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The Jawa makes several curious noises as it looks down the narrow corridor, hoping to find an opportunity to scavenge something of great value.

A wail of “utinni” echos down the street as it runs away.

“Let’s keep moving boys, we’ve got a ways to go.”

“Look at these scum,” the officer shakes his head as he goes to cross the roadway, “Always moving, and without purpose.”

The animals make several noises as they walk down the pavement, their rider seemingly minding his own business.

“Get these beasts out of the way!” the officer says brashly.

Startled, the being replies back in his native tongue, wondering what he has done to upset the man.

“Move them,” he yells as several travelers look towards the scene.

“Go!” the man motions, “Out of the way, quickly!”

The Bith prompts the beasts to pick of their pace as he stares nervously back at the Imperial, not sure if any harm will come to himself or his animals.

The officer smirks, turning to glance at his troopers, looking for their emotionless approval of his behavior.

“It’s too bad we can’t just rid the streets of those foul beasts completely,” he says, snarling his nose.

“Anyway, as I was saying-”

“This place is just up ahead.”

The Imperial thinks to himself as he turns, admiring his own knowledge of the universe.“ They have some of the best keela I’ve ever-”

“Hey!” yells the officer as the two men bump into each other. “Watch it!”

“Oh, sorry!” replies the man as he moves swiftly out of the alleyway.

“Didn’t even see you there!” he shouts, quickly turning away from the Imperials as he walks past the group.

“Locals,” the officer says with distaste. “Pitiful.”

“You mean to tell me that Captain Brior was working with you? Spare me.”

The one-eyed Cerean, Anorial, gestures to the men of Able Squad. “You must believe me. We’ve lost contact with him and our Rebel agents that were aboard your ship. We are trying to gather as much information about what happened as possible.”

“What happened on the Aberrant Dawn,” says Kane firmly, “Was that we landed, we were shot at, and we left. What happened on that planet is what we’re concerned about.”

“Oh yes,” says Anorial. “With Dreya. She is one of my captains,” he says as he looks down, thinking. “It’s my understanding that your meeting didn’t go quite as planned.”

“She killed one of my men!” shouts Kane.

“That temple was a trap, and we got set up!” he says, holding back his simmering anger. “Was that your plan general? Was the death of one of my men part of your little scheme?”

“We do regret your loss, ”says Anorial with sympathy in his voice. “It was never our intentions to-”

“Kill a man?” asks Haas, as he raises his rifle.

“We cannot undo what has already been done. You know this already.”

“But we can move forward,” says Anorial as he gestures gracefully. “Together.”

“Yes, but you really should try a-” the Imperials trails off as he enters the tavern, looking around.

“Oh,” says the officer. “Are we interrupting something?”

The men direct their attention to the officer-

-as the noise of the bar becomes hushed.

“No,” says Kane harshly as he watches the Imperial. “Just a conversation. And we’re leaving.”

“I don’t think so,” says the officer promptly as he eyeballs the men. “Are these blasters registered? Do you have the Imperial Surplus Vouchers for these uniforms?”

With their hearts beating loudly, the men do not move. Kane clenches his fist in frustration, as he remembers his recent plight with the Imperials, as well as the Alliance.

“I said do you have them?” the officer says firmly as he approaches the group.

“Yeah,” growls Kane. “We have them right here.”

“These men can’t even bother enlisting,” the officer clears his throat. “This may be as close to soldiers as they ever become.” He holds out his hand awaiting the vouchers. “Show them to me, you pitiful excuse of a-.”

Suddenly Kane assaults the officer with a left hook, focusing his anger and pent up frustration.

Kane quickly topples him into the bar with a dull thud.

The man yells as he throws a punch in return, but Kane follows through with a right cross.

Watching their leader fall incapacitated to the floor, the Stormtroopers quickly jump into action.

They raise their rifles as they prepare to fire.

However, several blaster bolts pierce the stale air of the old bar-

-Hitting their targets several times.

Quickly, the smell of burnt ozone fills the small space.

“We’re clear,” says the Alliance commando as the smoke from his rifle dissipates.

He exits the alcove, walking past Kane as if nothing happened.

“You okay sir?” asks the soldier as he joins the Rebellion general.

“Yes,” responds Anorial.

“Thanks,” says Kane, quietly.

“Anytime,” replies Anorial with a nod, as the crowd congregates behind him, trying to catch a glimpse of the carnage.

“Let’s go,” says Kane to his men. “We’re leaving.”

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