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As the IMPERIAL Fleet emerged from Hyper-space around the Sixth Planet of the Hoth System, Fleet Admiral Sir Kendal Ozzel brought his Senior Captain’s aboard the Executor for a pre-operation brief.

Prior to the brief, Fleet Admiral Kendal Ozzel met briefly with his old friend and close confidant, Captain Lorth Needa.

ADM. OZZEL: You see Lorth, Coruscant will have no choice but to listen to me! I am responsible for the most advanced Fleet in the history of warfare!

CAPT. NEEDA: I understand sir that whilst the power of the Death Squadron is immense…does the real power not reside with Lord Vader…

ADM. OZZEL: Lord Vader is not a Clone Wars veteran like ourselves Lorth…He is not a military man. Unlike us! I intend to see the final destruction of the Rebels! Only then will the Emperor see that he has no choice but to make me a Grand Admiral!

CAPT. NEEDA: Let us hope that we will finally see an end to this war sir.

ADM. OZZEL: I am certain of it!

CAPT. NEEDA: Should we go to the briefing you have called sir?

ADM. OZZEL: Quite right Lorth. Quite Right. Goodness you have kept me talking!

Minutes later, Admiral Ozzel and Captain Needa sat around the table with the other Senior Officers of Death Squadron.

FLEET ADMIRAL OZZEL: Gentlemen, today we stand on the brink of a new dawn. A Dawn without war and conflict. But today is the night. I have ordered us out of hyper-space nearer the Hoth system than would normally be prudent.

OZZEL: I am sure that you are all aware of my reasoning for this. The Rebels will not be expecting such a bold move. A blatant show of force, that should, no doubt, send shockwaves through their hides.

Among the Senior Captains was Captain Lorth Needa, Commanding Officer of the ISS Avenger.

OZZEL (Continued): My scheme of operation is simple. An aerial bombardment that will reduce the Rebel defences to molten rock.

OZZEL: My estimates are that the Rebel base has quite a force within it. I wish to minimise our casualties by conducting a full Naval Gunfire Bombardment of the surface. The final sweep-up operation will be conducted by Major-General Veers and his Landing Force. General?

MAJOR-GENERAL VEERS: My landing force will land following the aeriel bombardment, where we shall move through the remnants of the Rebel Base and take out the surviving factions. Any captives will either be neutralised, or depending on rank, brought back to the Executor for questioning.

VEERS: I will be utilising my AT-AT force purely as transport for my Landing Party of Marines. It is a relatively simple and cost effective action, which will have a minimal ammount of casualties, which the Admiral is keen to adhere to.

OZZEL: Exactly. Swift decisive action is what wins the day General. I myself have mastered such tactice on numerous occassions, and if it had not been for my quick thinking, we may never have even located the Rebel Base. But, that’s beside the point, what will happen prior to the bombardment is the fleet shall spread out creating a blockade.

OZZEL (Continued): We shall then fire on my orders and reduce the surface to molton rock.

CAPTAIN NEEDA: Admiral Sir? Do we have a formation plan as yet?

OZZEL: Captain Piett has devised a formation plan. Over to you Firmus?

CAPTAIN FIRMUS PIETT: Admiral, General, the Fleet shall spread into a broadsword manoeuvre allingment, once in position, all ships shall await orders. The Avenger and the Tyrant will be the lead attack ships, and shall flank us on the Executor.

OZZEL: It is a simple task, but one of great importance. Within thirty minutes, the order shall be given, and the bombardment shall commence. As you can imagine, this requires swift action, I have planned for the time between exiting hyperspace, which was ten minutes ago, and the commencement of the attack to be forty minutes.

Captain Neville Lennox of the Tyrant spoke up.

LENNOX: Sir, would it be wise to commence on completion of this brief? As soon as we return to our ships, any delay may prompt a-

One of Piett’s Lieutenants bent low and whispered in the Captain’s ear.

LIEUTENANT: Sir, we have received word from Com-Scan…

OZZEL: What is it Lieutenant that requires you to interupt my briefing? Well? Speak up Damn you?!

PIETT: Admiral Sir, Com-Scan has just detected the presence of a very strong energy field protecting the Rebel Base area of the Sixth Planet of the Hoth system. It is grade eleven sir, very strong and-

OZZEL: Damn them. Damn those Rebels! Why, this is going to-

VEERS: The aeriel bombardment will not be possible now Admiral.

OZZEL: What is the cover of the field?

PIETT: 95% of the area sir. It would be impossible to breach with aeriel bombardment.

OZZEL: Damn this! Damn them! Right, Captain, accompany me to the bridge, we will have to work around this problem. Captains, return to your ships immediately and await my orders.

VEERS: Admiral, you should inform Lord Vader? He has already been briefed on the bombardment, I cannot imagine he will be too pleased when he finds-

OZZEL: General, you go and inform Lord Vader, I am required up on the bridge to devise a secondary plan of operation. Please, pass my regards to his Lordship.

Veers got up to leave, preparing a speech to give to the Dark Lord. He knew full well that Lord Vader would not be happy about this…not happy at all…

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