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The Epilogue

Part I


Padme Amidala: Many things have changed during the course of this War. The once proud Republic has begun to resemble the very evil it fights, with armies that occupy other worlds and a leadership determined to win at all costs. All the while, enemies are killed, civilians frightened, and friends lost. The fear only grows worse with every passing day with power being the ultimate equalizer…


Lak Sivrak: …no way the Armies come here. The vermin in this place wouldn’t stand for it! It’ll never happen!

Commander Appo: Nobody move!

Commander Appo: We are searching for a suspect in connection with the recent bombings on Coruscant.

Senator Meena Tillis: My word……the 501st Legion? Here?

Fiak D’Jser: Die, tyrants!!!

Senator Meena Tillis: What?! NO!!!

Commander Appo: Open fire!!!

Ellors Madek: LOOK OUT!!!

Fraggletooth: Nooo!!

Fiak D’Jser: Ughhhh……

Commander Appo: That was an unwise move. Lock the doors! No one gets out unless I say so!

Clone Trooper Gion: Weapons on the table!

Lak Sivrak: ………

Clone Trooper Gion: Commander, these are similar to the blasters we found on the terrorists.

Commander Appo: Search everyone! Use whatever means necessary!

Clone Trooper Kytr: Up against the wall!

Hem Dazon: But I didn’t do anything…

Clone Trooper Fierk: Hand it over, scum!

Zutton: No! Help! Clone brutality! Clone brutality!!!

Senator Meena Tillis: I am a Senator in the Galactic Republic! This is an outrage! The Republic has no jurisdiction here! I’m reporting your actions directly to the Senate!

Commander Appo: We are conducting an official investigation. I suggest you not interfere, Senator. You’re free to go.

Commander Appo: Stay on the ground, Rodian!

Queedo: Ohhhh……

Part II

Padme Amidala: Yet, despite the shift in balance, faith is still alive. Faith that good will prevail over evil, and faith that those protectors of peace remain strong……

Obi-Wan Kenobi: We have secured the Oner System. There is no sign of a permanent base, and all battle droids remain deactivated. The Crystal Mines remain intact, less the small ’redecorating’ done by Anakin. I’ll report back when we make final departure, Master.

Ki-Adi Mundi: Strange that Dooku would wage a battle in such a sacred place as the Crystal Mines. Even he would not disturb one of the galaxies most valued treasures. The battle must have been a diversion from something.

Yoda: Deception is Dooku’s way now. Wanted to test the Jedi, he did. Nonetheless…thankful for the rescue of Master Tiin, we are.

Saesee Tiin: I agree with Ki-Adi. I was never interrogated by Dooku. My only use to him was bait . a way to lure our forces to Oner.

Kit Fisto: Either way, we missed the opportunity to capture both Dooku and Grievous. That would have certainly ended this War.

Agen Kolar: And we are also no closer to discovering the identity of the Master Sith Lord, if he does exist.

Agen Kolar: Even Master Windu has begun to run out of patience.

Agen Kolar: His endeavor to find the Sith Lord has reached a dead end. He is currently at The Works trying to find out what happened to his informant.

Clone Commander Pax: General, we have confirmed that an explosive was detonated here. This was the only thing we’ve recovered so far. I don’t recognize it. Have you seen a helmet like this before?

Mace Windu: No……I have not.

Yoda: An endeavor unknown to the Senate or the Chancellor. Cautious we must be to continue this operation.

Ki-Adi Mundi: But an operation we must continue if we are to discover the identity of the Sith Lord.

Saesee Tiin: …while continuing to pursue Dooku & Grievous.

Shaak Ti: We are already stretched to the breaking point. Every week the number of Padawans without Masters grows. The more Jedi lost in battle, the more Jedi leave the Temple to join the front, leaving the security of Coruscant very vulnerable.

Ki-Adi Mundi: As Oner has taught us, more freelance fighters will join Dooku if they feel the Republic cannot protect them during this War.

Kit Fisto: I volunteer to join the front again. I would also like to recommend young Skywalker take command of his own battalion, something the Chancellor has requested for some time now. He has proven himself many times during this War.

Yoda: With Obi-Wan, young Skywalker should remain.

Yoda: A confusing time this is for him. Decide his fate at another time, we will.

Part III

Padme Amidala: But I must confess, even my faith has been shaken in our public officials. Corruption has always been a problem in the political process, but the War creates new opportunities for greed and bribery…

Senator Bail Organa: Another meeting to celebrate another victory.

Senator Meena Tills: It seems like they have become as common as motions in the Senate to amend the powers of the Chancellor.

Senator Bail Organa: What’s this? Do I finally sense a bit of concern in the Senator’s comments?

Senator Meena Tills: Perhaps. Recent events have changed my viewpoint of the new powers-that-be.

