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In one of the thousands of rooms in the Jedi Temple, the Sarlaac clan goes through intense training both academically and spiritually for the special time for younglings known as the “The 13th Year”. Here they listen in on Master Reep on the structure and operating systems of a Republic speeder.

“…and without coolant the entire speeder will eventually overheat and more than likely explode with you on it,” Master Reep stated,

“Also remember, to first turn on the speeder you have to activate the choke before turning the engine switch and giving it gas. Understand?”

All the younglings replied with an enthusiastic and respectful reply, the curious Fe-Ek Sirch replying the loudest.

“Are there any questions?”

“Yeah,” Rez Fowler answered, “what’s the point of all of this? We could easily be training to become better sword fighters right now.”

“Well, Rez,” Reep replied cooly, “Say you did become a Jedi Knight and you were sent on a mission. You accomplish the mission, but at the cost of a great chase…”

“…Usually you would go to your ship and blast off to space, only there’s one problem:…”

“…The ship was stolen! You race to the nearest speeder, and try to turn it on, but you don’t know how.”

“They catch you. They make you a prisoner. Then you die. Remember students:…”

“What makes one great, is not being a great warrior, but one of great knowledge. That’s all I have for you, students, you have five minutes till your first level two light saber training session.”

Keegan Jinnar had realized a long time ago that within the dark halls of the Jedi Temple, he found himself going through the motions. He felt he was just another Jedi in training, there was nothing he seemed interested in. Sure light saber training was entertaining and helped pass the time but the only use he found in light sabers was in fighting, and he never liked it, but fought anyways in times he needed to, such as yesterday with Rez after him Kala Mly Shundi had a fight of their own.

Keegan didn’t like school, then again who did? Also the works of technology might as well be the same thing, but Fe-Ek was always fascinated with tech and the curiosity of the galaxy.

But had slowly begun to accept that maybe his destiny didn’t lie with any of the teachings of the temple. If so, then perhaps his destiny didn’t lie with the Jedi at all.

“I’m getting a feeling your not feeling so good, Keegan are you ok?” Kala, his close friend questioned of him,

“I…I’m ok, Kala, it’s just..”

“…Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong here.”

“Don’t talk like that, Keegan your wonderful you belong with the Jedi!” Julia Portay replied firmly,

“Honestly I couldn’t care less what you feel like, Keegan.” Rez downed upon his human rival,

“That’s enough, Rez!” Fe-Ek growled,

“It’s ok, Julia, if he keeps it up I’ll just get Yoda to teach him another lesson!”

Kala chuckled along with the bursting laughter of the other students, only Rez was silent.

“Hey, Keegan I gotta go get the training swords.” Kala noted,

“I’ll go with you!”

“I know how you feel, Keegan.” Kala simply told him,

“Yeah, it’s just I don’t fit into any subject the teachers give us. You’re into sword fighting and strategic…stuff, I don’t know what I like or what I want to do.” Keegan grumbled,

“What…are you wearing?” Keegan laughed as Kala walked out of his robe and tunic closet.

“How’s it look? I don’t I thought it looked cool!” Kala smirked,

“You look retarded!” Keegan laughed again,

“Shuttup I like it!” Kala laughed back,

“I don’t see why you’d wanna hide your face…is this about yesterday?” Keegan mused,

“I don’t know, man,” Kala stumbled in his words, “I figured it would help stop the bullying.”

“Kala,” Keegan countered, “you’re wrong. Maybe it looks cool but you’re wearing it for the wrong feelings.”

“You should be proud to be you.”

“Y…you’re right, Keegan. Thanks.”

“But you’re right though, it does look cool. I might use it in the future.”

“You do that,” Keegan laughed, “and I’ll be the only one making fun of you too!”

The two then left the room laughing as they go.

Meeting in the new light saber training room, the students realize they’re the only ones in the room.

“So…” Julia wondered, “isn’t the teacher supposed to be here before the students?”

