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“We’re getting closer,” says Kane, almost as if to himself.

“Lyndon for Odyssey.”

“Go for Odyssey,” says Anorial into his communication device.

“I’m at a road block,” states the young Rebel, acting casual as his speeder idles. “Lots of civilians and Imperials.”

“I don’t see a way around.”

“Tell Kane and the others they’ll be stopped ahead. Remain calm. Stick to the plan.”

The men of Able Squad are advised of the upcoming check point as they continue through the city.

“We’ve got this boys,” reassures Kane. “No worries, we’ve got this.”

“Stay alert,” suggests the rebel, turning to look at his partner.

Basso looks around, his eyes swiftly moving from place to place.

“Hey,” whispers the young man. “Basso, hey.”

“Basso,” he says in a hushed yet firm tone. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” replies Basso. “I’m fine. You okay?” he asks, still in a partial daze.

“Stay alert,” whispers the Rebel. “If this thing goes sideways those Ex-Imps are gonna need our support.”

“Did you hear me? They’re gonna be counting on us!”

“Yeah,” Basso shakes his head slightly. “It’s just-I’m fine,” he says suddenly. “I’m fine.”

With the deep roar of the Imperial speeders approaching, the men hunker down.

“Gorram, here they come!”

“Easy,” Kane tells his men. “Remember, we’re just passing through.”

“Just some more faceless buckets,” smirks Kalin under his helmet.

A pair of Stormtroopers exit the barricade and walk towards the column of transports.

One of the soldiers gestures towards the first speeder, eventually indicating them to stop.

“Just standard checks today,” says the man approaching the speeder. “These are the hyperdrive parts for,” he thinks. “Maviste?”

“Copy that,” Kane nods. “We’re on our way to Maviste.”

The other solider acknowledges his response, and studies the speeders as he looks through the log.

He continues walking to the next speeder, looking up every once in a while from the display screen.

He glances at the third speeder as Kalin looks forward, avoiding any eye contact. The soldier walks back towards his squad leader, still looking down at the data pad.

“Alright,” he says finally looking up from the log. “Maviste? Long way up there from Ethna City.”

A feeling of relief flows over Kane and Haas.

“Just need a code cylinder and they’re good to go,” says the soldier gripping the data pad.

Kane tilts his head slightly, looking at the pair of men. He extends his hand, griping the small device, passing it to the squad leader.

“Odyssey, this is Wicked Wench,” says Jai, high above the road block.

“I got some movement down there. I can barely see them, but looks like there’s-”

“Wait,” says Dreya quickly. “You see that? ”

She shifts around, looking from side to side as Jai dips the craft, allowing them a better view of the scene.

“Looks like-”

“They’ve got incoming!” she says quickly. “Odyssey, repeat they have incoming!”

The men move around in the speeders, waiting to hear what the soldiers tell them.

“What’s the hold up?” asks Kalin out loud, throwing his hand up into the air.

“Look,” says Kane. “My commanding officer isn’t going to be happy about this, and these hyperdrive parts have to get there somehow.” He stares at the men as they type on the data pad.

“Alright,” says the squad leader, finally walking towards Kane and Haas. “You’re almost clear. Sit tight,” he orders. “Just stay here.”

“What’s taking so long?” asks the Rebel nervously, looking around.

The stomping feet of the walker thumps on the hardened durasteel road as the mechanized beast lumbers into view-

-As a similar thud approaches, matching the noise of the first machine.

The pair of AT-DPs settle awkwardly on their gears, their pistons and inner-workings finally falling silent.

At the same time a slight noise can be heard in the road way, a loud marching, growing as it approaches.

Several Imperial soldiers rush from the barracks, their white armor clanking with each step.

The men stop suddenly, aiming their rifles at the transports.

The hatch opens with a shrill shriek.

“Kane!” shouts Lieutenant Sumner, squinting to see. “Men of Able Squad! By Imperial decree, under the direction of Colonel Elliot,” he swallows. “I, Lieutenant Sumner, hereby order your-” he looks at the men. “Your death.”

Sumner’s voice echoes throughout the roadblock, falling on the people below.

“Reverse,” whispers Kane.



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