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For many younglings, today is the day they will embark on a journey that will determine their places in the galaxy.

Within the socializing room of the numerous youngling clans, Clan Sarlaac and Clan Rangorax await to be called to the hangar, of which they will leave to one of thousands of different Jedi outposts.

“So which outpost are you going to?” Youngling Chui T’soi questioned Rez Fowler,

“Apparently Persilius…to the Temple of the Three Stones of Persilius.”

“Today Master Nu let me come back to the library, so I read about Persilius.” Kala Mly Shundi stated, a somewhat amused grin on his face,

“Really? Man, she let you off easy!” the young Keegan Jinnar chuckled, “What all did you read?”

“It was really cool, even though I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying,” Kala replied enthusiastically, “the three stones back when they were found in 346 PB were actually mountains, and over the course of thousands of years of being used for their light saber crystals, they’re now three boulders sitting in a room in the outpost temple!”

“But the Force is so strong there, that only the Force can unbind the stones and give you the crystals if you pass a certain test or something like that!”

“Wow, that’s really cool, Kala, I can’t wait!” Keegan replied,

“Me neither, I wonder what my light saber color is going to be!” Kala mused, Keegan agreed fully,

“I bet it’s gonna be blue. I feel like it’s gonna be blue…even though I really like green and yellow.”

Just then, a Jedi Knight trotted into the room,

“Clan Sarlaac, your presence is requested in the main hangar in landing zone 4-C.”

That said, the Jedi Knight walked out of the room.

“Well, this is it! Let’s get going I don’t wanna waste another second!” Kala gleefully exclaimed,

“Yeah…me too.” Keegan replied simply. His uncertainty of his destiny only brought him down.

As if the young Whippid read his mind, Kala attempted to make him feel better,

“Hey, you’ll pass, I know you will!”

“I’m sure your right,” Keegan replied optimistically as he walked out of the room, “come on let’s go.”

The Sarlaac clan stood before the Illuminati, the shuttle they will use to embark on their journey. The younglings were ordered not to bring anything with them, because they will not be needed.

It was a moment of awkward silence awaiting the coming of their Master who will lead the mission.

“What is with Masters and being late for scheduled events?” Julia Portay questioned,

“In youngling events, Masters are always on time.” Jedi Master Coleman Trebor remarked amusingly as he waltzed down the entrance ramp,

Recalling the numerous times he had met the Semblian Master, Keegan felt the corners of his mouth curling into an exited grin. He enjoyed being around Master Trebor, something about him seemed very much like the relationship between a father and his child.

“Sorry, Master, we were told to wait outside the shuttle until you came.” Kala clarified,

“Yes, Kala,” Coleman Trebor explained, “I told Master Chituu to tell you. I decided to wait overtime, a test of all of your patients was given. You all passed.”

“Great, that’s great,” Kala chuckled, “but we’re going now right?”

“Unless, of course, you have another test we gotta go through.” Rez irritably grumbled,

“To your fortune, youngling Rez, no we do not have another test. Let’s board…”

“…Your destiny awaits.”

Aboard the Illuminati, Keegan gazes through the view ports.

The last time he saw space, he was in a shuttle towards the Jedi Temple at a very young age. For a thirteen years Keegan has been a member of the Jedi Order, but now it is his greatest moment to secure his place.

The air seemed to become claustrophobic from behind him. He could feel the aura in the air tingling his senses; telling him that Master Coleman was standing behind him.

“Hello Master Trebor,” Keegan welcomed respectively, “I was just thinking.”

“Well…more like feeling. I feel like I won’t pass the test of the Three Stones.”

“And why is that, Keegan?” concerned the Semblian Master,

“I’m not like everyone else, Master. I’m…average.”

“Keegan, child,” Trebor answered falling to his knees so he could level with Keegan, “It is the heart of the Jedi that decides his fate, not the feeble matter known as flesh. You must feel the strength within you. The choice to pass is yours, Keegan. But I have a feeling you will do great.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Remember, Keegan: fear, anger, depression, doubt; the way of the Sith, is a choice you make. Being average is a choice as well.”

“A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force, but it is the choice of allowing it to flow through you that will determine your destiny. The Force is the river, but you are the dam.”

“So…I just go with the flow!” Keegan remarked,Master Trebor chuckled, “Yes, I guess you could say that.”

Persilius: an empty world used soley for the Force, by the Force, and those who carry it.

Entering the temple outpost, the younglings come upon the Three Stones of Persilius.

“The Three stones of Persilius were once a single mountain,” Master Trebor stated,

“Over the course of thousands of years of being used for light saber crystals, the mountain eroded into these three stones, representing the three factions of the Force which we mortals have manipulated: The light, the gray, and the dark. Today you will do the same as thousands of other Jedi have. You will obtain your light saber crystals.”

“Why couldn’t we have come to Bondo III, the Forest Temple is loaded with our ancestor’s crystals.” Rez complained,

“Because then you will not have worked for your destiny. You must earn your place, just as your ancestors did.” Coleman scolded,

“Yes, Master. Sorry.” Rez mumbled under his breath shamefully.

