The Photonovel Alliance


Meade clears his throat. “This is risky.”

“You sure about this?” asks Haas.

“Hardly,” says Kalin.

“I’m glad we can put our differences aside,” says Anorial. “We need these supplies to further our efforts.”

“And what about our needs?” asks Kane. “What about getting Brior out of that prison?”

“If you can help us accomplish this task,” Anorial responds, “We’ll provide you with any assistance that we can.”

“Kane?” asks the Alliance rifleman. “You alright?”

Kane blinks several times before looking over at the man. “What?”

“I said you okay?” he says with concern.

“Yeah,” he replies. “Just…Thinking.”

“Visual contact reported,” whispers Sergeant Paige, another Rebel operative. Suddenly a chill rushes through the small alcove, with everyone becoming alert, their hair standing on end. “They’re on their way.”

“Call ‘em up, we’re set here.”

“Copy,” replies another voice through his helmet’s headset.

The deep sounds of Imperial transport engines roar as they move through the air.

A clear sound of warning for anyone in the way to leave-

And a stark reminder of Imperial dominance that cuts through even the wind.

“Watch it!” yells the Imperial-

-As a speeder quickly blocks the road and brings a cannon to bare.

“Hands up, hands up, don’t move!” shout several voices as the alliance soldiers rush the speeders.

“Get out of there! Keep your hands up!”

Shocked, the Imperial don’t know what to do.

Overwhelmed, they reluctantly comply, knowing there is little chance at successfully resisting.

“Don’t move!” orders one Rebel. “Keep those hands up!”

“Go, come on!” shouts the Alliance operatives as they clear the speeders.

Shouts of “Get out of there!” and “Move it!” fill the air as the Imperials surrender to the rebels.

Able Squad promptly enters the alley way, marching calmly, as if they had rehearsed their role many times.

The Imperial Stormtroopers exchange faceless stares as the two groups pass one another.

Neither ever knowing who might be concealed under the other’s white armor.

“Follow me,” says a rebel as Meade and Kalin enter the transports.

“Keep walking!” yells one of the riflemen.

“We’re good,” says Haas, leaning over to gloat.

“We are good,” smirks Kane under his helmet as he settles into his seat. “We’re moving.”

“Copy,” says Meade, piloting the second speeder, revving its engine.

“Copy,” says Kalin, bringing up the rear.

The speeder’s engines whine as it unblocks the path.

And the Imperial transports suddenly jerk forward, their valuable cargo of hyperdrive parts and fuel lurching as they accelerate.

“Attention, Wicked Wench”

Anorial says, speaking into his communication device as he steps out into the alley, watching the speeders depart. “They’re moving out now.”

“Copy, be advised-” says a voice.

“I have visual on the column’s movement.”

Smiling, in a more lighthearted manner, Jai turns around. “Are we okay back there?”

“No contact,” says Dreya with a serious tone.

“Good,” says Anorial sighing slightly.

“Sergeant Caliber?” he asks the Alliance solider standing near him. “Do you think we’ve made the right decision? Trusting Kane like this?” he says calmly, in a tone that demands reverence.

“I’m not for certain, sir,” replies the man, as they exchange stares.

“Neither am I,” he says solemnly, “Let’s hope we have, We’re relying on those hyperdrive parts to get us off Ethna.”

Anorial turn on his heel, gracefully walking away from the man.

“Sergeant,” pauses the one-eyed Cerean. “Tie up the loose ends, will you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Anorial says do it.”

“Do it!” orders the man.

“Wait!” shouts the Imperials. “Hey! Wait-”

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