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On the thriving world of Dac, member of the Galactic Republic and home to two intelligent amphibious species, the Mon Cal and the Quarren…

Under-ocean domed cities are bustling with activity.

Denizens and outlanders go about their business.

High society intellectuals fill the Bernaboo Auditorium for the Mon Cal dejarik championships.

Citizens and outlanders alike laugh at a comedy club.

And a go-go bar buzzes with energy.

But all across the planet, Quarren malcontents have entered public places…

Each with a sinister device in hand.

A countdown sequence on the devices is activated everywhere.

And at the Bernaboo Auditorium, as Viswan Kasparar, the great dejarik Grandmaster, dazzles the crowd with a brilliant grimtaash sacrifice…

And as the outlander comedian Mork Koluche regales the crowd with humorous observations…

And as the exotic Twi’lek and local go-go dancers entertain the raucous crowd…

The Quarren miscreants continue to press down tightly on their devices’ sequence triggers.

Moving the countdown along…

Thousands of beings, unaware of their fate…

Until finally…

Unspeakable horror as each of the devices explode, killing the bombers and thousands of innocent civilians with them all across Dac.

Meanwhile on Coruscant, the capital planet of the Galactic Republic…

In the Jedi Temple…

Two Jedi Masters are disturbed from their meditation by a tremor in The Force.

“A great disturbance in The Force, there was.” bemoans elder Master Yoda.

“As if thousands of voices cried out in terror at once.” adds Master Dooku.

At that moment, on Dathomir,

the Jedi knight Sifo-Dyas is conducting a training session for his young padawan learner, Nouk Kii.

Sifo-Dyas instructs the boy “Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him.”

Nouk inquires “You mean it controls your actions?”

As a ravenous nexu slowly approaches, Sifo-Dyas replies “Partially, but it also obeys your commands.”

Suddenly the nexu leaps from the bushes, provoking Nouk to retreat in horror…

but Sifo-Dyas is there, not flinching he ignites his light saber…

and puts down the vicious beast.

The unshaken knight then addresses his padawan,

“In time you will learn to see past your fear and trust the Force.”

Days later on Dac,

A team of Mon Cal special forces commandos are pursuing a lead to a terrorist safehouse.

Inside the safehouse a young Quarren is receiving instructions from a mysterious masked figure.

The commandos break down the door, storm in and shout “You’re under arrest!”

As the frightened Quarren scurries off, his cloaked instigator snarls “What took you so long?”

Suddenly he springs forward, disarming all the commandos before any of them have a chance to fire their weapon.

After a brief struggle, the ruthless killer brutally murders the commandos.

The Mon Cal security forces are no match.

That very evening, the Jedi Council assembles for an emergency session…

As Master Dooku arrives with Sifo-Dyas, the meeting is called to order.

“Requested our presence, the Mon Cal have.” declares Master Yoda.

“Require our assistance, their security forces do,” he continues.

Master Ki-Adi-Mundi continues “Sifo-Dyas, you will accompany Master Dooku to the Dac system.”

“There, you will take audience with Queen Seiya and work to discover the culprits behind these heinous terror attacks.”

“What was the motive behind these attacks?” asks Sifo-Dyas.

“Not yet known, this is.” answers Master Yoda “All Quarren, the attackers were.”

“Those who feel oppressed often turn to terrorism to be heard.” suggests Master Dooku.

“Allow the hatred to escalate, we cannot.” warns Master Yoda “Inciting and arming the Quarren, someone is.”

“We shall hear what insight Queen Seiya has on the matter.” says Master Dooku.

Ki-Adi-Mundi offers advice to his former apprentice “The Force will be with you Sifo-Dyas, let it guide your path.”

That evening, at the prestigious Galaxies Opera House…

After a stirring performance by the Alderaanian Orchestra, a congregation of politicians, naval officers, and wealthy denizens enjoy a cocktail party hosted by Moop Dristarg, Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

As they discuss business and the arts…


and public policy,

Professor Aristote from the Polytechnic University of Coruscant…

and visiting Professor Palpatine from Naboo…

are discussing their upcoming archaeological expedition to Dac.

Palpatine says “I am quite certain our coordinates are correct this time Professor.”

“Let us hope so,” Professor Aristote replies hopefully “though we also believed that in our eight previous attempts as well.”

As the drinks flow helping the party-goers mingle…

and business ventures are discussed,

the Chancellor seeks out the professors.

“Gentlemen, I wish to inform you that two Jedi knights will be joining you on your journey to Dac, they have business in Aqualan. May I inquire, by the way, what it is you’re looking for on your expedition?”

“That will be fine Chancellor, thank you,” replies Professor Palpatine “but I’d rather not say what we’re looking for at this point.”

“Very well then, I wish you success on your expedition.”

Professor Aristote then opines to his colleague “Perhaps we could use this fortuitous situation to seek counsel from the Jedi, they may have insight…”

Professor Palpatine interrupts “No no, Professor, let us first make the find, I think it would be a mistake to give the Jedi false hope.”

“Indeed they will be most interested in our findings, Professor.”

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