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In a dark section of Coruscant, a secretive hideout for the Sith stirs with activity.


Darth Sidious contemplates the disturbance he has felt in the force. Uneasiness pervades his feelings. He senses a presence on the one-time home world of his future apprentice.

Lord Sidious calls for Gorn, his personal Guard and secret Knight of the Sith. Not a true Lord of the Sith, Gorn loyally follows Darth Sidious with hopes that he can soon replace Lord Maul at his Master’s side.

“I have a task for you Gorn.” Sidious states in his usual deliberate calm but threatening voice.

Gorn, anxious to prove himself to his Master. listens patiently to his instructions. “Yes, Master. What is your bidding?”

“You must travel to Tatooine. There is a disturbance in the force that must be explained. Your path to Sith lies somewhere on this remote world. Make haste in your journey and discover this source of dark power.”

With a flicker of happiness, Gorn realizes that his Master has given him the opportunity to finally prove his worth. Confident with this knew task he remembers too well, his obvious shortcomings from the past.

Gorn remembers a time when he was forced to only act as a sparing partner for Lord Sidious’s apprentice Darth Maul. One fateful match still haunts his memories…

On that day, Gorn and Maul were locked in a fierce battle. On that day, Gorn’s staff appeared to be an effective weapon against Maul’s lightsaber (albeit set on training mode). Sparks flew as the two weapons collided. Gorn thought to himself this is the day that he will finally defeat the young Sith Lord.

Gorn felt he had the upper hand when suddenly Maul spun about unleashing a furious kick on Gorn’s chest. With tables turned, Gorn knew his defeat was imminent.

With a Force Push, Gorn was disarmed and flung to the far wall, crushed in yet another easy defeat.

Silently, Lord Sidious entered the room. Without a glance to Darth Maul or Gorn he spoke slowly. “Well done my apprentice. You have become strong with the Force. I have run out of worthy opponents for you. Soon you will be unleashed on the Jedi”

“Thank you, Lord Sidious” says Darth Maul with a smile across his tattooed face.

Shaking the memory from his head, Gorn bows, “Thank you for this task, Lord Sidious. I will not disappoint you.”

Gorn quickly gathers his staff and prepares to leave. He knows this will be his only opportunity to please Lord Sidious. With success, he hopes that he will be taken as an apprentice to the Lord of the Sith.

Elsewhere on Coruscant.

The Jedi Council has assembled to discuss matters of grave importance.

“A disturbance in the Force sensed have I. A powerful Sith has emerged” exclaims Yoda to the other members of the Jedi Council. Mace Windu agrees “Yes, I concur. However, it is difficult to determine the source.”

“An investigation into this disturbance will be required” states Jedi Master Tiin. “We must act quickly to uncover the Sith.” Ki-Adi Mundi agrees “Since the defeat of the Sith Lord on Naboo, we have been unable to locate the second Sith Lord.”

“The second Sith Lord, this presence must be” says Yoda “The Master I believe awaits the end of this investigation.”

“Master Yoda, it is unlikely the Sith Lord defeated on Naboo was only an Apprentice. He nearly defeated two of our greatest Knights. This new presence is surely the Apprentice.”

“Strong this presence is. Hidden this Sith Lord remains. Sure am I that this is the Sith Master. Discover his presence we must,”says Yoda solemnly. “Likely it is this Sith Lord resides in the Outer Rim.”

“We should send all of our available Jedi Knights to the Outer Rim worlds and investigate.” suggests Jedi Master Koon. Master Windu agrees, “We already have several Knights at some of those locations.”

“Then it is settled. An investigation for this Sith Lord will commence at once. I will communicate to the Jedi to start their investigations.”

On the outer rim world of Yavin 4, Aayla Secura and Agen Kolar receive the message from Master Windu “You must determine if the Sith Lord resides on this world. His presence is strong on the dark side of the force. If he is truly as powerful as the Council believes, discovering his presence will be difficult but possible through cooperation with the Force.”

Investigating the Korun tribes on Harunn Kal, Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi receives the same message from Master Windu.

Ty-Ri Docosto and Colemon Trebor are summoned to the Jedi Temple by Mace Windu where they are briefed on the Council’s decision. “Ty-Ri, you are to go to Tatooine and commence your investigation. Coleman, you will travel to Kessel.”

“Ty-Ri, this is your first mission since you passed the trials. You will be responsible to conduct your own investigation.” states Master Windu. “I am ready Master Windu. I am eager to complete this mission.” exclaims Ty-Ri in an excited voice.

“Good Luck Ty-Ri Docosto. May the Force be with you.”

Ty-Ri Docosto makes the last minute preparations to his Jedi Starfighter. He is quite anxious to initiate his first mission as a Jedi Knight.

Coleman Trebor approaches the rear of Ty-Ri’s landing platform. “Ty-Ri, you must exercise patience my former Padawan. Be mindful of the Force and trust your feelings. I am confident that you will succeed in this mission.”

“Thank you Master. You have taught me well. You know that my impatience is just misunderstood for my desire to become a great Jedi Master. Your guidance has taught me well. I will focus on the task at hand. Good Luck Master. May the Force be with you.”

Shortly after Master Trebor departs, Ty-Ri Docosot hears a whiney voice “Ty-Ri Docosto, Were you going to leave Coruscant without saying goodbye to me?” Aleena Tyrazika, the daughter of the Baron Tyrazika was standing behind the Jedi Starfighter.

“Aleena, what are you doing here? I’ve told you that you have no future with me,” says Ty-ri coldly. “You must stop following me around. Jedi are not permitted to have ‘relationships’.”

“But Ty-Ri, I love you. We must be together,” Aleena says sobbing. “You know that I’ve loved you since you saved me from certain death at the hands of the Black Sun. We must be together.” Trying to ignore her, Ty-Ri climbs into his cockpit. “Aleena, there is no ‘us’. I am a Jedi Knight. It was my mission to save you, nothing more. I am glad you are safe but there is no love.”

“Ty-Ri, you must be careful on this mission. We will talk more when you return, my love.”

With confusing feelings in his mind, Ty-Ri Docosto departs for Tatooine…

On Tatooine, Lord Plageus plots his next move…

“Lord Punio, it is time to join to complete powers of the Dark Side,” exclaims the Lord of the Sith.

“What do you wish of my my Master?” asks the eager Jawa Apprentice?

“You must travel to see Gardulla the Hutt. Bring back the dark power that you gave to her those many years ago. Don’t be surprised if this object is much different than you remember.”

“Yes Master, it will be done.”

Silently leaving the Cave, Punio remembers the shortcut he took when first tasked with delivering the shimmering orb…

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