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Admiral Quarters: Location Unknown

Muline and Fanch lay slumped on the floor of the Admirals Private suite,

They are covered with wounds. The Admiral’s torturing is interrupted by the image of and Imperial Advanced Trooper on his holo-table.

“The detention cells are ready Admiral, we’re ready when you are” The Trooper informs

The Admiral smirks at the image as he says “Thank you Trooper, but I’m not quite finished yet…


Imperial Garrison… Level 43… Base Location unknown…

Jarred and the rebel are walking down a corridor in the base.

“So… I guess I’d better introduce myself, the names Varan just Varan, General of the Rebel Alliance.

Varan Stern fully states

”Hello Varan just Varan,; Jarred chuckles, “The Names Jarred Yunis, and I’m looking for my father, i think he is here too”

Jarred Continues to express his thoughts “I’m not really interested in your revolutionary movements or anything, I’m not a fan of the Empire, but they are just too massive to be defeated by a rag-tag group”

“Well I’ll make you a deal Jarred;. You help us find a ride off here, and we’ll go look for your father

Varan bargains with Jarred

Really?” Jarred inquires,

Really” Varan confirms.

As they continue walking through the base Jarred is nattering away at Varan.

And with him being sick, I’m just not business minded, and with my Mum passing away a few years earlier the shop fell flat on its Bantha hide, and we now live in what was our shop, And anoth…e..r

Jarred is interrupted and pressed against the wall by Varan.

Look!” whispers Varan,

Imperial Troopers… I’m betting that’s an entrance to a docking bay!” Varan gleefully thinks to himself.

Varan turns to face Jarred and hatches his cunning plan.

I need your blaster Jarred; now you go and surrender and tell them of the breakout!” Varan cunningly grins.

Jarred forcefully hands Varan the blaster

I’m going to regret this!” He mutters to himself.

And with a gulp Jarred with his hands in the air stands opposite the two guards and pleads,

I surrender, don’t harm me, there was a massive battle in the lower levels and I ran for my life”

On your knees!” orders one of the Troopers.

The Troopers near Jarred and begin to apprehend him.

With the trooper soulfully focused on Jarred, Varan Leaps out from behind the wall wielding both blasters, and points them at the Imperial Troopers!

Thanks to Varans’ steady hands the Troopers are hit and fall to the deck!

Here you go” Says Varan whist handing Jarred’s blaster over.

Thanks” Replies Jarred “They don’t look like the normal Patrol units out on the streets?” Jarred insists to Varan.

You’re right!” Varan continues “We believe they Empire are making something big… and I mean big. Sure they want to show the Imperial Army as uniform and what have you, but the truth is the credits spent on this mystery project leaves backwater planets like Tattooine unequipped in the things like uniform armour for units who don’t see the light of day” Varan explains in a smart tone.

Wow…” Jarred is left speechless by the recent revelation. “…Or maybe the older armour is more comfortable?” he jokes to himself inside his head.

“Let’s find out what’s on the other side of this door then!” Jarred changes the subject.

As the door slides open they stand and look at the contents in the following room.

Great… it’s the bases lost and found bin!” Varan sarcastically boasts

As they look inside they see a vast array of different items ranging from engines to clothing.

What are you doing?!” Varan exclaims to Jarred

I’m just looking around” Jarred innocently replies.

My hat!” shouts Jarred as he spots his tatty burgundy flight helmet.

And my belt!” Jarred exclaims in a tone of hysteria. “This must be the prisoner personal items deposit room” Jarred Explains.

Great, now come on let’s get out of here, we still got to find a way outta this place!” Varan franticly pleads with Jarred.

As Jarred goes to exit the room from behind Varan he spots something familiar.

My Fathers personal belongings! He’s here, some where I’ve got to find him!” Jarred expresses in a tone of joy and also anticipation.

Good for you kid, but come-on, we have a deal here! We’ve still got to get outta here!” Varan Reminds Jarred of the deal they forged not 20 minutes ago.

Jarred stands there alone watching Varan rush ahead and speak into his headset

Yes, its Varan here, you’ve found Ackbar? Good… No I haven’t found a way off yet

After taking a deep breath and regaining his composure Jarred softly announces to Varan

I can’t go with you…

What! What are you talking about! We made a deal! You have a chance to be part of something big here, change the fate of the galaxy!” Varan Shouts in anger towards Jarred

I’m sorry…” Jarred quietly apologises to Varan.

Varan ignored him and continues to talk into his headset

No, he’s not coming with us, he has other problems…” Varan snarls in a bitter hurt tone.

Jarred is left stood alone clinging to his Fathers possessions.

I will find you Father… I promise you!” Jarred vows to him self


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