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With tension high & rumors running rampant about a Jedi being held hostage, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine addresses the Republic via the HoloNet.


Mas Amedda: A special message from the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.


Chancellor Palpatine: Thank you and good evening. I come to you from my office on the capital world of Coruscant, the shining beacon for democracy in the galaxy.

Chancellor Palpatine: Recent events may have alarmed the masses about how the War is progressing. In short, the War goes well. We have regained control of the Inner and Mid Rims. As every day passes, we make tremendous strides to defeating the Confederate of Independent Systems. All the while, we still maintain the security necessary to protect our most precious freedoms.

Chancellor Palpatine: Within the past few days, our intelligence has found the location of a secret Separatist base. We can only hope that both Count Dooku and General Grievous are there, and will be defeated by the Clone Armies.

Chancellor Palpatine: However, several rumors are running rampant that a certain member of the Jedi Council has been captured by enemy forces.

Chancellor Palpatine: I can personally assure everyone that these rumors are baseless and false. It is merely another attempt by the Separatists to strike fear into the people of the Republic.

Chancellor Palpatine: If these rumors were true, the Jedi Council would have certainly informed the Senate or myself.

Chancellor Palpatine: There is also news to celebrate closer to home. The newly formed Galactic Security is now fully functional, serving and protecting the people of Coruscant.

Chancellor Palpatine: Please allow me the opportunity to publicly thank the Senate for their never-ending work to pass this most important security measure. The Capital of the Republic is now a safer and more secure place.

Chancellor Palpatine: The Galactic Security is separated into two, distinct divisions. Each division has been trained with skills that are far more advanced than the normal Clones. The 501st Clone Division is assigned to protect Coruscant from any attack. They will preserve the necessary peace required for the Republic’s capital to continue to function, no matter the situation.

Chancellor Palpatine: A Jedi will be assigned to work with the 501st to coordinate the necessary security. As of yet, no Jedi has been assigned, but I trust we should have an announcement soon.

Chancellor Palpatine: The 501st Legion will be led by Commander Appo.

Chancellor Palpatine: The 501st Legion is the most elite army in the Republic. While being based here on Coruscant, I have been given the power to order them off-world if necessary.

Chancellor Palpatine: The other division, known as Homeworld Security Command, is assigned to protect me. Certain members of the Senate believed that I have become a target for the Separatists. While I do not feel more protection is necessary, I understand their concerns. Allow me to introduce the leader of the Security Command, Commander Thire.

Chancellor Palpatine: Commander Thire will oversee all security for my office here on Coruscant and for my off-world trips. However, I do have Commander Thire’s assurances that my “open door” policy for all members of the Senate will not be adversely affected.

Chancellor Palpatine: Homeworld Command troopers are easily distinguished from their Clone counterparts due to their unique crimson markings on their armor. Their crimson color signifies their affiliation to the Royal Guards and to this office.

Chancellor Palpatine: Please help me in welcoming them to our home planet. We should commend them for their bravery and never-ending dedication to the Republic.

Chancellor Palpatine: These new but important Clone divisions usher in a new era of peace and security for the Republic.

Chancellor Palpatine: Only together can we defeat the Confederacy. However, these are difficult times. I ask for your continued support as we strive to return peace to the Republic. These dark days will soon come to an end.

Chancellor Palpatine: Thank you for your time. I bid you all good night from Coruscant.

End of Act II

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