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Betrayed by the monstrous Magister Nicola Acris, the clone commandos of Delta Squad find themselves pinned down on the landing pad of General Grievous’ fearsome Kalee fortress.

“Sarge!”, calls Fixer, kneeling besides the gravely wounded Commander Creo, “His vitals are dropping sir, I’m losing him!”.

As another rescued prisoner is mowed down by the advancing droid forces Boss curses, “Stang! What else can go wrong!?!”.

Just then, the trio of Jedi Masters burst onto to the platform, fiercely dueling General Grievous and a pair of Magnaguards.

“Well… that answers that question.”, Scorch snidely remarks.

“It is finished -aghh- Jedi, you are beaten! You will pay for -aghh-denying me my power!”, Grievous rages, brandishing all four of his lightsabers.

Meeting the General in a head on assault Kenobi calmly answers, “That power was never yours to take, Qymaen jai Sheelal.”.

Grievous stops suddenly, shocked by the Jedi’s use of his name from so many years ago, “What could you know of that life?”, he questions.

“I know of your pain, you lost all you cared for. The force cannot bring them back, nor can it heal your pain. I know Qymaen, my Master was cut down before my eyes. The time has come to abandon your quest for vengeance, if not it will destroy you.”, Obi-Wan shares.

Considering the Jedi’s counsel Grievous begins, “Perhaps…”.

“But not before I destroy -aghh- you and your precious Jedi scum!”, the cyborg continues lunging forward behind the pair of magnaguards.

Suddenly the elite droids are slagged by a hail of laser fire which hurls the General away!

As the team’s extraction shuttle swoops down onto the landing pad!

“Well timed commander.”, Kenobi gratefully remarks to Blackout as the Jedi retreat towards the shuttle.

“We learned from General Skywalker.”, the clone wryly answers.

“Indeed. Delta’s, fall back! It’s time to go!”.

“Go! Go! Go! I’ll cover you!”, Boss shouts at the few survivors.

Slung between Scorch and Fixer Commander Creo weakly challenges, “With all due respect sir, I’m a dead man walking. This is my fight, they wiped out my men. Let me hold ‘em off as long as I can. I’ll be able to buy you enough time before…”.

“What the stang are you thinking!?!”, burst Boss, stunned.

Stone cold logical, Fixer answers, “He’s not gonna make it sir, let him go.”.

Exchanging a meaningful look with Creo Boss tenderly wishes, “Die well brother.” and passes his weapon to Creo.

“Copy that sir.”, Creo replies rushing forward into the droid lines.

The Commander brutally tears into the droid lines…

Buying enough time for the Jedi and Delta Squad to board the waiting escape craft.

Creo watches the shuttle escape from the desolate world.

“Live well boys.”, the clone softly prays as a lightsaber impales him from behind.

The Works, an immense manufacturing district on Coruscant as poisoned and vile as its cruel residents.Yet just as the laborers of old were drawn here for a brighter future, so too is an exiled genius.

Magister Nicola Acris’ elegant starship sets down on the landing pad of the LiMerge Power Building, which now plays host to a far more powerful Master.

“Lord Sidious,”, greets Acris, “Everyzing haz tranzpired according zo un dezign.”.

Unmoved Sidious snaps,, “The Jedi and Grievous know nothing of your true allegiance?”.

“Ze Jedi and Grievous are voolz, my Lord.”, gloats Acris, “Ze suspect nothing and I have taken every pozzible precaution to enzure your anonymity.”.

The Sith Lord bares a fierce smile and snears, “Excellent work Magister Acris. Now, how shall I express my gratitude?”.

Acris hesitates for a moment, gathering the courage to present his request, “General Grievous’ armor, vhile impressive, possess many… limitations. Ze process vas not perfected in time for ze General and zo he lavors under its constraints.”.

