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“No it can’t be!” says a shocked Nouk, “My master Sifo-Dyas saw you die, devoured by the Mon Cal queen!”

(see episode i)


Zurke, holding Nouk’s light saber, responds “But his brilliant mind survived, we have implanted his brain into this cybernetic body.”

Jif gasps “It’s a monster!”

Jai Sheelal sneers “Pathetic, now you will be the first of many Jedi to die…”

Suddenly R2-D2 emits a loud siren, creating a distraction…

Jai Sheelal’s IG droids surround the R2 unit to diagnose the problem…

allowing Nouk Kii to escape the captor droid’s grip and to take his light saber back from Zurke.

Nouk quickly pivots to engage the droids,

quickly subduing one.

Meanwhile Jif grabs Zurke by the collar and yells “Where is Nomi!”

Having shaken off the bodyguard droids, Nouk turns toward the IG droids and realizes that the cyborg has fled.

As Nouk struggles to conquer the IG droids, Zurke and Jif continue to rumble.

A bodyguard droid gone haywire from the skirmish gets up and lifts Zurke up.

Zurke pleads to Jif “Help me!”

But the droid slams Zurke onto the floor and crushes his neck with its heel, killing him instantly.

It then accosts Jif and begins to choke him.

Nouk finishes off the last of the IG droids.

And then liberates Jif by slicing the bodyguard droid open.

Nouk asks Jif “Are you alright?”

Jif snorts “I’m doing better than Zurke!”

R2-D2 interrupts them.

Jif excitedly says “I knew you wouldn’t have betrayed us R2!”

R2 indicates that there are survivors by the main reactor, but also insists that the station will explode in two hours!

Nouk decides “OK we’ll get you two to the ship and you can get help, then I’ll go find Nomi.”

As they head toward the escape ship,

On Coruscant…

The senate district…

Chancellor Dristarg is holding a private meeting with principals about the situation on the research station.

The chancellor says “It is my understanding the security team that went in to check on the situation is overdue in delivering its report.”

And continues “What could possibly be going on there, I have senators from a dozen systems complaining their benefactors are livid.”

Senator Palpatine says “The people of Naboo are especially concerned as our brave marines have never before had anything but a perfect mission.”

Vice-Chancellor Valorum responds “Admiral Global, perhaps the Grand Navy of the Republic could get involved?”

Admiral Global responds “Only the senate can approve a mission of this sort, but we could be ready in about twelve standard days after the approval.”

The chancellor then declares “I will bring a motion to the senate for a vote to send a naval team to the research station.”

Master Yoda then says to himself “Far too late, this team will be.”

Back on the research station,

Nouk and Jif have reached the hangar where a solar sailor is available.

Nouk tells Jif:

“Once you escape the communications interference field, send a coded message to Naboo asking for a rescue team.”

Jif tells Nouk “You have to come with us, the station’s gonna blow!”

Nouk says “I have to find Nomi, there’s still time. Now go!”

As he begins his trek across the station, Nouk comes across the carousel sentry the marines had installed.

The carousel sentry suddenly powers on its blasters…

and fires a powerful salvo at Nouk.

Nouk reacts quickly to deflect the blasts at the droid…

but it explodes violently, sending Nouk flying backward.

Meanwhile on Coruscant, after the meeting…

Viceroy Gunray is voicing his concerns to Senator Palpatine.

“I will not tolerate losing the assets my associates and I have invested so much in.”

“A naval team can only interfere with their chances to… survive.”

The senator from Naboo tells him “Indeed, and Chancellor Dristarg is quite effective at pushing legislation through. It would be a pity if the vice-chancellor had to take over at such a difficult time…”

He continues “Beyond that, the only thing that concerns me is if Queen Amidala decides to intervene…”

On the research station,

Nouk has recovered from the blast and tended to his wounds.

He continues to encounter more and more deadly droids as he approaches the main reactor.

Suddenly out of the shadows a grotesque cyborg emerges. It’s Paxon.

Nouk looks upon the dismembered marine and tells him “A rescue ship is on its way, hang in there soldier!”

Paxon replies “It’s too late man! The interface is already fused into my brain, it hurts like a motherbantha. Please, kill me…”

Nouk, knowing that nothing can be done, obliges and mercifully puts the suffering marine down.

