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In the outer rim world of Tatooine, T’Chi Oten-nal continues to embrace the dark side of the force.

“You have learned well, my young apprentice, you training is nearly complete” rumbles the deep voice.

“Thank you Master,” answered T’Chi as his voice resonates through a synthetic voice translater.

“Your lightsaber is ready to be unleashed. It is time to you to rise to the lords of the Sith”

“Yes Master, what is your bidding?” asks the eager apprentics.

“For your last test, you must face your greatest enemy. Search your feelings, seek out your hatred. Hunt down this enemy and bring his body to me.”

Thinking back many years… T’Chi remembers a fearful time in his previous life…

As a seller of droids and other service parts, T’Chi had many loyal customers. During one fateful day, T’Chi remembers working closely with a customer, Semel Odon. The Shenzeeder was an old hermit that was looking for droid that could help him on his moisture farm.

Suddenly, a group of savage Tusken raiders ambushed the Jawas and his customer. The Chief, Ratu D’feth, led these ferocious warriors and their deadly attack. This Tusken warrior has a long-standing reputation of ruling the Jundland wasteland with an iron fist. Their attack was swift, fierce, and unrelenting.

T’Chi and one of his Jawa companions managed to escape as the Tuskens mocked their cowardice.

On that day, Ratu was the victor and he claimed the blaster staff as a his trophy from the fallen Shenzeeder.

Ratu savored his easy victory knowing the he can hunt down more of these pathetic Jawas whenever the urge strikes him.

“Yes, Master. It will be done.”

Leaving a ruthless wake of death in his path. T’Chi Oten-nal hunts down the remaining Tuskens responsible for the attacks of that day.

With the blood of one Tusken already staining his robes, T’Chi silent approaches the last of the tribe.

Igniting his saber, his attack is swift and ruthless.

Decapitating one Tusken he quickly turns on the other.

The second Tusken raider posed no threat to Jawa strong with the dark side of the force.

Turning around, T’Chi gazes towards his ultimate target.

Breathlessly, the Dark Jawa flips through the air and slays the Tusken War Chief in one stroke.

Pleased with his easy victory, T’Chi Oten-nal uses the force to raise the body of the former warlord and returns it to the cave.

“You have done well my Apprentice. You’re training is complete. Hence forward you will be known as Darth Punio,” bellows the dark shadow.

“Thank you my Master” whispers the Sith Knight.

“Now it is time that I return to this world. Bring the body of the fallen warrior and harness the power I have to taught you.”

Lord Punio unleashes a Sith Lightning fury on the Tusken body. “Return from the Dark Side of the force my Master.”

“Yes my Apprentice. I feel the force flowing through this new body.”

A brilliant red glow radiates from the recess of the dark cave accompanied by a terrifiying scream “Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgghh.”

“Darth Plagueis the Wise returns to walk the grounds as a corporeal being. You have done very well Lord Punio” exclaims the Sith Lord.

“Thank you master. You have taught me well.”

“Soon, we will reveal ourselves to our enemy.”

Meanwhile, far away from Tatooine…

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine senses something. A presence he hasn’t felt in a long time…

Jedi Master Yoda, in mediation at the Jedi Temple also senses a ripple in the force.

Yoda ponders the disturbance of the Force. Thinking silently to himself “Soon, returned the Sith will be.”

“Lord Punio. This body is still vulnerable. Bring me my helmet.”

“Everything is proceeding as I have planned. Soon I will have my revenge” says the Sith Lord as he smiles under his helmet.

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