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The Imperial Fleet poised itself for battle. Each Captain had returned to his ship to await the updated orders from Fleet Command aboard the Executor. Little did any of them know, the Command Structure of the Squadron had just been changed.


Captain Needa returned to his command, the Avenger. He was greeted as he entered the bridge by his Executive Officer, Commander Nemet.

COMMANDER NEMET: I have placed the ship at Action Stations, all gun crews are closed up and ready for an orbital bombardment. What are our orders Sir?

CAPTAIN NEEDA: Admiral Ozzel has not yet issued the final order. We were to conduct a normal Bombardment, but Com-Scan has detected a strong energy shield. I suspect that we will be moving for a land assault.

NEMET: So, we don’t yet have any specific orders?

NEEDA: No, Admiral Ozzel is returning to his command team as we speak to look at alternative options. I know Major-General Veers has already mobilised his landing forces, and in that sense, so should we.

Needa turned to his Operations Officer, Lieutenant Britton.

NEEDA: Lieutenant, inform Major Bryl, have him have the landing force on alert red five.


Needa turned back to his Executive Officer.

NEEDA: Admiral Ozzel is very keen to make a swift attack. Although I fear the element of surprise has been lost.

One of the Communications Senior Ratings called from the back of the bridge.

SR: Sir, Captain Sir, we have an Executive Signal from the Executor. Fleet priority One.

NEEDA: What does it say? Read it out to me.

SR: To All ships from the Executor. All ships are to take up pre-positioned blockade stations. All ships are to stop with force all Rebel vessels. All ships are to mobilise ground forces and hand over to the control of the Commander of Ground Forces, Major-General Veers.

NEMET: Clearly we are going for a ground assault. Admiral Ozzel must have changed his mind for once! Sir, our position was Green 140 on the starboard quarter of the Executor, range 5.5.

NEEDA: Right, Commander, have our detachment of Stormtroopers mobilised and boarded onto landing craft. Send Major Bryl to make contact with Major-General Veers.

NEMET: Aye Captain.

NEEDA: (Looking down to the helmsman in the crew-pit) Port fifteen, alter to 270, both telegraphs half ahead, revs logged as 55.

HELMSMAN: Fifteen angle on sir, altering to 270. Both engines logged as 55.

NEEDA: Very good. Once on course, hold her there in hand control.

HELMSMAN: Aye sir.

NEEDA: Lieutenant Britton, brief Gunners to keep a good eye out for any rebel vessels. We are to shoot down on sighting. Understood?

LIEUTENANT BRITTON: Aye Captain. Do we wish to have half the gunner stations ready for an bombardment-

NEEDA: No, an Orbital Bombardment is now out of the question.

LIEUTENANT BRITTON: Chief, you heard the Captain, make it so. I’ll leave it in your capable hands.

CHIEF GUNNER: No probs Ma’am. Consider them blasted to hell!

Major Bryl of the Avenger’s Ground Forces walked onto the bridge followed by Lieutenant Britton.

MAJOR BRYL: Captain Needa?

Captain Needa nodded to his old friend, Major Bryl. Both had served during the Clone Wars.

NEEDA: Major, I believe you have received your brief.

BRYL: Yes Captain, General Veers will be commanding all forces.

NEEDA: It is not going to be easy. I believe the terrain of Hoth to be tough.

BRYL: We are ready for anything Captain. We’re the Army after all!

Needa chuckled quietly.

NEEDA: Indeed.

NEEDA: The Rebels are anchored on the planet. It is going to be a difficult fight. I want you to ensure that the men know this.

NEEDA: Good luck my friend. It’ll be like old times.

BRYL: Only this time there will be no droids!

Needa turned, having heard the alert from the scanning teams.

NEEDA: Good luck, now I must be back to my duties.

BRYL: Aye Captain.

The Star Destroyers took up their positions in the blockade screen around Hoth.

LIEUTENANT HARKIN: Captain Sir! They have fired their ion cannon! We have several Rebel ships entered sector four.

NEEDA: Sector Four? That’s the Tyrants gambit. Captain Lennox will deal. Keep me informed of anything entering Sector Three.

HARKIN: Aye sir.

Several Rebel vessels emerged from the planet, with covering fire from the Large Rebel Ion Cannon.

NEMET: Captain Look! The Tyrant’s been hit by the ion blast. She is listing hard to starboard.

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