Senator Meena Tills: Starting with my recent visit to the Outer Rim…

Senator Meena Tills: One of my contacts, who no longer feels it is safe to travel to Coruscant, said he had some valuable information regarding a secret operation being conducted by the Jedi Order.

Senator Bail Organa: Really? What did he have to say?

Senator Meena Tills: Unfortunately, I never found out. As we began our conversation, the 501st Legion stormed the cantina…as part of some ’investigation’ they were doing.

Senator Bail Organa: The 501st? The battalion based on Coruscant?

Senator Meena Tills: The very exact one. Notwithstanding the fact that the 501st were well outside of the Republic’s jurisdiction, a patron got a little jumpy and pulled a blaster on the 501st. A mistake everyone would soon regret.

Senator Bail Organa: How did you escape the situation?

Senator Meena Tills: I used my Senator status, of course. That might have been the only reason I was allowed to leave.

Senator Meena Tills: I regret leaving now, as I can only imagine what happened to rest of the patrons inside, including my contact. I abandoned him. I have not heard from him since.

Senator Bail Organa: You must be very careful, Meena. With the latest anti-terror laws passed, you could be labeled a collaborator in such investigations.

Senator Meena Tills: Trust me when I say that has not escaped my mind since I returned.

Senator Bail Organa: I wonder if your sighting off-world has gotten back to the Chancellor? By the way that Shocktrooper is watching you, I would assume so.

Senator Meena Tills: Indeed. We’ll talk about this later. By the way, where is Senator Amidala this evening?

Senator Bail Organa: She was felling ill, unfortunately. I’m sure she won’t regret missing out on this celebration. Here comes the Chancellor now…


Senator Orn Free Taa: Congratulations on another impressive victory, Chancellor! Another resounding defeat for Dooku and the Separatists!

Governor Tarkin: Absolutely! A strong showing of force is the only way to defeat these Separatists.

Chancellor Palpatine: The credit belongs to 212th Battalion, but especially to the heroism of young Anakin Skywalker. The Republic owes a tremendous amount of gratitude to Skywalker for saving the Crystal Mines, which would have surely been destroyed by Count Dooku.

Chancellor Palpatine: Unfortunately, without additional support, Dooku and General Grievous escaped yet again.

Chancellor Palpatine: As a result, I would like to propose we extend the powers of the 501st Legion to assist in matters like these in the future. As merely an extended level of support to the Jedi Order, of course. Our Republic cannot and should not solely depend on the Jedi to defeat the Separatists forces.

Chancellor Palpatine: I hope to have your support. Only together can we win this War. But we still have much more work to do.

Senator Orn Fee Taa: A moment of your time, Chancellor, if I may. I would be honored to bring your measure to the floor of the Senate. However, I would like to discuss the possibility of excavating the Crystal Mines as soon as possible. The lesson of this battle will be soon forgotten if we, as public officials, do not move to protect our galaxy’s most precious treasures.

Chancellor Palpatine: Indeed…

Senator Meena Tills: You were right, Bail. Another celebration, another opportunity to increase the Chancellor’s powers.

Senator Bail Organa: I wish I were wrong. Remind me to use Senator Amidala’s sickness excuse next time.

Part IV

Padme Amidala: This war represents a failure to listen. Escalating the War only diminishes the possibility of a diplomatic ending. Across the stars, more and more worlds are being ravaged by the War and the hatred only spreads. We must find a way to stop the fighting and let diplomacy resume.

Padme Amidala: Secrecy is now the standard. We must have open and honest communication if we are to end this conflict.

Padme Amidala: As old relationships die, new ones are born, soon to be torn apart by the War.

Padme Amidala: Noble warriors depart for exotic planets with those they trust with their lives.

Padme Amidala: The enemy has an unlimited amount of funds to continue this War forever…

Padme Amidala: …while our forces continue to upgrade their equipment…equipment designed to kill and destroy…feeding egos and appetites for more warfare.

Part V

Padme Amidala: The scariest part is the unknown power that pulls all the strings of this conflict. Without remorse or regret, the shadow controls the fates of so many, including those that have no idea they are being manipulated.

Count Dooku: Remain here.

Darth Sidious: Welcome back, Lord Tyrannus.

Count Dooku: The War progresses as planned, My Lord.

Count Dooku: Our success on Oner has proven to be more beneficial than we could have possibly imagined.

Darth Sidious: Excellent…

Count Dooku: The young Utapaun proved useful in the end. His home planet is ideal for the ’leadership’. Once I confirmed his information, he was properly disposed of, My Lord.

Darth Sidious: Well done, my apprentice.

Count Dooku: However, the General grows uneasy, and losing patience with Gunray.

Darth Sidious: No matter. Grievous will soon be occupied with other matters.

Darth Sidious: What of our other objective on Oner?

Count Dooku: A flawless demonstration, My Master. Skywalker displayed all the necessary skills we will require. His actions were recorded, as you requested.

