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Imperial Garrison… Witness Detention Level… Base Location unknown…

“Right, men!” snaps the Imperial general.

“Keep these prisoners detained until I give the orders, understand?” he asks in a patronizing tone.

“Y…yes, General…”

“Yes, General…,” both men studder in fear.

As the general turns on his heels, he notices the remains of an old Republic propaganda poster.

“I thought I had all of these removed!” he angrily proclaims.

Creasing up the poster in his hands he shouts back over his shoulder.

“And don’t think, Mr. Yunis, isn’t it, that we didn’t realize who you are when we brought you in here!”

The general then pauses for a split second.

Thief! You’ll be brought to justice soon enough!”

The general’s narcissistic laugh echoes down the corridor.

Great, well that’s just perfect!” Jarred mutters under his breath.

In the adjacent cell, an Advozse prisoner laughs out loud, “Well, he seems to be in a happy mood doesn’t he?”

Keep quiet!” the prison guard responds.

Admiral Quarters: Location Unknown

Muline and Fanch are shoved in front of an Imperial admiral. Disorientated by their recent capture, they struggle to stand on their feet.

“Here are the prisoners you requested, Admiral,” one of the troopers declares.

The Admiral twists his head slightly towards the two men.

“Thank you, trooper,” the admiral pauses.

Now… leave us.”

The admiral approaches the men as the Stormtroopers prepare to leave the admiral’s quarters.

Welcome, gentlemen… I suppose you’re both wondering why I summoned you here?”

“We can do this one of either two ways,” he grins.

In a flash the Admiral strikes Muline across the face with his baton!

“We can do this the easy way…”

He then swiftly strikes Fanch’s abdomen, causing him to fall to the ground!

Ugh!” the Cerian groans.

“Or we can do it the hard way!” the Admirals explains.

The admiral then turns back to Muline…



Jarred looks up with a confused expression, as all the energy shields have powered down!

The Prison officer taps into his communicator…

Hello?” the officer asks, “Can anyone hear me, the energy shields have shut down.”

“Is there a problem?” he continues after a slight pause.

Without delay ,the Advozse prisoner strikes the other officer in the head; taking his blaster in the process!

And stuns the officer on the opposite of the corridor!

Jarred shields his eyes from the flash of the blast…

“Well don’t just stand there; let’s get moving!” orders the alien.

“Seeing as we’re committing this crime together, I guess I better know your name,” Jarred amusingly asks.

“I’m Jarred Yunis… and you are?” He continues to inquire.

“The name’s Kanu!Arian Kanu… member of the Rebel Alliance… just as well I was brought here, there was no way I would have met the boarding party on time!”

Imperial Garrison… Witness Detention Level… Location Unknown.

Laser fire flies over the head of a rebel pilot, missing him by millimeters!

Imperial officers return fire as they hide behind the walls for cover!

On the cold durasteel floor, a rebel general lay wounded whist being treated by a fellow soldier.

“Come on, you Imperial Scum!”, shouts one of the rebel infiltrators.

“Get these filthy rebels out of MY base!” barks the Imperial general.

Jarred and Arien then run into the room and narrowly avoid being hit incoming enemy lasers!

“ARIEN!… GET OVER HERE NOW!” yells a Neimoidian pilot.

“We’ve made good progress… we took over levels 11 through 38 and we’re nearing his cell now!” the pilot continues.

What in the blazes are you talking about!?” a thoroughly confused Jarred interrupts.

Displeased by Jarred’s interruption, the pilot informs him.

“We’re here to rescue Admiral Ackbar!

In another part of the base…

A Gran member of the rebel strike force leans against the wall clutching her repeating blaster…

“All clear…” she whispers.

From behind the group of rebels, a wounded Admiral Ackbar limps towards his cover.

“Come on men, it’s all clear!” a youthful rebel shouts.

…but then from behind him a crimson laser rifles toward him!

Suddenly all hell breaks loose and lasers start flying everywhere!

No, Murgo!” shouts the Gran as her friend collapses to the ground.

The Gran and rebel trooper hide behind the cover as more blaster fire rains past them at immense speeds!

We’ve got to call for backup!” suggests Admiral Ackbar to his partner.

“Doing it now, Admiral.” shouts the pluck young Rebel.

…Come in, come in!” screeches across the rebel comm channel.

“Anyone, we are on level 40 and taking heavy fire… we have the Admiral, I REPEAT, we have the Admiral!”

You can come out, guys…” a Chiss rebel addresses.

They’re all dead.”

The rebels then group together and discuss their next plan of attack.

“They have the Admiral, they just need extracting,” the Chiss says.

“Should be easy enough.”

“We’ll get the Admiral, and you can find a way off here, seeing as out ship was shot down!” The Chiss tells his Neimoidian ally.

Jarred is then stopped by the Neimoidian.

“I think it’s best if you come with me boy… so i can keep and eye on you.”


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