“That’s how it was before our thirteenth year here. Maybe things change after 12 years.” Keegan thought.

“Hey guys I hear footsteps coming!”

Just then, a Weequay Jedi Knight stepped into the class with a cool and noble stride that the students had almost been humbled by.


“Hey, aren’t you Sora Bulq?” Julia asked,

“I am. Your purpose for asking in such a tone?” Sora plainly questioned, Rez didn’t hesitate to reply,

“But you’re a Padawan!” Rez stated, “Padawans are too young to training someone just above their status!”

“Master Bulq was knighted just before the begining of your 13th year, child.” answered a low electric voice booming through the halls all of the sudden.

“You will show him respect, as he is not only a Jedi Knight, but your latter in ever standard. Are we clear, students?”

The students weren’t slow in their reply, Rez above all. All of which to be astounded by the presence of yet another Master of the Force in the past two days. The Semblian named Coleman Trebor was greatly known for his ability to negotiate and was also well known for his skills with a blade.

They stood before a celebrity.

“For our first day, we are going to see what each of you have learned by fighting in a triple zero duel with the Master, and he will state to you on what it is you will need advancements in.” Sora stated.

“Julia Portay, you’re first.”

Julia swallowed hard. After all, ladies first.

The two made their defensive stance, Master Trebor in a Form V offensive stance, also known as Shien: “The Way of the Krayt Dragon”.

Trebor made the first move, dipping his blade down upon Julia, but was easily batted away…

Her speedily reaction was slow met with Coleman’s secondary as the Master lunged for her side, and although she met Coleman’s with hers…

The required strength was present, and the Togrutan’s light saber was knocked out of her hand: an immediate loss.

“Remember this, young one: A light saber is the life of a Jedi. Do not lose it.”

“Y-yes, Master.”

“Fe-Ek Sirch, you’re next.”

Fe claimed the first offense lunging for the enemy’s blade…

Coleman countered with a side swipe with his sword, but easily blocked by Sirch…

However Fe’s speedy moves made him stumble, causing him to fall under Coleman’s might.

“Remember this, young one: Control is smooth, and smooth is fast.”

Next came Kala who attacked with strength and speed as well as control.

But his eagerness to attack…

Led to his defeat!

“Remember this, young one: eagerness leads to disarray, disarray leads to loss of control, and loss of control leads to loss itself.”

“Rez Fowler is next.”

Approaching the Master with the same style as Kala, but less eager and more focused, the human lasted much longer than the rest.

The speed, the control, the strength, Coleman was impressed by the skill for someone so young.

But it was his ignorance of what he exposed with attack after attack that would soon be his downfall…

And thus forth he fell at the Master’s hand.

“Remember this, young one: To defeat your opponent, you must be aware of your opponent.”

“Finally we have Keegan Jinnar.”

Keegan stood before the Master, who made him feel so much smaller than he already felt. No matter how he approached the Master, he would face lecture.

The Master stood in an offensive position, he was prepared to attack first, so perhaps if Keegan even had a sliver of a chance he would attack first.

Let’s get this over with.

Keegan lunged his blade forward, but was senselessly batted to the right…

And then the duel ended just like that.

Keegan fell to the floor as the blast of the sword striking his hip made him buckle.

“My attack could have been evaded, yet you did not. Why?” Coleman curiously asked,

“I was never good at sword fighting. I knew I was going to lose as always.” Keegan replied simply,

Dismayed by his student’s reply, Coleman stood tall and gave his final word.

“Keegan,” he asked, “why do we fail?”

“I…I don’t know.”

“So we can choose to learn…and claim victory the next time.”

Humbled by those words, Keegan stood up and returned to his group of friends. Keegan would honor the Master by doing as he suggested. He would better himself in everything he did. He was a Jedi.

Coleman watched him step away. The Force was strong with him, and showed promise, and Master Trebor decided that after the end of “The 13th Year” he would help Keegan make that promise.

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