He moves on, with dread in his heart hoping that this hasn’t yet happened to Nomi.

Time to the reactor’s explosion continues to tick as Nouk is delayed again and again by difficult droids.

Nouk finally makes his way into the main reactor chamber and finds Nomi being restrained by an energy field in an implant station.

He looks upon her to make sure she’s alright and says “I’m going to get you out of here.”

Nomi shouts “Mister Jedi!”

She says “That thing is getting away!” but Nouk chooses to save Nomi rather than pursue the fiendish cyborg as it escapes.

Relieved, Nomi whispers “I knew you’d come, I knew you’d save me.”

While Jai Shelal boards an escape pod,

Nouk carries the temporarily paralyzed Nomi to the rendez-vous hangar.

As promised, Jif and R2 have come back with help, from Naboo.

Nouk is relieved to find the ship and quickly boards, warning the crew of the impending explosion.

The ship exits the hangar and flees in haste.

Having achieved minimum safe distance, they all watch as the station explode!

Relieved, Nouk and Nomi and Jif are finally able to relax in the ship’s lounge.

With the stars shining through the bow window behind them, a woman with a soft voice enters and asks if they’re alright.

Nouk exlaims “Queen Amidala!”

The young queen says “Your ordeal is over, you are heroes.”

Nomi says “We would have died like the hundreds of others if you hadn’t put yourself in danger, your majesty.”

The queen responds “Your R2 unit provided us with the precise timings and you got to our ship just in the nick of time, we were about to depart!”

Jif snorts “One more minute and you wouldn’t have needed a rocket to fly through space!”

The queen says “There will be a number of inquiries into this incident, you should be prepared to undergo thorough questioning.”

Days later on Coruscant,

A new day rises on the capital district.

As the city begins to teem with activity,

the ship from Naboo arrives.

Days later at the Naval headquarters,

Admiral Global is chairing an inquest into the incident at the Wutandi droid research station.

The admiral incredulously tells Nouk “A cyborg turned all the droids against the human personnel? Surely you must be joking.”

“I am not,” Nouk responds “The two civilians that survived gave depositions to the same effect, and the R2 unit’s logs confirm our testimony.”

Admiral Global becomes aggressive and accuses Nouk “Do you admit that your actions directly led to the station’s destruction?”

Nouk answers “I do not, Admiral. I stand by my testimony that the cyborg deliberately sabotaged the reactor.”

Another officer reads a statement from Nomi Taw describing the experiements on sentient beings being carried out at the station and asks “Viceroy Gunray and the Wutandi Company board of directors deny these allegations.”

Another shows a schematic of the station and says “The alleged laboratory does not appear on the station schematics.”

Nouk loses patience and snaps “This is ridiculous, why would we fabricate any of this?”

Admiral Global says “Viceroy Gunray believes this is an attempt by the Jedi Order and the Naboo High Command to evade liability for this incident.”

Nouk says “The Jedi Order doesn’t give a damn about liability. I’m telling you, this is about experiements gone awry and it’s a miracle these two civilians survived to tell the story.”

Commander Rykrof Enloe then says “We are glad you and the civilians survived Master Jedi, please understand we only wish to ascertain the cause of the incident.”

“Well Commander,” says Nouk “how many times do you want me to repeat the same story?”

Admiral Global then says “It is the finding of this inquest that the Jedi Order bears responsibility for the destruction of the station.”

“These hearings are closed.”

That afternoon at the Jedi temple,

Nouk Kii makes his way through the halls.

He arrives to greet his master, Sifo-Dyas.

Nouk says “Master I have failed you, I have failed the Jedi Order. Hundreds of people died on the station and the Jedi Order is being held responsible. The Force is not with me.”

Sifo-Dyas responds “Indeed you did fail Nouk, but it isn’t because of the Force.”

Puzzled, Nouk asks “What do you mean, Master?”

Sifo-Dyas says “Viceroy Gunray’s Trade Federation and the politicians here on Coruscant are deeply involved in all this. This is the start of a dangerous time. There is a phantom menace manifesting itself in The Force.”


The streets teem with denizens as they head to enjoy the night life.

A frustrated Nouk Kii arrives at an upscale club to meet Nomi and Jif.

It doesn’t take long for him to locate them, as Jif is in the midst of an altercation with an angry Dug.

