The Photonovel Alliance

After a receiving a direct order, Separatist leaders Nute Gunray and Rune Haako from the Trade Federation arrive on Oner.


General Grievous: Welcome to the Oner System, Viceroy. I hope your trip wasn’t too rough for you.


Nute Gunray: This is outrageous! How dare you bring us here!

Nute Gunray: The Republic’s Armies have made you a priority target! If they capture you, they will also capture us! And our capture will result in the end of this War……and the end of your expensive droid army!

General Grievous: If it were up to me, Viceroy, you would already be dead. May I remind YOU that your life is no more valuable to me than a Jedi’s.

Rune Haako: Your arrogance will cost us all our lives, General.

Nute Gunray: Enough of this! I demand an update on the War! Why have you brought us here, so close to the War?

General Grievous: It was not my choice to bring you here, Viceroy.

Count Dooku: The choice was Lord Sidious’. We are in no danger, Viceroy, I can assure you. We are fully aware of the Republic’s forces. Their blind, relentless pursuit of the General’s army has strung them from one side of the galaxy to the other.

Nute Gunray: Then we must attack them immediately! This is our opportunity to finally win this War.

Count Dooku: Really? Then tell me, Viceroy……where should we attack? What objective would we accomplish?

Nute Gunray: Well……I think……it’s possible that……I…don’t know…

Rune Haako: We only question the progress of the War, Count……nothing more……

Count Dooku: Then, trust me when I say the War is progressing exactly as my Master predicted. Very soon the Republic will crumble, and then the Trade Federation will become the strongest and richest federation in the galaxy.

Nute Gunray: We trust you, Count……and Lord Sidious.

Rune Haako: But what about this mysterious warrior…Sagev? Can we trust him? What if he is a spy for the Jedi?

Count Dooku: He has no love for the Jedi, believe me. Sagev has pledged himself to us. In exchange, I have offered his home world of Utapau protection from the Armies of the Republic.

Rune Haako: You assume too much, Dooku.

Nute Gunray: Yes, and we have too much at stake to lose everything because of some freelance warrior.

Count Dooku: I understand your concerns. That is why I have brought you to the Oner System.

Count Dooku: Allow me to give you a glimpse of my Master’s plan. As we speak, a Clone division has landed on Oner, led by Jedi Master Saesee Tiin……and they are on their way here.

Nute Gunray: What?! What did you say?!

Count Dooku: You can relax, Viceroy. As I said before, we are fully aware of the Republic’s armies. They are no threat to us, as you will soon see.

Count Dooku: You may begin when ready.

Battle Droid over comlink: Roger roger!

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