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“Shuttle Galena, 761, clear for landing. Disembark immediately upon arrival.”

“Able Squad. Perfect timing.”

“Take positions,” commands Colonel Elliot.

“Pattern three! Stay sharp!”

The men move to positions and raise their rifles, not sure what to expect.

As the ramp lowers, the heavy thud of boots is heard through the hangar as Able Squad makes their way out of the shuttle.

“Sir,” reports a crewmember to Captain Brior. “They’ve landed.”

“Keep me informed” says the captain after he takes in a shallow breath.

“Hold on,” says Meade as he helps support his squad leader on the shuttle’s ramp. “We’ll get you to the med bay!”

Kane groans in pain as he limps off the shuttle.

“We gotchya sir,” says Kalin as he looks up. “You’ll be-wait, what-”

“Able squad, I am Colonel Elliot of the Star Destroyer Dark Talon. My operating number is ISB-4129. You are being detained for suspicion of aiding a Rebel fugitive, and conspiring against the Empire. Drop your weapons and put your hands on your head. Will you comply?”

“What the frak?” asks Haas. “The lieutenant is hurt! He needs-”

“Do you comply?!”

“Wait! Just wait!” yells Kane, his voice booming in the hangar. “What-what is all this? What proof…This is some welcome home party!”

“What proof? A first hand account from one Lieutenant Sumner, who monitored your mission remotely. You know as well as I do that Imperial procedure dictates that we hold you in the brig, no matter what the circumstance.”

“What? Wait-Sumner? He’s a liar and a coward! You don’t know anything about us! Review the official mission logs and then we’ll talk. Until then-”

“We will open fire if you don’t comply!” Elliot screams shaking her fist. “This is your final warning!”

The Stormtroopers move about slightly, unsure of what is about to unfold.

“I lost a man because of that Rebel agent down there!” says Kane, his anger simmering over his confusion. “I nearly lost the squad, myself included! You have no idea what we-”

“We will review all necessary facts - all information relevant to this mission - now stand down!” demands the Colonel.

“We need to get Lieutenant Kane to the med bay, he’s injured!” shouts Haas.

“Able Squad! We are simply following Imperial procedure. You may drop your weapons and put your hands on your head.”

“Procedure for what?” says Kane, his deep voice echoing in the hangar as he breathes heavily.

“Procedure for apprehending alleged members of the Rebel Alliance!” says Elliot sternly. “Now drop your weapons!”

A bead of sweat rolls down the nervous trooper’s forehead as he moves back and forth slightly on his feet.

“Hold fire,” commands Elliot to her Stormtroopers as they scan the scene.

“Sir, Able Squad is being detained” says the crewman as his superior officer watches the screen.

“Okay, just-okay! We’re gonna set down our weapons, and we’re gonna comply!”

“Sir?” says Kalin.“If we go, that’ll be it. If she’s who I think she is, we’re only being kept alive for information.”

Meade shakes his head. “If we run they’ll kill us.”

“Worse things could happen if we stay,” says Haas chuckling nervously.

“Frak, just do it,” growls Kane. “That’s an order,” he sighs in pain. He looks around at his men. “We gotta figure out what the frak is going on before we do anything.”

“Sir?” asks the crewman.

“Captain Brior?”

Kane clears his throat. “Alright Elliot-”

“We’re gonna drop our weapons.”

“Wait,” says Brior studying the scene. “Tell the pilots to stay on board the shuttle,” shouts Brior suddenly as he looks up from the console. “Tell them to stay put!”

The stormtroopers moves back and fourth swaying on their feet slightly, scanning the situation with their narrow field of vision.

“We’re gonna drop our weapons real slow like, okay?”

“No sudden movements! Drop them, NOW!”

“Shuttle Galena, this is the bridge” shouts the crewman. “Pilots do not disembark, repeated do not-”

Just as Able Squad begins to surrender themselves, one of the pilots aboard the shuttle begins to walk down the shuttles ramp, never suspecting the scene which is unfolding in the hangar bay.

As the pilot begins his descent he suddenly stumbles, trying to catch himself as he falls.

The nerves get the best of the one of the troopers as he sees the sudden movement and pulls the trigger on his blaster several times, firing at the men.


“Fire!” shouts Elliot.

“Stop them!”

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