The Dug threatens Jif for having looked at him the wrong way.

Nomi pleads “Let him go!”

Impatient and upset, Nouk uses the Force to confuse the Dug,

and gets him to release Jif.

Nouk quips “I see you’re already making friends on Coruscant Jif.”

Jif says “People here are really uptight!”

Nomi looks at Nouk and says “You seem pretty down.”

and continues “Hey, don’t you ever wear anything else?”

The three then sit down and order drinks.

Nomi says “So how did the inquest go Mister Jedi?”

“Not good,” Nouk wistfully says, “And how many times do I have to ask you to just call me Nouk?”

She says “Oh alright, you’re adorable when you’re upset. So what’s up with you Jif?”

Jif says “I have to find a job! I might go back to being a nerf herder. How about you Nomi?”

Nomi says “I’m going to be a computer systems engineer here on Coruscant, I can’t wait!”

Jif says “That’s great! What about you Nouk, are you going to keep being Jedi-y?”

Nomi laughs and says “I don’t think he can quit Jif, or can you?”

Nouk says “It’s pretty tempting after the day I’ve had, but no, never.”

Jif snorts “Or you could come be a nerf herder with me!”

Meanwhile on Dac,

Home world of the Quarren,

Trade Federation leaders have gathered at a secret location.

Viceroy Gunray and his associates listen to a holographic briefing by Senator Palpatine.

Palpatine says “The chancellor is dead, he suffocated while leaving his residence. He began to choke when a cloaked figure appeared near him, it was most bizarre. Coruscant is buzzing with rumors.”

Gunray asks “So where does this leave us with regards to compensation for the station?”

Palpatine responds “The new chancellor has accepted the recommendations of Admiral Global that the Jedi Order is to compensate you. No doubt this will build ill-will toward the Jedi by their parishioners throughout the galaxy.”

Foreman Wat Tambor asks “What about our asset?”

Gunray gleefully answers “It is safe…”

Days later, on Naboo…

The capital city of Theed…

Nomi Taw and Jif are invited guests of Queen Amidala.

The queen greets them in her palace.

She says “I have asked you to come to present to you my sincere apologies for what you experienced on the station.”

“A banquet has been arranged in your honor.”

Nomi says “That wasn’t necessary your majesty, but thank you for having us.”

Jif, dressed as formally as he can, asks “Do you have any nerf that need herding here?”

The young queen laughs then says “What the politicians on Coruscant have done in holding the Jedi who saved you responsible is unconscionable. We will need your help in appealing the verdict.”

Nomi says “We will do anything we can your majesty, but our testimony has been invalidated by the courts.”

The queen says “The influence of the Trade Federation in all matters is becoming a grave concern, they have their hands into everything.”

As they continue to discuss,

Back on Cato Neimoidia…

Viceroy Gunray, flanked by two bounty hunters, is speaking with Qymaen Jai Sheelal from his lair via holographic transmission.

The cyborg says “The jedi from the station must be terminated or he could piece together our plan.”

Gunray quips “Too bad he managed to escape your grip, Jai Sheelal.”

As the bounty hunter Beeze Kleeze listens, Gunray adds “I have placed a substantial bounty on his head.”

“Good,” Jai Shelal responds “I will assemble an army the likes of which the galaxy has never seen!”

Back on Coruscant, the senate is in session.

Finis Valorum presides over his first legislative session.

He leads the senate in a moment of silence for the deceased Chancellor Dristarg.

And wonders how we will maintain control with the Trade Federation so empowered.

Little does he know, however, that the late chancellor’s death was not accidental.

Weeks later, on Coruscant…

The traffic is as busy as always.

Nouk Kii makes his way downtown for a rendez-vous with Nomi Taw.

He finds himself conflicted in his feelings.

Dexter’s Diner is the place.

Nomi, dressed in her professional attire,

greets Nouk “Look at you, you have real clothes on.”

He playfully replies “Well I would have come naked but I didn’t want to be the only one.”

Nomi takes his hand and says “Maybe we should make it so you’re not the only one, in a more private place…”

That night, at Nomi’s apartment…

The mood is relaxed and calm,

as Nouk breaks his jedi vows to express his love for Nomi.

Leading to a new chapter in their lives, and in the fate of the galaxy.

The decades to come will be difficult…

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