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The Millenium Falcon gunned its engines and tried to evade the pursuing TIE fighters and the pursuing Star Destroyer.


On board the Avenger , Lieutenant Britton was in the crew pit, overseeing the Helmsman, ensuring that the ship was safe.

COMMANDER NEMET: Sir, the Accuser and the Stalker are up ahead, they are moving to intercept.

CAPTAIN NEEDA: Inform TIE command that I want them to fire at the freighter’s engines. Lieutenant, what exactly did it say about this vessel on the Automated System?

LIEUTENANT HARKIN: It just said that it was wanted in connection with the destruction of the Death Star. Lord Vader has stated a vested interest and-

NEEDA: Hot merchandise then! Both engines set to 95.

HELMSMAN: Both engines 95. Aye sir.

The pursuing TIE’s were herding the freighter towards the two approaching Star Destroyers, the Stalker and the Accuser.

NEEDA: Commander…the Stalker is getting damn close, do we…Commander, make contact to the Stalker, request she alter course to starboard! Helmsman, Starboard 20, steer 300.

Commander Nemet pushed the Communications Operator aside, he quickly made contact.


NEEDA: Commander! Right, Starboard 35!

NEMET: No reply sir!

NEEDA: She’s too close! Take Evasive ACTION. Sound the Brace alarm! Close all openings!

The Freighter dived, leaving the two star destroyers on a close course.

The Avenger, and the Stalker scraped alongside each other, causing a horrible agonising groan. Luckily damage was minimal. But the action allowed the Freighter to speed off.

NEEDA: Track the Millenium Falcon. Commander, get me a damage report. I want any damage repaired immediately.

TRACKING OPERATOR: Sir, the ship has entered the Hoth Asteroid Belt. The TIE’s are pursuing.

NEEDA: Asteroid Belt?! Damn it! Damn it! Inform the TIE’s to pursue. I want that vessel rounded up.

NEEDA: Astern both engines.

HELMSMAN: Aye sir.

NEEDA: Make a signal to the Fleet Command, the Millenium Falcon has entered an Asteroid Belt, we have sent TIE’s in, but will await further orders.

NEMET: Sir, now we have stopped, the Major wants a quiet word.

NEEDA: Does he indeed.

In the small Captain’s cabin beneath the bridge deck, Needa spoke with the Political Officer, Major Hainsa.

NEEDA: Well? What exactly has transpired aboard the Flagship

HAINSA: My Superior Officer has informed me that Admiral Ozzel has been relieved. Now, we are not sure whether he has yet been sent back to Coruscant. Captain Piett has now taken command as Admiral.

NEEDA: What exactly has been said? I cannot believe that Admiral Ozzel has just been-

HAINSA: This is simply what I have been told.

HAINSA: It is also well known that you were loyal to Admiral Ozzel.


HAINSA: I trust you will have no issue with transferring your loyalty and support to Admiral Piett.

NEEDA: Firmus is a-

HAINSA: That is Admiral Piett now. And the Admiral is keen to exert his new authority. I need not tell you what may happen if the Captain’s do not except this.

NEEDA: Of course. He is my Admiral. I am his Captain, although I still find it odd that Admiral Ozzel should be-

HAINSA: Admiral Ozzel has gone. There will be no further talk on the matter. As far as you are concerned Captain, everything is normal.

NEEDA: Naturally. Naturally. What has become of Admiral Ozzel?

HAINSA: Captain, all shall become evident I am sure. Until now, Admiral Piett wishes us as members of the ISB to ensure loyalty to him.

At that moment, the Operations Officer entered.

LIEUTENANT BRITTON: Forgive me sirs. Message from Admiral Piett. We are to move into the Asteroid Field and continue our hunt for the Millenium Falcon.

NEEDA: Into? Into the Asteroid field?

BRITTON: Yes sir.

NEEDA: Very well, I shall make my way to the bridge.

NEEDA: What else did the message say?

BRITTON: Nothing sir. Simply that we should use all availiable means to find the Freighter.

Captain Needa arrived back on the bridge to brief the Chief Gunner.

NEEDA: Chief? Are you ready for some hard work?

CHIEF: Of course sir.

NEEDA: We are about to enter the Asteroid Belt. This is a dangerous task, as you can imagine. I need you to be on alert, and to track the rocks, and shoot down any that you deem a threat to the ship.

CHIEF GUNNER: Aye sir. We will be on alert sir. You can count on us. We’re the team, and the team ain’t gona let you down sir.

NEEDA: I don’t know what is happening Ops, but I see this as a dangerous gambit, entering an asteroid field like this.

NEEDA: Chief, This is going to get pretty hairy! There are loads of them! Commander, have shields increased forward.

NEMET: Sir, if we continue forward at this speed, our shields aren’t going to last long. We need to slacken off our speed!

NEEDA: I don’t want to slow down too much Commander-if we can brush through the storm so to speak, then more the better! Tracking?! Any word on the Falcon? Any news from the TIE’s?

The Asteroid belt was becoming dense and the Avengers Gunners had to work hard to fire and destroy any asteroids which were on a collision course with the great ship.

COMMS: No word yet sir. The Accuser has deployed several TIE bombers to conduct bombing runs of the larger asteroids.

NEEDA: What of our TIE fighters we deployed?

COMMS: We haven’t heard from them yet sir.

LIEUTENANT BRITTON: My guess sir is that they have been destroyed. Both the Millenium Falcon and our TIE fighters. Look at how dense it is…they can’t have survived.

COMMS OPERATOR: Captain sir. Lord Vader is demanding an update on events.

NEMET: Lord Vader?! Indeed, I am sure he does! What shall we tell him sir?

NEEDA: The truth. It is unwise to dabble with the truth with Lord Vader. He has an uncanny knack to spot a lie. I shall tell Lord Vader that I believe that they have been destroyed.

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