Acris withdraws a small datapad from his tunic and projects an image which captures Sidious’ full attention Acris explains, “Ze General provided me vith many texts of ancient Sith lore and designs in his quest to harness ze pover of ze force. In zem I discovered ze design for an ancient Sith wardroid. I used zese designs as template for a new, more poverful, cybernetic suit. Vith ze use of your Sith alchemy zis vould become ze most poverful suit in all of history and enable ze user to draw upon ze force.”.

His presentation concluded Acris nervously stands at the ready in front of the Lord of Darkness.

“Impressive. Most impressive.”, congratulates Sidious.

Relieved Acris stammers, “Zank… Zank you my Lord!”, as Sidious moves to stand next to the Magister.

Sidious draws his lightsaber from deep within the cowls of his cloak and continues, “You have served your purpose well Nicola Acris…”.

Sidious drives his lightsaber into Acris and cackles, “I have no further need of your services!”.

Acris falls to the ground dead, the datapad tumbling from his grasp to lay at the feet of the Darth Lord.

Following the escape of both Acris and the Jedi, Grievous has secluded himself in the remains of his once great laboratory on Kalee, pouring over the entirety of his stolen trove of Sith relics.

“Impressive.”, calls a regal voice from the entryway, “Most impressive”, Dooku states, taking stock of the lab as he enters.

“Lord -aghh- Tyranus!”, starts Grievous, shocked by the sudden appearance of his Dark Master.

Dooku flashes the cyborg a wicked smile and taunts, “Surprised? I was informed you had taken a rather sudden interest in the topic of midichlorian manipulation and decided to pay you a visit.”.

“You dare mock me!”, thunders Grievous, enraged by Dooku’s tact.

“Indeed,”, begins Dooku, his voice taking a sudden malevolence,

“I do not patronize fools Generals and you have indeed acted most foolishly of late. You have stolen from me and sought to obscure your activities from my notice.”.

“For this there are consequences.”, snarls the Dark Lord unleashing a torrent of Sith Lightning, which burns its way into Grievous!

Dooku stands over the smocking body of his most trusted servant and lears, “Had you asked, I would have gladly aided you in unlocking the secrets of the force. Your disloyalty troubles me…greatly. Tell me why I should not kill you now.”.

“I am your most accomplished -aghh- General, you cannot hope to defeat the Republic without me!”, spits back Grievous.

Dooku gravely warns, “Do not make the mistake of considering yourself indispensable, only the Sith are.”.

“And I alone share the Sith’s -aghh- true hatred for the Jedi! They have taken all -aghh- from me through their lies and wars! I beg you, let me aid you in destroying them!”, pleads Grievous at Dooku’s feet.

Dooku stares at the pitiable at his feet and cruelly laughs./ The Sith, appearing genuinely satisfied, answers, “You are forgiven my friend.”.

Grievous rises next to his Master, who sharply continues, “Lord Sidious is a Master of midichlorian manipulation. Only through the Sith can you gain the ultimate power and have your revenge.”.

he Jedi Council, an omnipresent force of stability and knowledge in a galaxy awash in turmoil and ignorance, but even here the shadow of the darkside looms large. “I fear our mission on Drongar has only served to further radicalize General Grievous.”, Kenobi shares.

Unmoved Jedi Master Mace Windu points out, “Grievous has made it his quest in life to wipe out the Jedi Order, short of killing him there is no way quell his mindless fury.”.

Kenobi hesitates, clearly deeply unsettled, and answers, “With all due respect Master, while Grievous’ fury is corrupting, it is not mindless. The Jedi abandoned his people in their hour of need.”.

“Only at the bequest of the Senate.”, Windu coldly responds.

“Over justice the Senate often places greed, know this the Trade Federation does and exploit it against many poor systems like the Huuk they do. Yet serve the Senate the Jedi do… so obey we must.”, Yoda points out , clearly disgusted.

Shaken Obi-Wan concedes, “Then the Sith have already achieved the ultimate victory.”

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