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“Sir, the base is just a few kilometers west.” Operative Drex informs Jacen Solo.

Jacen Solo and his men depart west to reach the local Rori base…

…hoping that the men stationed there will be sympathetic to their cause…

…and will help them locate the Jensaarai.

“Sergeant Jerrol of the 112th Rori Infantry, I am requesting aid to help my men and I locate the Jensaarai.”

“Yes I was informed by central you were coming,” Sergeant Jerrol tells Jacen Solo, “My men are preparing for the search now as we speak.”

As they prepare, Jacen feels a disturbance in the force…

…he knows that the Jensaarai will not be far and they will be ready for Jacen and his men

As they march during Rori’s infamous rainy season, Jacen is perplexed why the Jensaarai would attack Hapes.

“How did they get past all the security stationed there and why did they not cover their attack?” Jacen wonders to himself.

“It is almost like they wanted to be discovered! But why?”

“Master Jedi”, Jerrol says to Jacen, “we will take a drop ship to the location that was found in the latest Intel.”

“Very well” Jacen tells Jerrol.

“Just be sure you do not bring us too close”, Jacen orders Jerrol, “I want to try to have the element of surprise.”

“Yes I was thinking the exact same thing.” Jerrol says in agreement.

“They know we are coming don’t they?” Drex asks Jacen Solo. “You don’t do an attack like that and not expect retaliation.”

“I am afraid you might be right…” Jacen says in a disheartened tone.

Once the men have landed, they have taken rest several kilometers outside of any known Jensaarai location.

As they rest, Jacen starts to slip into deep sleep and begins to dream…

“Jacen…You must use all your powers to destroy the Jensaarai!” Palpatine tells Jacen in his graven, willful voice.

“Then you will be one step closer to fulfilling your destiny and becoming the strongest Sith in existence!”

“Never”, Jacen tells Palpatine just as his Uncle Luke before him, “I will never turn to the dark side and become a Sith!”

“Do not be so narrow minded as your Uncle Luke was!” Palpatine tells Jacen as Palpatine and Vader ignite their lightsabers. “The Jedi Order is not what you think is!”

“The Jedi are corrupt, inept force sensitives that will never help you to reach your full potential. Only the dark side can help you to reach your potential and fulfill your destiny!”

“No!” Jacen yells

“You give us no choice then. Lord Vader…destroy him.”

“Yes…my master.”

And just then Jacen awakes from his nightmare.

“Jacen are you alright? Did you just have a nightmare?” Captain Titus asks Jacen worryingly.

“Yes…but do not worry. I will be fine.”

Just then a sentry alarms the captain, “Sir I believe I saw movement near…”

Before he can finish his warning a Jensaarai warrior kills him with his lightsaber!

The ambush now in place, artillery and the Jensaarai warriors open fire on the unprepared soldiers

“Everyone down and return fire!” Captain Titus orders his men.

The Jensaarai continue to open fire relentlessly

One by one, more troops fall to the Jensaarai. It looks as all hope is lost…

…until Jacen is able to try to turn the tide of the battle!

“Everyone move up and return fire now!”

What is rest of the men take cover behind a downed transport and continue to fire, but to no avail, Jensaarai warriors continue to overflow the battlefield.

“They keep crossing the blue-line!” Jerrol tells central over the radio,“We have to pull back!”

“Men! Pull back! Pull Back!” Captain Titus orders.

“Titus, lead the men! I’ll cover you!” Drex yells to Captain Titus.

“I want you to take out the rest of the enemy. Leave none alive, but leave the Jedi for me.” The mysterious warrior tells his warrior.

Jacen continues to defend himself and his men until he realizes he is the only one left of his men still at his location.

“Master Jedi Jacen Solo, what a honor it is to finally meet you.” The mysterious warrior tells Jacen. “I have been looking forward to judging your skills myself.”

“Why did you attack Hapes? Why do you insist on fighting me?” Jacen asks the warrior

“You will know in due time Master Jedi.”

The warrior then ignites and swings his lightsaber at Jacen, which he easily blocks.

They continue the fight and it seems to be an even match.

“Your reputation precedes you Master Jedi, but you disappoint me. I expected the best.” The mysterious warrior tells Jacen while intimidating him

“Fine. You want the best, here it is!”

Jacen leaps high into the air leaving the warrior defenseless.


As Jacen descends he kicks the warrior square in the chest, knocking him down to the ground!

“Most impressive!” The warrior says under his breath.

“Tell me why you are attacked Hapes! Tell me and I will let you live!”

“Hahaha!” The warrior laughs, “To deliver you to us!”


The warrior then delivers a force push with such power that Jacen has never before seen!

Jacen is then knocked out from the impact of the blast leaving him helpless!

As the Mysterious Warrior walk closer to Jacen, the Jensaarai Leader also walks up to Jacen.

“Jacen Solo. The Hero of Coruscant will now be with us.” The Leader tell his warrior

“Yes, my master.”

“Prepare him to meet me. Take his equipment and dress him in our prisoners clothing. I have something very special planned for him.”

“Yes, My master”

Once Jacen wakes up, the warrior brings him forward to the leader outside of the Jensaarai village.

“Jacen Solo, welcome. Oh, how we have been looking forward to this day.”

“I have someone very…special for you to see. He will tell you all you need to know about what is to unfold.”

The Leader calls for Jedi Master K’Kruhk.

“Master K’Kruhk?” Jacen yells out in amazement. “What are you doing here?”

“Jacen, I need you to come with me there is much to discuss.” K’Kruhk informs Jacen.

They go to a fountain outside of the village where two warriors are recuperating from their wounds.

“This is the start of what I will teach you Jacen.” K’Kruhk continues to inform Jacen. “Look at this fountain. Watch as the water slowly goes down and hit the rocks at the bottom.”

“One day these rocks will be completely eroded will no longer exist.”

“Yet, this same water is helping soothe those warriors. Is the water bad for destroying part of nature and beauty, or is it good for being a source for life?” K’Kruhk asks Jacen.

“I do not know Master K’Kruhk…I do not even know why you are doing this.”

“Listen to me Jacen, that question will be answered soon. But for now, listen.”

“The water is neither good nor bad. The same is for the Force. There is no light nor dark, those are just concepts sentients like construct. The Force is greater than that, it is unifying. It does not have sides nor does it pick them…”

“it is more than a biological phenomenon or simply a tool to use by Jedi or Sith. The Force breathes life, it makes life grow. The Force is everything and everything is the force.”

“I tell you this Jacen because the Jedi do not teach this like they should. They did not in my order and they do not teach this in yours either.”

“Master K’Kruhk, I do not know why you are telling me this. I also do not know why you are with the Jensaarai also!”

“They see the force the correct way. That is why I am with them and you will be too. You will learn from their ways, learn from the force as I have.”

“But why?” Jacen asks.

“You are the future of the Jedi, Jacen. You must learn all you can about the force, in all of its ways. Once the Jedi of the old republic lost their wisdom of the force, we were destroyed. Jacen, do not let that happen-learn and you have the potential to be the greatest Jedi that has, is, or ever will be!”


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