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While the Jedi ceremony concludes, the remaining Clone Commanders are assembled in one of the outpost hangars on Coruscant, awaiting their next orders.


Commander Gree: Have you got your orders yet?

Commander Bacara: Not yet. Rumor is Rhen Var or Mygeeto. General Mundi doesn’t tell me anything until we ship out. What about you?


Commander Gree: My latest orders have me researching the origins of Grievous. The Jedi believe a better understanding of his background will give us an advantage whenever we find him.

Commander Bacara: If they gave me a week, I could hunt down & destroy Grievous.

Commander Bacara: All I need are my Marines and no meddling Jedi.

Commander Gree: Hey, no arguments here!

Commander Gree: But my research has been very interesting. The Kaleesh species have always been at war. Grievous has known nothing else his entire life. It would explain his expertise during battle.

Commander Bacara: Is that why the Jedi are afraid of him? We could have destroyed him on Raxus Prime, but Mundi wanted to sweep through the barracks on foot. We lost a lot of men that day…unnecessarily.

Commander Gree: The Jedi are one “species” I prefer not to understand. Why are we wasting our time here on Coruscant, anyway?

Commander Bacara: Some Jedi ceremony. What is Commander EZ doing now?

Commander EZ: And I want that speeder bike secured to the ship! When you get done with that, inspect the exterior cannons!

Commander Bacara: Why don’t you do some of the work yourself, EZ, instead of barking out orders? You can always catch up on your rest when you get to the battle, anyway.

Commander EZ: Wha??? Oh…Bacara…I should have guessed.

Commander EZ: Well, I am a commander. I give orders, and my men take orders. You would be wise to teach that to your men. Or what’s left of them.

Commander Bacara: What did you say?

Commander Bacara: Why don’t I do your men a favor and dump you off at the nearest Separatists base?

Commander EZ: Heeeyy!!!

Commander Gree: Calm down, Bacara. We don’t need him filing another complaint.

Commander EZ: That’s right. Wouldn’t want your squadron to be without their beloved barbarian commander!

Commander Gree: Enough, EZ. Get back to your work, and we’ll get out of your way.

Commander EZ: Good thing you were here, Gree.

Commander EZ: What are you guys staring at!!! Get back to work!

Commander Bacara: One day he’ll get his…

Commander Gree: Forget him, Bacara. Here comes Bly & Oddball.

Commander Bly: Too bad our brethren don’t get that type of ceremony.

Commander Oddball: No problem, because the Republic knows who really is responsible for winning the War.

Commander Gree: Commander Bly & Oddball! So good to see you guys again. Heard you got in. Where’ve you been?

Commander Bly: Just left the memorial for General Gallia.

Commander Bacara: Why waste your time remembering a Jedi? They could care less about us. Their only concern is whether or not you can follow their commands.

Commander Bly: General Gallia was a great warrior. And General Secura has saved my men plenty of times.

Commander Bacara: Only because you didn’t do it yourself.

Commander Bly: You want a fight, you got it!

Commander Bacara: Just as long as your bleeding heart can take it, banana boy!

Gree & Oddball: Break it up guys!

Commander Bly: It’s not my fault you lost some men at Raxus Prime, Bacara!

Commander Bacara: Only because of your precious Jedi! My men gave their lives for nothing!!!

Commander EZ: Which one of you is responsible for denting my Gunship?

Commander Bacara: I’ve had enough of you bleeding hearts. I’m outta here!

Commander Bly: Gree, you know him best. What is his problem??

Commander Gree: He just needs to be back on the battlefield. All this time waiting is just making him more and more irate about what happened at Raxus Prime.

Commander Bly: Trust me when I say that Commander Deviss and his men were given a proper burial at Adaven.

Commander Oddball: And the next offensive should be happening very soon. Since all of the Generals and Commanders have been recalled to Coruscant, a new attack plan will be created to win the War.

Commander Gree: Nevertheless, Deviss did not get his name all over the Holonet like the Jedi. Just remember that. What ended up happening to General Gallia & Deviss anyway?

Commander Bly: According to General Secura, the Seppes ambushed Gallia, Deviss, and his men. The attack was led by General Grievous.

Commander Gree: I have been studying Grievous and the Kaleesh species. Based on my research, Grievous has known nothing else but war his entire life. Deviss’ squad had no chance of survival as soon as they arrived on Adaven.

Commander Bly: That could be very true, but someone still had to alert Grievous to their exact location. That is more troubling than the attack itself.

Commander EZ: I would not be taken out so easily. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a ship to inspect.

Commander Oddball: If only EZ was as good in battle as he is in keeping his armor clean.

Commander Bly: What else have you learned about Grievous?

Commander Gree: Well, let me tell you his history in the War with the Huks…

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