The Photonovel Alliance


20 BBY-two days after the battle of Honoghr

Tarkin: If you find yourself even itching up the nerve to go berserker on even one of these missions we’ve outlined for you, i can swear on my own nose that you will never be heard of again. do i make myself clear Commander Vont?

Dilbun Vont: Your tellin me i can’t even snuff out a couple scurriers on these blue milk runs?

Tarkin: I will not argue this with you Vont, your past actions have led us here. if you cannot do our dirty work, then i’ll be left no choice but to let you resume your sentence in Desolation Alley.

Palpatine: Now,Now. I do believe you can pull a trigger here and snap a neck there. can you not Dilbun? you’ve served me well in the past. why if i do not recall correctly it was Senator Antilles office that received a couple fingers from you on my account a decade ago.

Dilbun Vont: I’m in ur debt a great already if i say so myself Augie. but this not bein allowed to have a lil fun on the side that kinda grinds my gears.

Palpatine: (shaking hands) please remember Big Galgu on Oovo IV when you call me Augie. i know he misses your sweet cheeks greatly. To a successful mission.


Dilbun Vont: Ol Augie just had to bring up Galgu. if you can’t guess, that stinking lowlife was my cell mate back in the joint. you could say we had a hate/love relationship. so i’ll be keeping my toes in line.

Dexter: I swear Graff is the senator of the Calaron sector!

Dilbun Vont: and the Trihexalophine1138, you sure the reps destroyed the stuff? no other samples, no jedi batch floatin around?

Dexter: The SIP was drained clean, whatevers left of the stuff is on Honoghr…now leave my head intact will you Vont! we go way back, remember Subterrel?

Dilbun Vont: you bet, still coughing up nuggets!


Dilbun Vont: I knock the old blowhard out cold, and leave him in his allyway in a pile of nerf dung. serves him right, never could cook a good Nerfloaf. besides the point, maybe Villie might cough up some more info..


Dilbun Vont: after luring him out to my spot with a well paid (and dead might i’d add. old augie can try and connect the dots!) Theelin strum..i get to play spill the beans or spill your guts with Villie.

Villie: Vos is my jedi! he no sep, he jeedai…

Dilbun Vont: so your little buddy ain’t come lookin to punt somethin off the seps to ya for some creds?

Villie: hee’s no fun like that. always on the task, always on his lil yum yum these daze!

Dilbun Vont: there, there villie dry your tears time to hit the cantinas if your little jedi won’t play games with you anymore.


Dilbun Vont: best part of the Devaronian, he holds no grudges or memories once we’ve drank all the Whyren’s Reserve to be found in Uscru .


Dilbun Vont: now that Graff has met my second Theelin Strump for the night, i can keep my behind outta the ally for another rotation.


Dilbun Vont: Believe it or not Graff ain’t the only Senator using his pod for afterhour meetings. i’d love to see ol Augie’s face if i didn’t pop this cap in Graff and just told him the Theelin Strump i hooked him with was so infested he’d kill himself after only one carbon flush.


Dilbun Vont: I pop em both, galaxy be better without either of them. Palps clean up crew will ask for a deactivation code on the det, and he’ll haft to say his first name to them.

Dilbun Vont will Return!

  PilotChapter 1
Brought to you by Darth Depressis

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