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A clone trooper prisoner, one of the few survivors of the attack on Drongar, is escorted into the lab General Grievous’ Kalee fortress by a pair of commando droids.

The trooper is strapped to the lab’s examination equipment, coming face to face with the being who designed this cruel laboratory, Magister Nicoal Acris. Unflinching Acris orders, “Begin ze Bota infusion, 25% capacity.”.

Electrical charges crackle around the lone trooper as the lab’s monstrous equipment rumbles to life.

“25% capacity reached Magister Acris. Subject’s vitals and midichlorian count are unchanged.”, reports a battle droid.

Irritated, Acris snaps, “Raise ze Bota infusion to un 35%!”, as Grievous looks on.

The electrical charges intensify as the droid increases the machine’s power.

“Midichlorian levels have risen by 5%, vitals unchanged Magister.”, reports the droid.

“Continue to un 50% infusion capacity.”, demands Acris.

The electric charges grow even more violent as the machine continues to demand more power. “Midichlorian levels climbing, up 20%… up 25%… Subject’s vital signs are dropping.”, intones the battle droid.

“More pover! More pover!”, Acris cackles, throttling his droid assistant.

Sparks begin to fly from the equipment as their limits are tested. “AGHH!”, yells the trooper as electricity burns his body, killing him.

“We’ve lost the subject.”, reports the droid scanning for vital signs.

Devastated by his failure Acris numbly moans, “Not again. Not after all my vork! I um running out of clones!!”.

“Be thankful you have not-aghh- joined them! My patience wears thin Acris.”, Grievous menacingly states from behind the scientist.

Acris counters, “But you ask ze impossible! Bota’s effects upon ze body’s midichlorian levels are only temporary, ze only vay to create long lasting effects is to charge ze particles upon entry to ze bloodstream.”

Acris points towards the dead clone with his robotic hand and continues, “As you’ve seen yourself General, ze power required during such an infusion is more zan a living being can survive! However…”, Acris trails off.

Impatient, Grievous snaps, “What is it Acris!”.

Acris thoughtfully answers, “I could charge ze particles independent of the infusion process, in order to generate ze needed power. Once ze particles were charged zey could be directly infused into ze patient’s bloodstream, or flash frozen for centuries zo come!”.

Grievous eagerly demands“Begin at -aghh- once! Soon nothing will stand between me and the ultimate power!”.

Nearby, several Battle Droids unload canisters of supplies on the landing pad.

A droid sets his canister down, prompting his Sergeant to bark, “Unit 71140, pick up that canister we have a schedule to keep and the General will not be pleased if we are late!”.

The droid whines, “My servos need a break sir, this one is heavy!”.

Without warning Jedi Master Kit Fisto bursts from the canister and suggests, “You’ve earned a break!”, slicing the droid in half!

“Jedi!”, shouts the Sergeant, “All units defensive positions!”. With the alarm raised all available droids rush to the disturbance, firing on the lone Jedi.

As the droids’ fire is focused on Master Fisto, Jedi Masters Shaak Tii…

…And Obi-Wan Kenobi leap from their own canisters to enter the fray! Obi-Wan destroys the Battle Droid Sergeant and orders, “Boss, now!”.

Boss and the elite commandos of Delta Squad emerge from their own canisters, mowing down any droid in their sight. Trained from birth to become unstoppable killing machines the commandos of Delta Squad have triumphed against impossible odds from their first mission of Geonosis.

“Go! Go! Go!”, rallies Boss as the commandos rush across the landing pad through fierce fire. Halting near a computer bank Boss barks, “Fixer, work your magic. The rest of you, cover him! Defensive pattern ROTJ 6, move!”.

Outgunned, outmatched, and outsmarted the few remaining droids fall to the Jedi.

With the threats eliminated Kenobi and Fisto Join Tii and the Commandos of Delta Squad at the terminal. Kenobi questions, “What are we dealing with?”.

Boss reports, “The lab where the project is being tested is located along the Western corridor. It’s guarded by several advanced commando units. It also appears there is a prison on the East side of the complex. From what we’ve been able to hack it houses survivors of the Drongar garrison.”.

Shocked Obi-Wan starts, “I was under the impression all of Master Kayen’s troopers were dead.”.

Boss continues, “Most of them are. The few survivors were transported here to be used as test subjects for the Drongar experiment. They are all scheduled to be terminated today.”

“When!?!”, bursts Shaak Tii, aghast.

