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Despite the chaos of the battle, Count Dooku and General Grievous safely observe the action from their base in a village a good distance from the battlefront.


Count Dooku: The battle is going as planned. The Republic’s forces are overwhelmed. My Master will be very pleased.

General Grievous: What about the Jedi?


Count Dooku: Master Tiin has served his purpose. You may ———

Battle Droid 758B: All available units report to the barracks……repeat……all available units report to the barracks.

Count Dooku: Who issued that order?

Battle Droid 758B: Commander OOM-12 has recalled all available units to the barracks, sir.

Count Dooku: If the Clone Army has successfully reached the barracks, then it will accelerate our plans. Remain here, General. I will tend to the situation at the Barracks personally.

General Grievous: Yes, Count Dooku.

General Grievous: But……what about the Jedi?

Count Dooku: They are no longer of use to us. Eliminate them, beginning with Master Tiin.

General Grievous: With pleasure……

Meanwhile, Commander Gree and the Elite Corps have reached the secret village.

Commander Gree: Good work, men. Reconnect the droid’s communication signal. The abandoned village is just up ahead. We’ll soon find out if that Shadow Trooper’s information was correct.

Elite Trooper Chi: Commander, I have a visual on the possible hut holding the target.

Commander Gree: Where?

Elite Trooper Chi: Straight ahead - the hut closest to our position.

Elite Trooper Chi: There is an unusual amount of droids concentrated around that particular hut, sir.

Elite Trooper Chi: It’s the ONLY hut in the village with that many droids standing guard.

Commander Gree: Good work, trooper. That has to be our target.

Commander Gree over comlink: General Windu……we have a visual on the hut possibly holding General Tiin. I’m sending you the coordinates.

Mace Windu: Very well. Proceed with the plan. We’re on our way.

Kit Fisto: Might I suggest an alternative plan for us?

Mace Windu: I’m already ahead of you, Kit…

Commander Gree: Dig in, men. We’ll begin the assault from this position.

Commander Gree: FIRE!

Laser blasts!

Battle Droid 637A: Enemy fire!

Battle Droid 637A: Return fi———zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Commander Gree: Keep firing!

Laser blasts!

Battle Droid 384X: Under attack……repeat….under attack. Requesting additional units. Must transport prisoner.

Laser blasts!

Mace Windu: Perfect timing……

Laser blasts!

Mace Windu: Let’s finish this!

Mace Windu: This party’s over!


Commander Gree: Hold your fire! We may hit the Jedi!

Kit Fisto: Perimeter secured!

Mace Windu: Just about……


Mace Windu: Check the hut. We’ll cover you.

Mace Windu: Good work, Commander. Contact the KimCharise. We are going to need to get out of here real fast if more droids show up.

Commander Gree: Yes, General.

Kit Fisto: Master Tiin! Are you alright?!

Kit Fisto: Come on, old friend. You’re safe now. Talk to me…

Kit Fisto: Can you hear me, Master Tiin?

Saesee Tiin: ………kit………

Commander Gree: We have incoming droids, General!

Super Battle Droid X1A: Charge!

Laser blasts!

Commander Gree: Troopers, find cover!

General Grievous: Surround the building. Do not allow anyone to escape!

Laser blasts!

Commander Gree: FIRE!!

Laser blasts!

Mace Windu: Master Tiin! How is he?

Kit Fisto: Not good. We got to get him out of here.

Mace Windu: Stay down. We’ll hold off the droids until the Gunship arrives!

Double laser blasts!

Elite Trooper Chi: We’re pinned down! Heavy fire!

Elite Trooper Psi: We can’t allow those Magna Guards to advance on us. Time for some heavy firepower!

Auto-fire laser blasts!

Double laser blasts!

Elite Trooper Psi: Nevermind! Stay down!!!

Double laser blasts!

Laser blasts!

Elite Captain Phi: We’re surrounded!

Commander Gree: Where is that Gunship? Come in, Commander Oddball……

Commander Oddball: Commander Gree . I’m in route now. Just dropped off another squad near the Droid Barracks. E.T.A. is less than 2 minutes.

Commander Gree: We’ll be bantha fodder in two minutes!

Mace Windu: Not yet!


Slash! Slash!

Elite Trooper Chi: The destroyer droids have us pinned down! They’re flanking us!


Elite Trooper Psi: Magna Guards!

Elite Trooper Psi: Stand ’em up and knock ’em!!!

Auto-fire laser blasts!


Elite Trooper Chi: DROIDEKA!!

Double laser blasts!

Elite Trooper Chi: Over the fence!

Elite Trooper Psi: Did I mention I hate droids?!

Double laser blasts!


Elite Trooper Psi: He’s down. Find new cover.

Elite Trooper Chi: Right behind you!



Elite Trooper Chi: What was that noise—


Elite Trooper Chi: UUGGGHHH!

Elite Trooper Psi: Wrong move, buckethead!

Auto-fire laser blasts!

Elite Trooper Psi: Anything broken?

Elite Trooper Chi: Uugghh……I’m alright……let’s keep moving……

General Grievous: It’s too late. You are both DOOMED!


General Grievous holds his ground by locking his mechanical feet into the ground

General Grievous: Jedi scum!

Mace Windu: Regroup with the others. Have the Gunship take off ASAP! I’ll handle this.

Elite Trooper Psi: Yes, General.

General Grievous: Your saber will make a fine addition to my collection, General Windu

Mace Windu: Then come and take it.

Commander Gree: We can’t hold out much longer without General Windu.

Laser blasts!

Commander Oddball: Sorry for the delay, Commander Gree. Didn’t know someone had taken down all of the anti-aircraft turrets!

Commander Gree: Wasn’t us. You need to clear an area to land.

Commander Oddball: Consider it done.

Commander Oddball: I was born to do this!

Heavy laser blasts!


Commander Oddball: We’re on the ground! Move it!

Commander Gree: GO! GO! GO!

Laser blasts!

Kit Fisto: We’re almost there, old friend.

Elite Trooper Psi: General Windu ordered us to take off ASAP!!

Commander Gree: Then hurry up, trooper!

Elite Captain Phi: Let’s go!!! We got more droids!

Double laser blasts!

Commander Gree: Cover fire! Get us out of here, Oddball!!!

Commander Oddball: Commencing liftoff sequence…

Laser blasts!

Auto-fire laser blasts!

Elite Trooper Psi: Get this hunk of junk off the ground already!

Commander Gree: Get inside, Trooper Psi!

Commander Gree: Give me your hand!

Elite Trooper Psi: No! Get out of here! I’ll draw their fire!

Heavy droid laser fire!

Elite Trooper Psi: ……ugghh……

Elite Trooper Psi: ……i……hate……droids……

Ammo clip clicks empty

Laser blast

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