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Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is giving a speech to all the people who have gathered to celebrate the victory over the Yuuzhan Vong

“…and because of the victory at Coruscant, we Were finally able to defeat the Yuuzhan Vong thanks to all the sacrifices of you and those who are with the force.”

“We can never be grateful enough for all the lives lost in that vast conflict so that we can now be free.”

“And now I would like to present to you Queen Mother Tenel Ka Chume Ta’ Djo.”

“I would like to thank you all for coming to Hapes. I hope today will be remembered as one of the happiest days the galaxy has ever known.”

“and that you all will greatly enjoy yourselves in celebration of the galaxy’s greatest victory!”

but all Tenel Ka could think of was one person….

…Jacen Solo

While the celebration begins, Han Solo and Luke find themselves reminiscing of nostalgia.

“You know, Han told Luke, if we went back 25 years ago, we would have thought we were out of our damn minds.”

“I mean just look over there…”

“…Former Republic troops and Imperial Stormtroopers together as friends and allies! Never thought I would ever see the day!”

“All those years of fighting and running and now we are all drinking at the same bar.” Han laughed to himself.

Luke smiled, “Well the force does work in mysterious ways. I kind of enjoy in a rather strange way myself.”

Luke laughed out loud, “Hey Han, do you remember when we were on the Death Star and you….”

While the dancing had begun, Jaina Solo found Jacen “supporting” the wall with a drink in hand.

“You really need to ask her to dance, Jacen. Her face lit up the moment she saw you.”

“I don’t know Jaina,” Jacen sulked, “She is queen now and I really do not think it would be wise to…”

“Tenel Ka” Jacen said out loud in surprise.

“Jacen Solo, I do not have to ask you for this dance do I”

“ …No” Jacen said in hesitation.

As they begun to dance, Tenel Ka could sense something was very different about Jacen.

“Jacen, you have changed so much since I last saw you on the Myrkr Mission”

“A lot of things happened after that. We Killed all he the Voxyn, but Anakin was killed and I……I don’t really ant to talk about it.”

“…Ok, we won’t then.” Tenel ka said with some concern.

Jacen looked at her left arm that was cut from her elbow from the training accident many years ago,

“ Tenel, I’m still sorry about-”

“Jacen,don’t start on that again”, nearly spinning into Han and Leia, “we have gone over this millions of times.”

“I know.” Jacen said with a smirk.

“Jacen, I have not seen you in almost two years; I know a place where we can talk and catch up after all these years”

Without hesitation, Jacen followed Tenel Ka’s lead.

“Jacen, if something is bothering you, I am your friend you can let me know.” Tenel Ka told Jacen.

Jacen looked directly into her eyes, “Tenel, I am the same person it is just things happened since then and I have to live with them, and Only I should live with them, not you.”

Tenel Ka gave Jacen a rare smile, “Jacen…I have really missed you…”

“I have missed you too,” Jacen Hesitated, “ Tenel…I-”

Just then, There was a loud explosion and a lot of laser fire for 5 seconds then silence…

“ Tenel did you hear that !”

“Oh no…we have to make it back to the courtyard!” Tenel Ka exclaimed.

Almost all of the guests had been murdered with the exception of General Jeodi.

About twenty minutes after the attack, Jacen and Tenel Ka hastingly come back to the courtyard.

“Joedi!” Jacen yells out to the wounded general.

“Don’t worry Jacen, Luke, your parents, and the other Jedi evacuated many guests.” Joedi tells the two with much pain, “Are you alright my queen?”

“General Joedi, try not to speak.” Tenel Ka concernedly tells Joedi, fearing for his life.

“No,” Joedi says harshly, “there is something you have to know about this attack.”

“I ran into this cult many years ago when I was stationed on Rori. You must hunt them down…hey have gained much power since then…”


“The Jen-…” Joedi was coughing up a lot of blood at this point, “The Jensaarai…”

Just then, Joedi breathed his last and passed on to the force.

“We better call in the GFFA about this information.” Jacen told Tenel Ka.

“Your right Jacen, I will have one of my guards contact a shuttle to take us to fleet.” Tenel said coolly as she usually does under stressful situations.

Several hours later, everyone has met up at the GFFA’s main battle fleet.

“Jagged, I want you to be my pilot to send my squad to Rori.” Jacen told Jagged, Baron Fel’s son.

“Jagged you better take care of my brother or else!” Jaina “ordered” Jagged.

“Don’t worry Jacen, you are in good hands, you’ll land safer than you ever have before.” Jagged said with a cocky smile.

Han took Jacen off to the side before the takeoff.

“Jacen I want you to be careful… I Could tell these guys are no amateurs; they are serious…I do not want to lose you like I did your brother and Chewie.”

Jacen gave a smirk, “Don’t worry dad, they can not be any worse than the Vong, I will return, I promise.”

“ You have better, son.”

Jacen had just begun to get into the shuttle,

“Jacen!” Tenel Ka yelled, “Please be careful, I do not want to lose you again!”

“I will be back Tenel, I will never leave you now.”

As the transport begun to takeoff, Luke comforted Tenel, who was close to crying.

“ Tenel do not worry about Jacen, if there ever was someone who could come back from any situation, it is Jacen. The force is with him.”


Even under severe weather, the transport continues the landing…

…the men are confident they will find the group responsible for the attack on Hapes…

…but most of all they are confident because they have Jacen Solo by their side…

…and they know, with him, the force will be with them all.


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