“Less than a standard hour.”, Boss stoically replies.

Without hesitation Obi-Wan orders, “Then we haven’t much time. Master Fisto and Delta Squad will free the troopers located on the detention block. Meanwhile, Master Tii and I will infiltrate the lab and pay Grievous a visit. Once we’ve completed our respective missions we will rendezvous back at the ship.”.

“May the force be with us all.”, Shaak Tii solemnly wishes.

Electrical charges wildly spark around the laboratory, focusing on a nightmarish machine.

“The BMCU has fully charged sir.”, reports a battle droid.

“Cut ze pover.”, demands Magister Acris

The electrical storm subsides, giving rise to a strange humming sound emanating from the machine.

Undaunted, Acris crosses to the machine and extracts his preciouse sample, a full charged Bota serum, capable of satisfying the General’s wildest dreams!

Acris studies a readout of the particles contained within the serum on a handheld datapad. Acris turns to Grievous and reports, “Ze serum is more powerful zan ve could have dreamed mein General. Vith zis serum ze body’s midichlorians vill be stimulated to levels never before attained by un Jedi or Sith.”.

“At last my power will -aghh- be without limit. Well done Doctor. Prepare the -aghh- injection process for me.”, demands Grievous.

“I’m afraid I can’t allow that General.”, a familiar voice calls from across the lab.

“Kenobi!”, Grievous fumes, turning to face the Jedi, “You will be the -aghh- first to fall before my new found power!”.

Kenobi good naturedly replies, “ I have other plans. Master Tii.”.

Shaak Tii appears between Grievous and Acris, blocking the General from his secret weapon, the Bota serum.

In unison the two Jedi attack the cyborg General, deftly wielding their lightsabers in a masterful assault. But Grievous is no stranger to violence and matches the Jedi blow for blow.

Seizing upon the moment of chaos Magister Acris hurriedly gathers his precious research.

His work done Acris turns to the duelist and calls, “I bid you adieu, fools!”. With a manic cackle the creature rushes from the lab.

“NO!!!”, cries Grievous…

… As he watches his greatest desire slip through his grasp.

“You will pay Jedi!”, Grievous shouts, unleashing all four of his mighty arms.

Meanwhile in the detention cell, the Commando Droid Warden strides forward, flanked by a pair of deadly Assassin Droids, and orders, “The General has no further use for these meatbags, prepare them for execution.”.

“Roger, roger.”, the droids intone in unison as they lower the glistening ray shield separating the troopers from their droid captors.

“Up against the wall you vat grown filth!”, orders the commando droid captain, his voice filled with what passes for malice in a droid.

The clones grimly form up along the wall as the droids take aim. The droid captain begins, “Ready, aim..”…

…laser fire rips through the droid before he can finish his loathsome order!

The commandos of Delta Squad rush into the detention block, guns blazing in a daring rescue!

Outmatched even the battle hardened commando droids are no match for the heroic commandos and the surviving prisoners quickly take advantage of the chaos to arm themselves!

But the Separatist have an equalizer…

… Apair of IG-86 Assasin Droids, who rush into action returning fire and putting Delta Squad on the defensive.

However, the clones are not alone, as the droids find out with the sudden arrival of Jedi Master Kit Fisto!

The Jedi Master’s assault is cut short as both droids are neatly gunned down from behind.

“The name’s Creo sir.”, commander Creo introduces himself, as he steps over the droids, a smoking droid blaster in each hand, “We’re all that remains of the Drongar garrison sir.”.

“I’m sorry Commander.”, Kit replies with genuine concern, “What happened to the rest of your men?”.

Creo stares down out at one of his blasters and answers, “The Sepies wiped out most of my men on Drongar. The rest of us were transported here, to be used as some sort of lab rats. A lot of good men have gown down to their laboratory. None have returned.”.

“I muzt apologize for zat.”, a high pitched voice, dripping with a thick Outer Rim accent, calls across the chamber.

The Jedi and Clones turn to watch as a nightmarish insectoid creature is escorted into the detention block by commandos Sev and Fixer. “We found this… thing sneaking around the corridor.”, reports Fixer.

“Allov me zo introduce unself. I um Nicola Acris, scientist and bioengineer. Seven years ago I vas kidnapped from um home planet and forced into ze service of General Grievous. I designed ze armor he now vears. I have designed and done most horrible zings, and I um ashamed.”.

