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On a small planet quietly residing in the outer-rim territories, new events that will change the fate of the galaxy are unfolding…

In the dangerous Jundland Wasteland region of Tatooine, a small sandcrawler treads along a particularly remote section. Unusual readings from the tyridium sensors direct the scavenging party to an area of barren desert filled with natural rock formations.

The leader of the small crew, T’Chi Oten-nal oversees the unloading of a Jawa scavenging party, which includes several labor droids, including the venerable AST-7, which has been with the T’Chi since his first journey as a Jawa youth.

“Oo-tee-di!” exclaims T’Chi as he points a dark cave in one of the rock formations. He and his Jawa crew enter the cave to determine if this is the source of the unusual readings.

Shortly after entering the darkened interior of the natural cave, a brilliant flash of light emanates from the heart of the mysterious cavern…

Several minutes later, the aftermath of unknown events leave the Jawa scavenging party unconscious. A strange object glows in the corner of the dark cave.

After several minutes, T’Chi Oten-nal slowly seems to recover from unknown assault. All he remembers is entering the cave and a brilliant flash of light.

Slowly sitting up, T’Chi screams in horror “Etu Cheen Ooo!” His fallen brothers do not move.

The sullen Jawa leader tries desperately to wake his comatose companions.

Realizing the worst, his friends were killed sometime after the peculiar flash, T’Chi cries out of the cave for assistance “Ootina Chee a tu cho.”

Hearing the calls from the heart of the cave, AST-7 and BX-4 following the path of their Jawa masters deep into the interior.

Stoically, T’Chi orders AST-7 to carry the bodies of his fallen friends back to their sandcrawler home.

As T’Chi watches as the dead Jawas are taken away, he reflects on the horribly tragic year that has besieged his scavengeing crew. Between the ruthless attacks of the Tusken warlord B’rmar the Fierce and this mysterious cave, he has seen the death of all of his Jawa companions.

With the death of all his brothers, T’Chi resolves to determine the source of this unprovoked attack.

In the interior of the cave, a small object has been uncovered from the sandy floor. A mysterious glow emenates from it’s interior. T’Chi leans closer to investigate.

T’Chi touches the cool surface of the object. Suddenly the mysterious box levitates and blue electrical sparks crackle from strangely metallic surfaces.

Sensing great power within mysterious object, T’Chi’s eyes glow with eager anticipation.

While continuing to feel the power surges from the mysterious object as an ethereal presence is revealed. The shadowy figure speaks in a deep reverberating voice, “Who has claimed the strength to try and revive me from Darkness.”

T’Chi Oten-nal listens closely the instructions of the ethereal presence. Sensing great power and knowing that he has lost all that was dear to him with the death of the his fallen comrades, T’Chi claims allegiance to his new master.

The veiled figure tells T’Chi of an ancient secret for creating an orb of power using the mysterious object. He orders his new apprentice to take this Orb to Gardulla the Hutt. Having forged an agreement many years ago, he tells T’Chi that she will know what needs to be done to complete his new Master’s task.

Following the precise instructions of his Master, T’Chi is able summon a shimmering orb from the interior of the mysterious object.

“Go now, take this Orb straight to the Hutt. Do not waiver in your task. Only when you return will you be given the secrets to eternal power.”

Knowing that it will take much to long to reach Gardulla, T’Chi seeks out is old friend Hamma Gringol. Hamma is smuggler operating on Tatooine who provides items for many of the Tatooine residents, including the Jawa, Tuskens, and the Hutts. T’Chi and Hamma a long history of transactions of mutual benefit.

“Hamma, Eecha tu Nee Tinnea” T’Chi tells his friend he has a valuable object that must be delivered straight to Gardula the Hutt.

Hamma gazes on the shimmering orb and mesmerized by the swirling energy. “I can do this for you my old friend. I will soon be returning to Gardulla’s palace.”

“Ontona Chu Deedo ti” exclaims T’Chi excitedly. Hamma clearly understands the Jawa’s sense of urgency. However, already, Hamma is contemplating his next move.

Hamma stares longly at the precious orb. He thinks to himself of the good fortune that has fallen on him. At last he has a gift that cannot be refused. Silently, he turns and quickly leaves knowing that he may finally be able to win the heart of that who he desires most.

Meanwhile on the outskirts of Gardulla the Hutts expansive palace, a slave silently goes about her duties.

“Shmi, my precious Shmi, it is so good to see you again” exclaims Hamma. “I hope your master is treating you well. How I do wish you would allow me to try and buy your freedom.”

Nervously, Shmi Skywalker embraces Hamma. “Hamma, I’ve told you to stop coming to see me. Gardulla disapproves of her slaves having visitors.”

“You know it is impossible for us to be together; you should leave now” says Shmi as looks off in the distance.

“Shmi, I have something you must see” says Hamma as he pulls the Orb from his traveling robe.

“Oh my, its very beautiful… but what is it?” asks Shmi?

“It’s a gift for you” exclaims Hamma.

“I could never accept such an item. If it were discovered, Gardulla would surely send me to the dungeons” says Shmi as she turns away.

“Shmi, you must take this. I know it contains great power and strength. I’m sure that in the future it will be incredibly valuable,” says Hamma. He hands the Orb to Shmi. “I have to go now. Keep it hidden. I will check on you again as soon as I can. I know that someday we can be together.”

Reluctantly, Shmi takes the orb and stares at it. Sensing an uncomfortable power in her hands, she is unsure of what the future holds for her.

Confident that his old friend Hamma will deliver the Orb and craving more knowledge and power, T’Chi quickly returns to the cave to study the mysterious object…

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