Darth Sidious: You have done well, Lord Tyrannus. Continue your monitoring of young Skywalker. His faith in the Jedi Order must be broken, and then will he be ready.

Count Dooku: Yes, My Master. He will make for a very powerful ally.

Darth Sidious: Everything is going as I have foreseen…

Part VI

Padme Amidala: But most important of all……this conflict has taken away the one thing I truly care about. None of these things can ever come between me and that which I care about……not this War, not the Jedi Order, not my career in the Senate, not even the Republic. This…I promise you, Anakin.

Clone Trooper Zaff: There isn’t anything left on this dreaded planet but bugs and useless droid parts.

Clone Sergeant Airre: Pipe down, trooper. Our orders are to verify the CIS presence has been completely extinguished. I don’t care if it takes the rest of your shortened lifetime, but we will complete our mission.

Clone Trooper Wertz: Just a little bit further……almost there.

Clone Lt. Bevo: Patrols are nearly complete and the supplies are now being loaded, Commander. We just received our new orders and destination.

Commander Cody: Good. Be sure to get an Intel report from Commander Gree before we depart.

Anakin Skywalker: (sigh)

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Beautiful night, isn’t it?

Anakin Skywalker: Yes, very peaceful considering the history of this place.

Anakin Skywalker: Any word from the Council?

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Not yet. Come…take a walk with me, Anakin.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: I wanted to discuss something with you, but didn’t want to do it in front of the troops, considering the casualties we’ve suffered.

Anakin Skywalker: I understand. What is it, Master?

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Why do you think Dooku let that mystery warrior fight you instead of fighting you himself?

Anakin Skywalker: Who understands anything Dooku does. It doesn’t matter. He escaped.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Perhaps that was his intention all along. What if this whole battle was just an exercise…just a way to for him to test us?

Anakin Skywalker: Are you trying to say that Dooku never wanted possession of the Mines? That our troops died for nothing?

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Dooku said some things that made me think about this War in a whole new light……about our role in it……and the will of the Force.

Anakin Skywalker: Will of the Force? Nonsense…the galaxy needs us. We have to restore peace and eliminate Dooku and his followers. Sounds pretty simple to me.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Hmph…I wish I had your confidence.

Anakin Skywalker: Come on, Master, don’t get philosophical on me now. Let the Council worry about that stuff. I don’t want to have to rescue you again for the eighth time.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Eighth?! I thought it was the sixth……no wait…seventh…no…you’re right. This would be number eight, wouldn’t it?

Commander Cody: General Kenobi! Sorry to interrupt, but we just received our orders. We’re to set course for Cato Nemodia.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Very well, lets head back to camp.

Commander Cody: Intel reports part of the Separatist leadership is there, specifically Viceroy Gunray.

Anakin Skywalker: Gunray? What about Dooku or Grievous?

Commander Cody: No info on them as of yet. But your new ship did arrive with last supply convoy, General Skywalker.

Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi: Ship?

Commander Cody: Yes, sir. According to the transmission, the ship is a token of appreciation from the Chancellor.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Palpatine?

Anakin Skywalker: I guess news travels fast…

Commander Cody: Your ship is docked on the far side of platform, General.

Anakin Skywalker: Thanks, Cody. Let’s get going then. The sooner we end this War, the sooner we all go home.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Well, Cody……where’s my ship?

Commander Cody: Ship, sir? We only received one ship.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Of course. In that case, I’ll need to ride with you. Ready for another adventure, Cody?

Commander Cody: Yes, sir!

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Little rest for the weary.

Commander Cody: We wouldn’t want it any other way, sir.

Anakin Skywalker: R2? Is that really you?

R2-D2: woooooooo

Anakin Skywalker: Nice to see a familiar face. You wouldn’t happen to still have that holoprojection, would you?

Anakin Skywalker: That’s the one…

Anakin Skywalker:

Anakin Skywalker: Thanks, R2. Now, let’s get out of here.


Anakin Skywalker: This is where the fun begins!

Obi-Wan Kenobi: …………

Part VII

Padme Amidala: I feel you, Anakin. No matter where you are, I still feel connected to you somehow. And I remember things…

Padme Amidala: …that seem like such a long time ago.

Padme Amidala: Ooooohh…

C3-PO: Oh, Ms. Padme! Are you alright?

Padme Amidala: Yes, 3PO……I’m fine, thank you. I’m just feeling a bit tired. Could you prepare my room? I’d like to get some rest.

C3-PO: Oh yes, of course I would, Ms. Padme. It would be my pleasure!

Padme Amidala: Despite all of my misgiving about this conflict, it is important we bring peace back to the galaxy. To reunite the Republic as one entity. To restore the principles of democracy.

Padme Amidala: We must…if we are to bring a new hope for the future.


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