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The Imperial war machine possesses many devices of terror which are employed against its prisoners.

For the Empire, torture is considered an art.

This practice can have potentially devastating effects on some canvases.

However, others are more resilient-

-and require a more hands on approach.

Aboard the Star Destroyer Dark Talon, one of the many projector screens comes to life as it crackles.

A transmission begins to come in as the screen projects an image, flickering in the dark room.

The colonel clears her throat as the connection becomes secure.

“Yes-Colonel Elliot?” asks Lieutenant Sumner nervously.

“Your report is overdue,” says the woman looking towards the hologram as it crackles in the dark chamber.

“Yes, I’m-I’m making progress,” he says quickly. “My men are following up on a report that Able Squad traveled towards Muunilinst.”

“We’re trying to-”

“You will find them soon, Sumner.” the colonel says forcefully. “Or I’ll find someone who can.”

“Yes colonel,” he replies. “I will work harder, and more diligently,” he adds.

“You are taking too long,” groans Elliot as she winces. “I will expedite the process.”

The man is cut short as the hologram disappears into static.

Colonel Elliot thinks to herself. The quiet noise of the chamber feeds her thoughts as she concentrates in the cold room; she hardly moves as she slowly draws air in and out of her lungs, silently.

“Copy, move it down to sick bay then, I don’t care. Just as long as-”

“Wait,” says the man as a pair of blast doors open.

“I’ll get back to you,” he whispers.

The officer swallows hard as the woman approaches him.


“Take me to Brior,” commands Elliot. “His day has finally arrived.”

“Yes ma’am,” replies the officer as a nervous feeling shoots down his spine, making his arm flinch slightly. “Right this way.”

“Please, follow me,” says the officer.

“He’s in cell 1-26,” says the man. “We had to transfer him after picking up that Lasat.”

The colonel doesn’t reply as she walks swiftly behind the man. She moves like a cold wind blowing down the cell block as she passes each chamber.

The sound of the group’s heavy boots echo down the corridor as they walk.

Elliot inspects the cell doors as they travel further into the detention block, knowing that she is responsible for the capture of numerous occupants.

As the group continues to travel down the corridor many noises can be heard coming from the cells.

A Wookiee roars in the distance; however the sound of the soldiers’ boots almost drown out the cry for vengeance.

“Cell 1-26 colonel,” reports the man, turning nervously.

“Good,” says Elliot as she smiles slightly. “Open it.”

The cell door opens smoothly as the Imperials peer in.

“Brior.” says the colonel.

The former Imperial officer holds his hand up in a daze, trying to block the intense light.

Captain Brior,” she says slyly.

The man looks up at the woman, his eyes still squinting as he tries to focus on her.

“Yes?” he finally responds.

“Your days of being my pet have ended,” she chuckles to herself. “Your usefulness has run its course.”

“We’ve discovered as much intel as your feeble mind can muster, and you will soon suffer more than you may have ever imagined.”

“By command of his majesty, Sheev Palpatine, Head of the Imperial Ruling Council and Emperor of the Galactic Empire, you are here-by condemned to live out the remainder of your life in an Imperial Prison.”

“Your transfer will begin shortly,” she says coldly to the man, as the cell door closes

“Come on!” shouts the man as his cell opens, fresh air rushing into the small room. “What do you have for me today?”

“Put up a fight,” he shouts as his voice rattles down the corridor. “I’m ready!”

A slight chuckle echos throughout the Rebellion operative’s cell.

“What, hello?” he asks. “Who’s there?”

“Basso, I have had such fun with you,” smirks the colonel, her voice reverberating off the walls of the cell block.

“You are truly one of my most favorite little things aboard this ship.”

“Very few can withstand the means of torture I employ.”

“And you’ve shown a great ability to withstand my interrogation techniques. That is something special.”

“You were more resilient than that poor fool Brior,” she sighs. “He’s being transferred to a prison facility now.”

“After he broke, I thought I could get to you, manipulate you, and use you to my own very will.”

“But our time together has come to an end, Basso.”

“You’re free to go.”

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