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Advancing during a break in the fierce blizzards, which ravage the surface of Alzoc III, the Separatist droid army moves quickly to surround the few surviving Republic troopers.

Deflecting fire from the advancing droids Plo questions, “Where are the gunships commander?”. “Still 12 clicks out, General. The snow is slowing their progress.”, Commander Wolffe shouts to be heard over the cacophony of the battle.

Kit warns, “Not the Separatist’s. Look, reinforcements coming in from the east!”.

General Grievous, supreme commander of the Separatist droid forces, advances across the snow covered wasteland, towards the besieged Republic troops.

Plo gravely states, “I’ll deal with this.”.

Plo rushes out to meet the advancing General, summoning the power of the force…

… allowing the Jedi Master to quickly dispatch Grievous’ bodyguards.

Grievous laughs, “Master -aghh- Koon, a bold move , but a foolish one.”. Plo gravely answers, “That remains to be seen.”.

Grievous continues, “I have been trained in your Jedi arts by Count Dooku -aghh- himself, you are no match for me Jedi scum!”.

Plo tears off the mask protecting his face from the bitter cold, coming face to face with the cyborg he replies, “The Jedi arts are far greater than learning to hack away with a lightsaber, Grievous. A truly powerful Jedi, or Sith, could win a battle without drawing their weapon. The ability to defeat one’s opponent with a lightsaber is insignificant next to the potential of the Force.”. Grievous laughs, “Than prove it Jedi, -aghh- discard your lightsaber and use your precious force to defeat me!”.

Plo deactivates his lightsaber, standing defenselessness before the cyborg warrior.

Meanwhile, as the droids continue to advance Wolffe warns, “We can’t hold out much longer!”.

Kit calmly replies, “We won’t have to!”.

Just then, fire rips through an advancing column of droids…

… as a Republic Gunship roars over the battlefield!

The gunship sets down behind the Republic lines, prompting Commander Wolffe to order, “Everyone in, double time!”.

As the Gunship climbs above the snow bank, Kit orders, “Warthog, bring us in low near General Koon.”.

“Copy that General.”, Warthog answers from the cockpit.

Advancing on the unarmed Jedi Grievous warns Plo, “There is no escape Jedi, I am your death!”.

Plo dodges a savage blow while reciting, “There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.”.

Plo continues, “There is no passion, there is serenity.”, unleashing a mighty force push…

… hurling Grievous into a nearby column of ice.

Plo leaps aboard the hovering gunship, looking down at Grievous from the gunship Plo concludes, “There is no death, there is only the Force.”.

The gunship speeds away, leaving Grievous alone.

Later, Grievous enters Count Dooku’s meditation chamber to find Ventress and Dooku waiting.

Dooku greets, “Grievous, I trust you are familiar with my assassin Assaji Ventress. She has just returned from the Sith homeworld of Korriban, with a valuable collection of Sith artifacts. Now, what have you to report?”.

Grievous genuflects before Dooku and reports, “I have failed you, my Lord. The Jedi have escaped.”. Dooku slowly answers, “Indeed, this is a costly defeat General.”.

Ventress sneers, “I would expect nothing more of a glorified battle droid.”.

Grievous rages, “I am more powerful than any -aghh- droid, or you assassin. Do not forget who leads our armies!”.

Ventress casually replies, “I have no interest in your armies General. With the power of the force at my command I can unlock powers you cannot possibly imagine.”.

Dooku sharply reprimands, “That is quite enough from both of you.”,

“You may go Grievous, I have no current use for a warrior of your skill level.”, concludes Dooku.

Enraged Grievous marches from the chamber, as an old fascination returns.

Kalee, the homeworld of General Grievous which now plays host to his secluded fortress. The fortress’ guards stand at attention as a nightmarish insectoid creature, the bioenginer responsible for much of the cybernetic technology used to resurrect Grievous following his near fatal shuttle crash, Magister Nicola Acris strides past their lines.

Grievous emerges and is greeted by the twisted genius that is Nicola Acris, “Velcome General, I trust un trip vas productive?”.

Walking alongside Acris Grievous coughs, “Hardly. Aboard my ship is a -aghhh- collection of ancient Sith relics, you are study them for any mention of a being raising their midichlorian count.”. “You vish to raise un body’s midichlorian count?”, Acris tentatively questions, his teeth clicking.

“I wish to unlock my full power.”, Grievous snaps.

Acris worries, “Both Jedi and Sith have studied ze process for millenniums, with little advancement. It could take me un lifetime to properly research and experiment ze process, let alone develop un successful technique.”.

Grievous callously answers, “Then I suggest you begin soon.”, as he walks away, leaving Acris on the landing pad to contemplate his dark task.

Inside his meditation chamber Dooku stands with his hands clasped behind his back, contemplating a series of troubling events.

The Sith Lord crosses to his holoprojector and types in an all too familiar frequency…

A moment later a holoprojected image of Darth Sidious appears and demands, “What have you to report Lord Tyranus?”.

Dooku reports, “I have disturbing news my Master. The trove of Sith relics recently acquired by my assassin, Assaji Ventress, has been reported missing.”. “And who do you believe to be responsible for this insult?”, Sidious questions, obviously uninterested.

“I fear it was… General Grievous.”, Dooku answers.

Sidious, his full attention now drawn to the conversation, begins, “Interesting. Do you remember the question I posed to you at the outset of your training?”.

Dooku recites, “Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you; tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face; tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you; and tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you. What has this to do with Grievous?”.

Sidious continues, “The time has come to ask the same question of Grievous. What is it he craves most? Search your feelings…”.

Dooku answers, “He has craved the power of the force since he learned of its existence from the Jedi who arrived on his homeworld. He longed to join with the Jedi, until they and the Republic turned against the Kalee, at the behest of the Trade Federation.”.

Sidious gloats, “Most insightful Lord Tyranus. By continuing to deny Grievous the ability to draw upon the force his hatred of the Jedi will fester and his loyalty to us become absolute. Do you recall my mention of the planet Drongar?”.

Dooku considers the question and answers, “The planet is host to a plant, known as Bota, which temporally stimulates the body’s midichlorians.”.

Sidious chuckles, “Right on all counts. Insure mention of Drongar and its crop of Bota are added to the General’s stolen texts, they should serve our purpose well.”.

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