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Tatooine… Jarred Yunis swerves past the top of local rooftops in a stolen airspeeder…

He then settles into a quiet district and searches for a place to ditch the speeder.

Jarred quickly eyes a vacant space; but whilst doing this he notices an Imperial Stormtrooper watching him. Jarred doesn’t know if the news of his crime has reached the local authorities yet, so he decides to play it as cool as possible.

He then maneuvers into the landing space while attempting to ignore the troopers.

As he shuts down the engines, Jarred considers his next steps.

He then casually locks the speeder…

…and proceeds to stroll past the Imperials.

“Keep it cool, just relax… you ain’t done nothing wrong,” he thinks to himself.

But the Stormtroopers are curious by Jarred’s presence…

“What was the description again for the criminal who broke into the Imperial Med Lab?” the commander asks his partner.

“Better double check the report,” the other trooper offers as the two approach the local garrison officer.

“Where are you two headed?” their superior officer asks them.

“The young man who just landed that speeder… we think he may be the culprit who broke into the medical facility last hour…”

“Then let’s arrest him, you fools!” the officer growls.

Now away from watching eyes, Jarred decides to make a run for it…

…but not a split second later, blaster and stun lasers surround him!

“Watch your fire!!!” snaps the Captain.

“Use stun blasts only! I want him alive!”

They then pursue the young man down the street…

Jarred uses all his reflexes to narrowly dodge the surrounding blasts!

Around the corner, a Cerian spacer is startled by the sudden blasts coming in from behind him.

Without hesitation, Jarred appears around the corner and pushes the man out of his way!

The Cerean groans as he falls to the ground…

…and watches Jarred sprint down an alleyway.

The Imperials then approach the man.

“Are you okay, Civilian?” the commander inquires.

At the sight of the troopers the Cerian looks up nervously at them.

“Hey! I recognize this man!” the trooper shouts.

“This guy gave me the slip the other week for selling fake Star-Port Visas!”

“Oh really??” the commander sneers down at the Cerian.

“Inform the garrison that we have a prisoner,” the commander says as he cuffs the Cerian.

“Let’s go, you waste of space!” the trooper snarls to the prisoner.

Fortunate for Jarred, all the commotion with the Cerian has given him a chance to escape…

Exhausted, he then lowers his head in relief.

He then notices a ventilation shaft that could provide him with a temporary hiding space…

He stands casually waiting for the locals to walk past him…

…and confirms that he is alone.

Jarred then quickly scales the metal rafters…

…and carefully balances on the supports and reaches for the ventilation cover.

Once inside, he carefully pulls the cover back into place.


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