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As Commander Cody and the 212th Battalion attack the Separatist forces on the plains of Oner, Commander Gree and the Elite Corps begin their search & rescue mission for Jedi Master Saesee Tiin.


Commander Gree: We’re approaching the village, General Windu.


Commander Gree: Allow us scout ahead, General. We don’t want to lose the element of surprise.

Mace Windu: Very well, Commander.

Commander Gree: The vegetation on this planet is exquisite. It will provide excellent cover for us, and make identifying rancor tracks easy.

Elite Trooper Phi: Droids up ahead, sir.

Commander Gree: Everyone down! Just two battle droids. The main battle is far away from here, so these droids must be on patrol. We must be close.

Commander Gree: Everyone spread out. I want a triangular shot.

Commander Gree over private comlink: We need to take them out quickly, men. We only got one chance at this. Ready……aim……

Commander Gree: ……fire!

Laser blast!

Laser blast!

Commander Gree: Dead eye!

Commander Gree: Get to the droids ASAP!

Commander Gree: Re-activate the droids’ communication signal. We don’t want their Command Center to know these droids are down.

Elite Trooper Phi: The signal has been re-established, Commander.

Commander Gree: Good work.

Commander Gree: General Windu, you may now advance to my coordinates.

Mace Windu: Very good, Commander. I sense a trap, Kit. The dark side surrounds this place.

Kit Fisto: It’s Count Dooku. He knows we are coming.

Kit Fisto: It makes no sense for Dooku to kidnap Master Tiin and bring the War to an empty place like Oner……unless, of course, he is using him as bait. But why keep him alive?

Mace Windu: I wish I knew. There is something else at play here. Either way, the Force will be our guide.


Commander Gree: Fire!

Laser blast!

Laser blast!

Commander Gree: Two more droids. Re-establish their signals. We are very close now…


Elite Trooper Phi: The battle has been going on for hours. How do you think the 212th are doing, sir?

Commander Gree: The Droid Army was well prepared for this battle. Commander Cody knew what they were up against. I have no doubt they will be successful. But there will be many casualties.

Commander Gree: We will honor our fallen brethren by successfully completing our mission. Let’s keep moving…

While Gree and the Elite corps continues their covert operation, the battle on the rolling plains of Oner rages on……

OOM-12: Execute formation 45. CHARGE!

Laser blasts!

Laser blasts!

Clone Trooper Diffe: Arghhhh…

Clone Trooper Cyef: Uuugghhhh…

Clone Trooper Verd: Returning fire!

Laser blasts!

Clone Trooper Verd: Got’em!

Battle Droid 214B: Charge!

Laser blasts!

Clone Trooper Zub: More droids incoming!

Laser blasts!


Super Battle Droid 341A: Clone troopers straight ahead.

Laser blasts!

Clone Trooper Klou: Look out!!!

Clone Trooper Zub: …uuugghh!

Clone Trooper Uhvl: I’m hit…

Clone Trooper Klou: More droids behind us!

Laser blasts!

Commander Cody: Cover fire!!!

Commander Cody: They’re trying to out-flank us.

Commander Cody: Call in the reinforcements. We need more men!

Elsewhere on the battlefield…

Clone Trooper Tobey: Don’t let them get away. Shoot them down!!!

Clone Trooper Tobey: Just like the simulation!

Laser blasts!

Clone Trooper Tobey: Nobody messes with the 212th!

Clone Troopers Polu & Xabl: Yea!

Suddenly, a spear stabs a clone trooper in the back of the neck.

Clone Trooper Polu: BLEH—

Clone Trooper Xabl: Who?! Let go of my blaster! Tobey!!!

Laser blast!

Clone Trooper Tobey: What is it — uuuggghhh…


Clone Trooper Xabl: Ooof!

Clone Trooper Xabl: Get off of me, freak!


Clone Trooper Xabl: …got to get my blaster……where is it??? Where is it?!?!

Clone Trooper Xabl: Got it! Now you’re…

Clone Trooper Xabl: …dead! Huh?


Sagev: No……now you’re dead…freak.

On another part of the battlefield…

Slash! Slash!

Anakin Skywalker: 67! 68!


Anakin Skywalker: 69!

Laser blasts!

Anakin Skywalker: 70!!!

Anakin Skywalker: I’m at 70 droids. How many do you have, Master?

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Anakin……we are not in competition!


Super Battle Droid 913X: Die Jedi!


Obi-Wan Kenobi: Our objective is to defeat the Droid Army.


Obi-Wan Kenobi: But I think that last one puts me at 75.

Anakin Skywalker: What?? 75?!?

Clone Trooper Rtho: No! Get away! Ughhhhh…

Anakin Skywalker: What was that?

Obi-Wan Kenobi: I don’t know…

Anakin Skywalker: That was no droid. They’re not programmed to fight at close range. Something’s not right……

Obi-Wan Kenobi: I sense it also. Something or somebody is attacking our troopers.

Clone Trooper Oyre: Help! AAAHHH——

Anakin Skywalker: Over there!!!

Obi-Wan Kenobi: No, Anakin! Wait!!!

The Republic Gunships begin arriving, bringing more troops to the battlefield…

Commander Oddball: The drop point is coming up. Get ready, troopers!

Commander Oddball: Go! Go! Go!

Clone Troopers: YEEAAAAA!!!

Laser blasts!

Battle Droid 867A: Republic Gunships are incoming.

OOM-12: Fire all anti-aircraft turrets!

Battle Droid 867A: Roger roger!

Turret laser blasts!

Clone Trooper Edui: We got incoming fire! Look out!

Clone Pilot Aryn: Too late!!!


Clone Trooper Edui: AAAAHHHHH!!!!

The explosion is heard across the plains.

Commander Cody: They got one of our ships…fully loaded.

Battle Droid 537X: Die clones die!

Laser blasts!

Clone Trooper Cabz: Uugghh!

Commander Cody: More droids……

Laser blasts!


Turret laser blast!

Commander Oddball: We’re taking heavy fire! Everybody hold on!!!

Turret laser blasts!

Commander Cody: We are playing right into their hands.

Laser blasts!

Commander Cody: And losing too many men.

Commander Cody: Tell the Gunships to make their drops further back until we clear the battlefield of those turrets.

Commander Cody: We need to do something OOM-12 wouldn’t expect us to do……something he’s never prepared for……

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