“Very well then, let’s get started. Now cover your eyes.” Coleman ordered,

The younglings covered their faces, neither daring to peek.

“Now,” Master Trebor added, “point to the stone you feel you should go to.”

The younglings then pointed towards the stones. They opened their eyes, and they moved towards the stones they picked.

Picking the stone farthest to the right, Keegan stood before the massive boulder, his heart already humbled by its simplicity.

“So what do we do now?” Rez questioned, realizing that he and Keegan chose the same stone.

The rest of the younglings walked to their chosen stones as well, waiting for further instructions.

“Now enter the Force, open yourself to the universe. Place your hand on the stone you chose.”

Keegan complied to the Master’s orders, suddenly he felt lightheaded, his mind racing back and forth between infinities…

Then he saw himself, in the same place as he is now beside Rez. His vision shimmered, and went dark…

Before fading out to seeing a glimpse of possibility. Was the man standing in Keegan’s place himself, and the man in the shadowy robes Rez?

“Next, younglings, the stones will ask you a question, if you answer correctly, you will pass and the stone will give you a piece of itself: your light saber crystal.”

“Be calm, clear your mind, focus on the question.”

Keegan emptied his heart, cleared his mind, and waded into the Force. A feeling like his mind spasm and his heart jolting inside his chest hit Keegan as he entered a realm unlike anything a Jedi could enter without the stones,

The Force in its vocal form approached Keegan. Its whispers composed of all living things swirling around the youngling’s head. Then Keegan could hear the Force question him,

“Are you worthy of being a Jedi, Keegan Jinnar, son of Kaller Jinnar?”

Keegan stood quiet for a what seemed like and eternity. Was he worthy of being a Jedi? He had the Force, so maybe he was, but then again, was a man worthy to be a Sith, to hunt and kill and breathe chaos in every bound he takes? No, if not the Sith, then not the Jedi. But yet here Keegan is connected to the living and speaking Force. Keegan answered.

Keegan felt himself disconnect with the stone. He was back in the ever moving present. Did he fail?


“Remove your hand from the stones.”

Keegans hand moved, and in his hand was a stone. Not a crystal…not yet. Just like Keegan. Not a Jedi…not yet.

“Where’s the crystal!” Rez gasped, “I got something, that means I passed, right?”

“Yes, child,” Coleman smiled, “It does, you have passed the test. Do not speak to your colleagues of your passing the test. That is something special between you and the Force.”

Nearly simultaneously, the younglings rolled to their belly, gazing at their crystals; their future as a Jedi Knight.

It was physical, yet it was spiritual, and because of the Three Stones, the crystals became part of them, as will their light sabers. Their tools for peace will become their very lives as they serve the galaxy as their keepers of peace and justice.

Hours later, Coleman brought loads of debris and pieces of electrical appliances for the students to identify what is required and what can be compatible with their crystals.

“Remember younglings,” Master Trebor reminded, “you must feel for what you need, not think of what you want.”

“But Master, how can we determine what we need and what we want,” the young Nikto Fe-Ek Sirch mused, “if we feel like what we need is what we want?”

The Semblian Master laughed, “That is a good question, young Sirch, that is why the Force exists, for you to inquire and to learn from. You must ask the Force.”

Keegan only listened, learning from the conversations of his colleagues and from Master Trebor.

Looking for parts in his pile of trash, he noticed a transfer-V12 zenvoter. He remembered Master Reep before he died that they are a very helpful piece that most Jedi do not use because of its complexity.

Keegan took note of the piece and continued searching writing down in his mind what he needs for the light saber to even operate. Suddenly, he felt a cold, sharp tingle go down his spine. Something wasn’t right.

“Master, is something wrong?” the boy asked,

“What do you me-”

Just then, Coleman felt the cold. What was at large?

Was it a member of the Lost Six? If so, what are they here for?

“What can I do?” Coleman worried, if he left the younglings they could go further into danger by themselves, and likewise if the Semblian searched for the source.

“Younglings…I’ll be back, continue working on your light sabers. Make haste but be mindful of what you are constructing. Do it right.”

Master Trebor looked into the eyes of the younglings; they looked back. He could notice the younglings who recognized the cold chill of the Dark Side’s presence: Kala, Keegan, and Rez. But luckily they listened and continued their work. Hopefully they will finish their light sabers in time to protect themselves…if Coleman did survive.

Stepping away from the stone room, Coleman followed the trail of darkness, his stubby cold-blue fingers tapping the silver hilt of his lightsaber, knowing at any moment he might need it.

A second chill ran down the Semblian Jedi’s spine. He found the source.

He was a Dark Jedi by the looks. He was not alone.

“What are you doing here, child?” the Jedi taunted pulling his hilt from his utility belt,

“I’m here for them, Coleman. You already knew that.”

“Step away, boy. I’ll break you.” Coleman simply warned.

