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“Come on” yells Kalin as the men flee out into the hallway.


“Go!!” shouts Kane as he brings up the rear, “Go, keep going!”

Able squad continues running down the many halls of the abandoned temple, uncertain where they’re even headed.

“There!” shouts Kane, “Follow her!”

“Don’t lose her!” orders Kane as they follow Dreya down the temple’s hallways.

“What the Hell is going on down there?” asks Sumner to himself as he secretly monitors the mission.

The mens’ hearts beat loudly inside their chest as they run after the rebel operative, their bulky armor making them sweat as they flee from the creature behind them.

“Watch it!” says Kalin as he fires off several shots down the corridor.

The squad runs by as the soldier keeps the beast at bay.

They continue running down several of the temple’s the halls, losing sight of the rebel in front of them.

“Up here, come on, we’re close!” says Kane as he leads his squad into another hall.

“Watch out!” says Meade as Kalin jumps out the creature’s grasp.

“No!” cries Darr as he pushes himself up against a column.

The men fall back, running through a narrow hall.

“Through here,” says Kane.

“There’s the entrance, come on men!” barks Kane as his voice suddenly becomes static.

“Wait,” says Kane softly. “Wait! Where’s Darr?”

“What?” says Meade turning around. “He was behind us!”

“Get outside, radio Haas, tell him to cover us!” Kane says as he looks towards the hall the men just came from.

“Wait, look sir!” says Kalin as he points down the main hall.

“Kane, get out of here!” yells the rebel.

“Dreya, don’t!” pants Kane. “DON’T!”

The young woman pushes a button on the detonator and takes off down the hallway, disappearing down another corridor as a distant rumble begins to shake the building.

“No! Frak! Get out of here!” he says to his men as the rebel flees.

“Sir!” Kalin shouts. “Down the other hall!”

The men look down an adjacent hallway to see their squad mate.

“Come on! Move it kid, come on!” Kane orders, his deep voice barely audible over the roar of explosions nearby.

“Get out of here!” Darr shouts as the rest of Able Squad runs hard toward the entrance, trying to escape.

Kane continues to look back at Darr as he takes several steps backwards. “Come on, run!”

“Don’t leave me!” yells Darr in a panic as he runs. “Don’t-”

Suddenly a massive explosion takes out the hallway Darr came from.

“Kid!” shouts Kane hopelessly. “Everyone out now!”

“What the-”

Meade and Kalin run from the entrance of the temple as it explodes.

The men are launched into the air as the explosion rocks the temple’s entrance.

Meade blinks several times, trying to figure out what exactly happened as he breathes heavily.

“What was that?” asks Haas standing up. “What’s going on down there? Guys? Sit-rep, give me something!”

“Kane? Darr?” asks Kalin as he groans, looking towards the burning temple entrance.

“Kane,” whispers Meade. “Do you read me?”

Kalin yells in pain as he stumbles to his feet, fearing the worst. “Sir? Can you hear me?!” he shouts over the roar of the fire. “Kane? Darr!”

“What?” Sumner says to himself as the channel goes to static. “They’re…are they-blocking my-?”

“Step away from the console,” says a woman.

Sumner quickly turns around to the unexpected voice.

“I’m Colonel Elliot under the command of Admiral Gala from the Star Destroyer Dark Talon. We have boarded your ship. My operating number is ISB-4129, and you’re under arrest for intercepting classified mission communications, and treason against the Empire.” She looks at the stormtroopers flanking her. “Take him.”

“No, I’ve-” Sumner screams as the troopers grab him. “No wait!”

“Wait!” he begs as the men hold him firmly. “I just- stop it!”

“I,” he struggles as the pair of troops handle him. “I have information!”

“The rebellion, wait! I know who-” he shrieks. “Stop, you don’t know what you’re doing!”

“I know the traitors!” he yells, his words echoing down the long hall.

“Let go of me!” he says as he fights the troopers.

“Listen to me!” begs Sumner.

“Stop,” Colonel Elliot says as she approaches Sumner calmly.

“What did you say?” she asks.

“I said,” says Sumner breathing heavily, “I know who the traitors are, the rebels”.

“I can tell you who they are,” he says. “I heard them over the transmission.”

Colonel Elliot eyeballs the officer for a moment. “Name them, and your life will be much more bearable lieutenant,” she demands quietly.

Sumner catches his breath as he closes his eyes hard.

“Lieutenant Kane and Able squad.”

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