“Why didn’t you refuse to design such terrible creations?”, challenges Creo.

Acris flexes his cybernetic arm and replies, “Ze General can be very convincing. Um arm is a reminder of ze price of disloyalty. But now you are here, If you free me I vill provide detailed information on ze cybernetic technology used on ze General. It’s… veaknesses.”.

“How did you escape from Grievous?”, questions Fisto, somewhat suspiciously.

Acris flashes a terrible grin and answers, “He is presently occupied vith your Jedi friends, zough for how much longer I know not. Zey seemed terribly outmatched.”.

“Boss, get the prisoners and doctor to the shuttle.”, orders the Jedi, “I’ll see to it Grievous adds no more lightsabers to his collection.”.

With the Jedi gone Acris returns his attention to the clones and begins, “Zis fortress is villed vith most… unpleasant surprises. If zou return my possessions to me I can show zou the zafest and vaftest vay zo ze the laning pad.”.

Boss considers the offer and orders, “Hand it over boys.”.

Acris smirks and prompts, “Good, vollow me.”.

Kenobi and Tii each parry a savage assault from the enraged Grievous…

As the General cries, “I once worshiped you Jedi fools! I sacrificed everything for your -aghh- peace! The Huk took everything from me, my mother and father, lover, and children! And yet I forgave, because I thought in doing so I would be healed… And perhaps gain your strange power. Then you stood by and watched as your Republic turned against my people. You did nothing as the Trade Federation manipulated your Republic because of their -aghh- allies the Huk.”.

Grievous disengages from the Jedi and shouts, “Now I have learned of -aghh- true power! Lord Tyranus has shown me I can never heal. I can only bring -aghh- pain to those who took everything from me!”.

Grievous charges at Shaak Tii, catching the Jedi Master off guard he drives a lightsaber deep into her shoulder.

Tii cries out in pain and collapses before the cyborg. Grievous stares down at the Jedi, regaining some form of self control and continues, “That is all I can live for.”. Grievous angels his lightsaber to deliver a fatal blow to the great Master.

“NO!”,Obi-Wan shouts…

… Leaping forward to block the lightsaber with his own!

Suddenly Grievous flies backward…

… Crashing into a nearby observation table…

…propelled by a force push from Master Fisto as he enters the lab!

Aided by Kenobi Shaak Tii slowly rises from the ground and greets, “That was an entrance even Skywalker could be proud of.”.

“I suppose so.”, Kit laughs and continues, “Sergeant Boss is escorting the prisoners from Drongar and a creature that claims to have been forced to work as the bioenginer of General Grievous to the shuttle.”.

Obi-Wan looks troubled and concludes, “We should join them, I sense a great disturbance in the force.”

Grievous reappears, flanked by two of his elite and orders, “Kill them all!”.

Having reached the landing pad and disposed of the meager security course the ragtag group of prisoners, lead by Delta Squad, make a startling discovery, their evacuation shuttle has yet to arrive.

Boss contacts the shuttle and demands, “Blackout, where are you? We’re sitting ducks out here!”.

“Where are you?”, questions Blackout, “We’ve been waiting at the LZ for you. What’s your loc-ZZZT-!!!”.

The commandos exchange a worried look as they begin to fear something may be amiss .

Commander Creo comes alongside Acris and demands, “Where are we lizard brain, let see me your map”.

“Vould you like zo see?”, questions the scientist.

“Quite badly.”, answers the clone stopping beside Acris. “Very vell.”, begins the monstrous creature, as he rummages in the durasteel briefcase…

“Let me zatisfy your curiosity!”, Acris cries, drawing a blaster and firing straight into Commander Creo’s chest.

The Clones turn and watch in horror as Acris shrieks, “Help! Zere are Republic forces on ze landing pad! All units attack!”.

Droids pour from every corner of the landing pad, firing on the stunned Republic troopers. Failing to react in time several of the surviving prisoners are ruthlessly gunned down!

Regaining control of the situation Boss returns fire and thunders, “Man down! Fixer, patch him up! The rest of you, take cover and return fire! Move Delta’s, move, move, move!”.

Giddy with excitement rushes across the landing pad, unencumbered by the droids who still believe him to be a high ranking ally.

Acris boards a sleek starfighter and punches in a set of launch codes, while laughing, “Zo begins ze endgame!”

Acris’ starfighter rises from the landing pad and speeds away from the fearsome compound, forever.

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