“We’ll see!” the Dark Jedi roared as he lunged forward in a Shii-Cho offensive attack. Coleman studied his options. Shii-Cho was fast, swift and furious, but it had weaknesses. Strong powerful blows between the gaps was enough to knock them off guard, and a strong defense was usually enough stop them cold. So Coleman’s best defense:

A powerful kick to the ribs; at least 2 broken, three cracked, not to mention the air punched out of him. Reaction to attack will sum to 3.4 seconds at most. But the light side was of defense, not attack.

Coleman made his stand by the door, “Step away boy. I’ll break you.”

Stumbling to his feat, the Dark Jedi brandished his weapon, “Shuttup!”

Reacting to the Dark Jedi’s rare needle-pointed light saber with his own emerald blade, Coleman continued to study his opponent’s movements in order to react efficiently. His best resolve was to manipulate his opponent’s weapon to the Dark Jedi’s left, exposing his back, allowing the Semblian to ram his fist into the enemy’s back, as well as a burst of the Force to launch him across the room.

Unconsciousness, bruised back. Time before reawakening: five minutes at most.

The Dark Jedi was not alone, that was for sure. So where was the other one?

Whoever led this mission must have understood this Dark Jedi weakness against a Councilor.

If he knew, then what was the purpose of the second Dark Jedi? This Dark Acolyte told him that he was after “them”: the younglings. But if he didn’t stand a chance against a Council then his soul purpose was to be…

…a distraction.

Coleman was too late.

“Coleman…Trebor,” the masked Dark Jedi chuckled,

“Master, don’t let him hurt us!” Julia Portay cried,

“I won’t, Julia I promise everything will be ok.” Coleman choked. Tears began to well from his eyes, his arching horn felt like it was on fire.

“You think I’m gonna kill them?!” the Dark Jedi laughed, barely able to contain himself, “Honestly, strategically…”

“You’re stupid!”

“What do you want with them? What do you want with the Jedi?” Coleman gasped,

“Let’s see. Let me think about that for a moment.”

“I want…less of them. But more of us. You see where I’m going at?”

“Listen kiddos’, you wanna know something the Jedi will never tell you? You were kidnapped from your parents. Straight up. Sucks right? Jedi are all about doing the right thing yet they are the very criminals they swear to bring to justice!”

“…Is that true, Master?” Rez asked curiously,

“No, Rez it isn’t. We had permission from the parents and those who refused were asked to monitor their children’s actions.” Coleman desperately stated,

“Man, they say the truth hurts but I’m not feeling it. He’s lying kids. But look, I’m a real Jedi, so here’s was I’m gonna do…”

“I’ll let you choose for yourself. The Jedi try to rule over your lives, but we Pure Jedi don’t. We let you decide your destiny as it should be. You can literally do whatever you want. Because you deserve it. Because you’re a Jedi.”

“The galaxy; it owes us. We have the right to do as we please after all we’ve done for it. But these Jedi say you can’t care about people, you can’t fear, can’t do this, can’t do that. To sum things up the Jedi don’t want us to be who we are. That sucks even more doesn’t it?”

“So what will it be, kids?”

“Do you wanna be chained and concealed from your real self like some animal in a cage…”

“…or do you want to be free; with me, and the Pure Jedi.?”

“Don’t listen to him, kids. The Dark Side will only lead to pain!” Coleman countered, knowing that he will only be supporting what the Dark Jedi was saying.

“See that kids? He’s trying to control you. Straight up. So what’s your choice?”

Keegan wasn’t sure how to fathom what he was hearing. What was he supposed to do? What was right and what was wrong?

The concern in Coleman’s eyes seemed to be enough answer for Keegan. He could feel the truth Coleman’s soul. The Jedi Keegan served were the real Jedi.

“The Jedi I follow are the real guardians of the galaxy,” Keegan replied as he walked away from the Dark Lord. Kala, Julia, and Fe-Ek followed close behind him. “What you’re saying sir, is exactly from what I read about criminals. People who think they can live above the law.”

“So…blind.” the Dark Jedi mumbled emotionally. “I can’t save you. You are already manipulated by the Light Side.”

Keegan turned around, and suddenly his heart sank.

“The Force has chosen.” Coleman grumbled.

“Why are you doing this? Why Rez?!” Keegan cried,

“My, my. There is hope.”

There stood Rez Fowler. He made his decision.

“Master Trebor…I’m-I’m staying.”

“A glitch in the perfect system, Master Trebor.” the Dark Jedi smirked under the mask, “you’ve lost. Straight up.”

Master Trebor could only watch as he loses one of the Order’s promising students.

As Coleman guessed, the Dark Jedi he stopped walked into the room.

“And we shall be on our way. Let’s go, child. You have beaten the system. You’ve won.” the masked figure smiled gleefully.

The two “Pure Jedi Knights” and their new member walk away, Coleman not wanting to attempt to stop them, because it would only fuel Rez’s fall to the Dark Side.

“Rez,” Keegan started,

“No, Keegan. He is not Rez. Rez Fowler is dead.” Coleman sighed.

Destinies begin to unfold. Roads have been paved into a fork between the light and the dark side of the Force.

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