The Photonovel Alliance

One of the Ratings yelled out suddenly.

RATE: Sirs! One Rebel Transport entering Sector Three. She bears Red 45, range 2.1, we are 30 on her starboard sir. She is drawing right, cross out bow.


NEEDA: Bridge to Gunnery Control! Target ID. Command approved for firing.

The Rebel transport vessel appeared in line of sight. It was making its way at speed towards the hyperspace entry zone.

NEEDA: Command approved.

There was a flash of light as the Avenger’s main guns fired. The blast impacted against the fleeing vessel’s engines, rendering her helpless.

NEEDA: Now’s she is a sitting duck, finish her off. Keep trackers onto the area that she left from. I anticipate more vessels exiting.

NEEDA: Comms? Do we have any further word from the Executor?

COMMS: Non sir. Orders remain the same.

NEEDA: And any word from Major Bryl down below?

COMMS: Negative sir.

NEEDA: Helmsman. Hold her, we’re drifting. Gunnery Officer? Keep those guns primed and ready.

TRACKING TEAM(Over radio): Bridge, we have more transports leaving the base, moving into sector seven. Several fighters entering Sector three.

NEEDA: Right, eyes open everyone I want-

TRACKING TEAM: Sir, two ships visual, moving from sector two. Several fighter escorts.

NEEDA: All guns fire upon moving targets.

The fleeing Rebel ships were blasted into oblivion as they passed the Avenger. Several managed to get away, but many were destroyed.

LIEUTENANT HARKIN: Sir, we have destroyed three transports and four fighters so far. We will send tally to the Fleet Command aboard the Executor.

NEEDA: Good, this will bring a smile to Admiral Ozzel’s face I’m quite sure.

NEEDA: Comms, send to Executor. Have destroyed three transport vessels. Will continue. Have not sustained any damage and am in good position to continue.

HELMSMAN: Sir, we have slight variation in rudder angle indicators. Probably due to intense use of batteries.

NEEDA: Keep a good eye on that QM.

NEEDA: If necessary, switch to the port control system. It is vital that we remain on good course, especially as we are at such close proximity to the command ship.

NEEDA: There, look, two more fighters, gunnery officer, take charge.

LIEUTENANT HARKIN: Aye sir. Bridge to Gun teams.

HARKIN: Make ready to track fast moving target, at red 30, range approx 0.9. Tracking left to right.

SCANNING TECH: Sir! We have another target, tracking right, now at red 50.

HARKIN: They are spliting their escape patterns. One’s a sacrificial lamb!

NEEDA: Well we’ll have to make sacrifices of both of them then! Chief Gunner, make ready to fire.

The second Rebel Transport, the Bright Hope raced at great speed towards the hyperspace entry vector.

The AVENGER moved in towards the first of the two fleeing Rebel Transports. Her guns primed. She was ready.

On the bridge, Captain Needa was giving the countdown for the gun crews to fire.

CAPT. NEEDA: Steady. And FIRE!

The signal was rallied down to the gundeck where the gunners implemented the order.

The Avenger fired and the Mighty Hope was struck midships. She exploded, ripping into two sections.

On the Avenger, the tracking operative made a worried report.

TRACKER: Sir, the Cruiser has just made the jump into hyperspace.

CAPT. NEEDA: There is always one that gets away! Never fear, we have destroyed a number. Good work team! Now to get the next incoming wave!

The Star Destroyers re-grouped to form their defensive blockade around the Hoth System.

Back on the bridge the situation seemed to be settling.

COMMANDER NEMET: Sir, the…Major Hainsa is here to see you.

Major Hainsa was the Political Officer onboard the Avenger. He was attached to the Imperial Security Bureau, and due to this, everyone viewed him with suspicion. Hainsa was originally posted aboard the Death Star under Colonel Yularen, but a family problem saw him removed just days before it’s destruction.

NEEDA: Major? I am afraid we are a bit busy fighting a war up here at the moment, can it wait?

HAINSA: Negative Captain. You have a new directive. There has been a change in command on the flag.

NEEDA: Very well, Lieutenant, you have the gunnery of the ship, I will be two minutes.

HARKIN: Aye sir.

NEEDA: What is it Major that could not wait?

HAINSA: Admiral Piett wishes all-

NEEDA: Admiral Piett? What in-

HAINSA: Admiral Ozzel has been…relieved of his command. And in doing so, command fell to Admiral Piett.

HAINSA: Admiral Piett now wishes all Captains to report directly to him…personally. I believe he wishes to keep his finger on the pulse so to speak. Therefore the usual reporting channels will no longer do.

NEEDA: Sounds a lot of extra work to me…what-

HAINSA: Well, that is the way of things now and you will-

HARKIN: Sir! Captain Sir! We have a small freighter visual. We have ID’d it sir as a wanted vessel. High priority. It says the crew must be captured alive. It is fast leaving our gunnery range sir.

NEEDA: Increase speed, if it’s wanted, I want to snare it. Full ahead both engines. Prep Gun crews. Deploy a section of TIE’s to bring her in.

NEEDA: Major, this will have to wait, I have more pressing issue to deal with. I will settle this with both Admiral Ozzel and Admiral Piett later.

HAINSA: I don’t believe you will…

LIEUTENANT BRITTON: We have deployed TIE’s Captain. We will have them shortly.

NEEDA: Good, send a message to the Fleet Command, inform them we have a high priority flagged vessel and are giving chase.

BRITTON: Aye sir.

NEEDA: Port ten, alter 190. Increase both engines max.

HELMSMAN: Aye sir.

The chase began…

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