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Tatooine: Rural District.

Having kept the night hidden from the Imperial Authorities, Jarred makes his way down to an old shoddy building at the end of the street…

Once he is certain he is not being watched, Jarred quickly punches in the access code into a door terminal.

“Ahh, at last home sweet home; well sort of,” Jarred mutters to himself as he walks through the passage.

“You will NOT believe the trouble I’ve had getting this ya know!” Jarred begins to say to a companion in the adjacent room.

“They have stepped up their security since the last time!”

“Well it’s about blasting time, Master Yunis! I thought you were dead… or worse; captured!” the tattered protocol droid rabbits on to Jarred.

As the Zed-3 takes Jarred’s helmet off him, he asks his master a burning question.

“If you don’t mind my asking, Sir… were you able to acquire the medical supplies?”

“Well… sort of,” Jarred grins has he pulls from under his jumpsuit the arm of an Imperial Medical Droid.

“I tripped the alarm, and I didnt have much time… had to use my blaster to disconnect it… and then I dropped my blaster… and then…”

“It doesn’t matter now,” the droid interrupts him.

“I just feel sorry for the poor sod who’s going to have to repair that droid you decapitated,” the droid expresses in a dry tone.

“So… how’s he been today?” Jarred then says, changing the subject.

“He has been sleeping since last night… so mostly stable,” the droid explains.

“Well… after three years of fighting this battle I think this last dose of medicine will finally cure his injuries,” Jarred willfully says.

“Ahh… Jarred… you’re here, its so good to see you,.. have you got more medicine?” Muline Yunis gasps.

“Yes Father, we have it!,” Jarred smiles.

“Let’s get you up and I’ll administer a dose.”

“I’m so sorry you have had to risk your life for me on to many occasions Jarred,” his father frowns.

“I want you to know.. I’ll make it up to you… that’s a promise.”

“It’s going to be so good to see you finally out and about again, Master,” the droid gleefully says.

“You’re not the only one,” agrees the old man.

“Right here we go, Father,” says Jarred as he presses the medical device towards his father’s neck and injects the extracted medicine.

“Ohh, I can’t bear to look!” Zed-3 exclaims.

“Feel better?,” Jarred asks with a smile.

“If so, maybe we should get your gear and head down to the droid yard and see if we can find a few little treasures, ey?” he half jokes.

“That dose kicked in fast… I do want to head down to the droid yard!” the old man says.

“I’ve been waiting thee years for this day, Zed-3,… to see my father back on his feet again! To not have to be on death’s door all the time!” Jarred says whist getting his gear ready.

“Would you like me to assist you, Master Yunis?” Zed-3 inquires.

“No thanks Zed-3, we’ll be okay,” Jarred answers.

“Well.. how do I look?” Muline asks.

“You look great, Father!” Jarred joyfully replies as approaches him.

“Are you sure you’re up for this?” Jarred continues.

“I’m fine son, I haven’t felt this strong for years… this will show them Weequay thugs with their illegal poison blades around here that they cant defeat Muline Yunis!” he says in a comical tone.

“Ha, ha, well if you’re sure… let’s go!” Jarred eagerly smiles.

Tatooine: Droid Yard

The hustle and bustle of the droid yard fills Jarred with joy; as he can see life just happening around him, after basically being a recluse for the past couple of years protecting his father, he starts to feel like life can finally resume as normal.

“Right, go on Father, have a little look around and I’ll pop back over after I take a look at those binary sensors over there,” Jarred offers.

They both go their separate ways as Jarred browses through the various offerings.

Muline then approaches a Cerian talking behind a nearby booth…

Muline stares at the Cerian for a moment before clearing his throat.

“Hey, Fanch, miss me?” he hollers.

“Muline!!” Fanch shouts in disbelief as he hastily walks towards his friend.

“You’re looking good!” Muline grins.

Fanch puts his hands on Muline’s shoulders.

“You look like you’ve seen better days my friend,” Fanch admits.

“Yeah, but I’m back on my feet now,” he replies.

“But how about you? How’s your little injury doing?” Muline asks.

As Fanch lifts his bandaged arm up towards Muline he states, “Getting there, at least the doctor said i can keep me arm!”

“Anyway” Fanch then whispers, “Is it still safe?”

All of a sudden Jarred feels a cold shiver run down his spine… he feels like he is being watched!

Then out of the blue, a stun blast strikes Muline square in the back!

“MULINE!!” Fanch screams in horror.

A split second later, a blast strikes Fanch as well!

At that moment, several Imperial troopers flood the area and begin detaining civilians as an Imperial Commander walks towards Muline and Fanch.

“Thank you for the information,” snarls the commander as he blasts the informant in the chest.

Jarred keeps his distance while watching in horror as his father lay lifeless on the desk across the yard…

…as smoke emits from his back…


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