platform for his Security measure.

Mace Windu: He is a politician. He’d never miss opportunity to promote his agenda, even at the expense of a fallen Jedi.

Chancellor Palpatine: Please join me in a Moment of Reflection, to honor the work and life of the great Jedi Master, Adi Gallia.

Chancellor Palpatine: Thank you. It is now my privilege to introduce a dear friend of Master Gallia, Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan.

Bail Organa: Thank you, Chancellor. Fellow Senators, Jedi, ladies and gentlemen……

Obi-Wan Kenobi: You’re late, Anakin.

Anakin Skywalker: Sorry, Master. I had…an unexpected visitor. It won’t happen again. Has the Chancellor spoken?

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Yes, he just finished. Senator Organa is now speaking.

Bail Organa: ……we must remember her for all of the sacrifices she made throughout her lifetime…

Anakin Skywalker: I’m sorry I missed the Chancellor’s speech. I’m sure his words offered some comfort.

Captain Antilles: Welcome, M’Lady.

Padme Amidala: Thank you, Captain.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Your delay didn’t have anything to do with Senator Amidala, would it?

Anakin Skywalker: Of course not. Why would you ask that? We would have arrived together then. Which we did not…as you can see.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: I suppose right. Strange, though, since she is usually very punctual.

Anakin Skywalker: Perhaps I will ask her…the next time I see her…whenever that might be.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: No, don’t bother. I know your distaste for politicians.

Anakin Skywalker: Well…Padme…Senator Amidala is not just a politician, Master.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Well, that may be true but…wait…where’s Master Windu going?

Anakin Skywalker: Shhhhhh…I can’t hear Senator Organa.

Mace Windu: Are you here?

Shade: I am.

Mace Windu: Let me start by saying whatever we speak of today shall remain confidential. Few know of this meeting, and even less know the purpose of it.

Shade: Understood.

Mace Windu: Begin the hunt for Darth Sidious. Find proof of his existence, and the possible location of Count Dooku & General Grievous. All of this is critical to ending the War.

Mace Windu: The Dark Lord has some connection to the Chancellor’s office. Begin there.

Mace Windu: When you find something, report directly to me.

Shade: As you wish.

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