The Photonovel Alliance


“I don’t care what you believe we should do, it’s what we can do,” says General Anorial firmly.

“We must fully realize the situation at hand is a difficult one, and that we do not posses the ability to act.”

“As it stands,” continues the Cerean forcefully, “we will continue to monitor this whole ordeal from afar.”

“But it may be time to cut our losses and deal with the unfortunate consequences of our actions.”

“Sir, Brior is still an asset!” pleads Basso. “If-”

“If we attempted a rescue opp we would lose more men than it’s worth, and we’d give away our established position. Do you understand that Basso?”

“If we leave him then he’ll die,” states the man. “Do you want to live with that? Knowing you left him to suffer in an Imperial Prison?”

“I have several dozen men and women in my care,” says Anorial. “Dozens, Basso. They rely on my guidance, and they trust me to keep them alive.”

“Then at least tell his men,” says Basso visibly frustrated. “They deserve to know.”

“No, I will not allow the men of Able Squad to know this information at this time,” says Anorial. “I extended my hand to them once, and they did not accept it. I will not do it again. They must approach us.”

“Once an Imperial, always an Imperial I say,” interjects one of the soldiers in a deep crackling voice.

“Yeah, why risk our necks looking out for Imps?” says another rebel, stepping away from the console.

The being scoffs at the idea, “They’ll just double cross us later!”

Anorial watches the man as the Alliance operatives continue to murmur among themselves.

“What you are asking of me is not viable, Basso.”

“You are dismissed.”

The door opens swiftly, and the murmuring suddenly stops.

The general sighs as the door seals itself behind Basso as he leaves.

“Do you think he’s still just recovering from what he went through?” asks Dreya. “On the Aberrant Dawn.”

“Of course he is,” replies Anorial. “He’s been through a lot,” he frowns.

“I couldn’t imagine what those Imperials did to him.”

“Basso,” calls Dreya, shouting down the hall. “Basso!”

The man continues walking down the corridor of the small rebel installation, looking to find relief from the mental and physical stress he has garnered over the past several months. Somehow, he doesn’t think that’s possible.


“I understand your point,” she says softly, as she catches up to the man. “What you want to do, and why.”

“Well,” he says. “That’s a shame.”

“It’s not a shame. Your heart is where it needs to be: you want to do good in this galaxy.”

Basso furrows his brow and snurls his nose as he turns away from the woman. “No, I just pity someone who gets shipped off to an Imperial Prison. Do you know what they’ll do to that guy? Brior? He’s a double agent-”

“He’s a good man too, trying to help us-”

“The Emperor himself contacted Brior before you went planetside,” says Basso grimly, as he brushes the young woman’s hand off his shoulder. “Think about that. When you have his attention? You might as well just lay down and give yourself up. And right now, I’m thinking maybe we should.”

Dreya is silent as the thought of giving up on the Alliance enters her mind.

“Everyone thinks the Empire followed me here, or I’m some sort of Imperial agent or something!” he says to himself, shaking his head. “I have always put the Rebellion first, and now people look at me like I’m the enemy.”

“Kane deserves to know,” Basso fights back his emotions as he remembers the cell block, which still haunts him like a false memory, creeping through his mind spreading darkness. “They deserve to know. Brior didn’t deserve this.”

“No one deserves this.”

Quickly, Basso walks away from Dreya, leaving her in the corridor, as if she too was a distant memory of his past.

“Hey,” says a deep voice. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” replies Dreya. “It’s just-”

“I know,” says Jai. “I understand. He-”

“No,” whispers Dreya. “No, you don’t know.”

“My entire life I’ve been a fighter. Here or there, one place or another. And through it all, I’ve noticed one thing.”

“One thing always stands out among everything else. Above all: above the war, the carnage, above everything.”

“We’re all divided,” she says as her eyes shimmer.

The man focuses on the poor woman, as she remembers back to earlier times.

“And it’s usually for no good reason,” her lip quivers as a tear roles from the corner of her eye and down her cheek.

The hall goes quiet as her words fall upon the man, quickly silencing any noise that could have entered his mind.

“I have to go,” she says, walking away from the conversation, her eyes flickering with tears.

Jai considers that thought as he stands in the silent hall, alone. There is a great divide in the galaxy.

And everyone must pick a side.

The Cerean looks up from the computer as the man approaches him.

“Sir?” asks Jai. “General?”

“I have some intel about a possible raid for tomorrow. It’s a really good location sir, and I thought you’d like to hear about it.”

The man explains the target as the other Alliance members continue on with their own duties.

“Kane? You there? We need to meet up-”

“-There’s a really good location for tomorrow. I thought you’d like to hear about it.”

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