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Jedi Master Saesee Tiin and Commander EZ continue their search for the Separatist base on Oner, while destroying more anti-aircraft turrets.


Commander EZ: Another turret? What is that? Number 12?


Saesee Tiin: 15.


Commander EZ: Theta, contact the Avenger. Tell them do conduct another sweep of the area and determine how close that creature is.

Theta: Yes, sir.

Theta: Come in, Avenger, come in……

Theta: No response, sir.

Commander EZ: We’re probably out of range. I suggest we return to the ship, General.

Saesee Tiin: ……hmmmm……

Saesee Tiin: ……there’s something is not right here…

Theta: Sir, our signal is being jammed.

Commander EZ: Impossible! Who would be jamming us?

Saesee Tiin: The gunship……is lost. We better get moving.

Commander EZ: What?! How do you know that?

Saesee Tiin: We’re being hunted now. And not just by that creature. Let’s move.

Commander EZ: And go where? General, with all due respect, we don’t even know where we are. I suggest we discuss this first before we—

Saesee Tiin: MOVE! NOW!

Epsilon: There is something moving out there……

Commander EZ: Troopers……form a circle around me and the General! Immediately!

Clone Troopers: YES, SIR!

Commander EZ: Steady……wait for it…

Saesee Tiin: This is not a good idea, Commander. We should head for higher ground.

Upsilon: Battle droids!!!

Commander EZ: Open fire!!!


Upsilon I’m hit!

Commander EZ: Keep firing! Keep firing!!!

Epsilon: More battle droids on this side!

Zeta: Great…more target practice!

Epsilon: Droideka!!!! COVER!!! COVER!!!

Zeta: Too late……

Epsilon: Argh….

Lambda: More droids……behind us!

Commander EZ: Fall back!!! Fall back!!!

Saesee Tiin: Head for the woods!



Lambda: They’re pursuing us!

Kappa: Returning fire!!!

Lambda: Look out! Magna droid!!! Uggghhh…….

Kappa: I’m hit……there’s too many of them…

Commander EZ: My rifle is jammed! My rifle is jammed! Cover me!!!

Omicron: Y-Y-Yes, sir…

Commander EZ: Nevermind……make a run for it!!!

Theta: Yes, sir!

Omicron: What was that? I didn’t copy?? S-S-Sir?

Omicron: Aaahhhh!!!!!

Battle Droid 252C: The 2 remaining clones have moved into the woods.

Sagev: Let them go.

Sagev: It is the Jedi we want.

Saesee Tiin: Just me?

Sagev: Your mission has failed. Your men have deserted you. Surrender now, Jedi!

Saesee Tiin: Never.

Sagev: The situation is hopeless. I’ll give you one last chance to surrender, Jedi!

Saesee Tiin: The Force is my ally.


Saesee Tiin: Now tell me, young warrior. You don’t seem to be part of the Separatists movement, so who do you fight for?

Sagev: You fool! I fight for my people! The people that the Republic has forsaken!

Saesee Tiin: What people? Where do you come from? And who recruited—

Saesee Tiin: Grievous!

General Grievous: JEDI SCUM!!!

General Grievous: What’s the matter, Jedi? Tiring already?

Saesee Tiin: Your arrogance is your weakness, General.

General Grievous: And your ignorance is yours! Get him!!

Saesee Tiin: Can’t you fight your own fights, General?


Saesee Tiin: Ugghh…

General Grievous: Of course I can…


General Grievous: …if I wanted you dead!

General Grievous: Actually, your death would be preferable to what awaits you, Jedi.

Saesee Tiin: …ugh……

General Grievous: Bring him to the base.

Battle Droid 252C: Yes, sir.

General Grievous: Count Dooku will be most pleased.

Meanwhile, deep within the woods of Oner…

Commander EZ: (panting) Are we……in the…clear…

Theta: (panting) Yes, sir……the droids……have given up their……pursuit…

Commander EZ: (panting) How many men with us?

Theta: (panting) It is just us, sir. No one else made it out.

Commander EZ: What?! But how can……I gave everyone the order to retreat!

Theta: Yes, sir.

Commander EZ: This rock……just moved……

Theta: Sir……

Theta: ……I don’t think that’s a rock.

Commander EZ: Then what is it…………


Commander EZ: It’s the creature!!! Take him down!!!

Theta: Yes, sir!

Theta: Sir?? Where are you going?!?!




Commander EZ: Have to……get back……to the ship……


Commander EZ: AAAHHH!!!


Commander EZ: You won’t take me without a fight!!


Commander EZ: AARGH…my ribs!!!!



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