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The young Tarisian and Raymus Drewton escaped from the Legacy, their recently killed father’s ship…

…but barely, as the assassin, the only remaining individual on the ship, fired on the escape pods.

Meanwhile, the leader of Khoonda, the autonomous government of Dantooine, became impatient with the delay.

Several reports from Dantooine intelligence units reported that the Legacy could not be found. The Ithorian leader Ludge Ganler knew that if Senator Drewton did not come soon enough, the Kaleesh might choose to attack.

“If we wait any longer, we will face the wrath of General Sheelal!” he said. “We must put the negotiations on hold.”

“Judging by his reputation, the General hates delay,” a Jedi Master named Idnum-Ki said in a calm voice. “But I feel something terrible has happened…a few hours ago, the Legacy was in orbit around Dantooine. I heard a hundred voices calling out to me, and now the ship has disappeared. Perhaps the Kaleesh themselves were responsible for the death of Drazil Drewton. If so, they will now act like they have been tricked and will have an excuse to wage a war.”

“I hope not, Master Ki. The last time Dantooine was at war, thousands of lives were lost.”

Above the skies of Dantooine, on the Invincible

The Kaleesh warlord, General Qymaen jai Sheelal, or General Grievous has he had recently been called, did indeed hate delay — and soon all of Dantooine would learn that fact.

Casually, he stepped across the bridge of the Invincible. Trade Federation Commander Troyb had gotten more used to him now, but he still could not keep from shuddering at his imposing figure. The other officers on the bridge turned away, hoping that the warlord would ignore them.

“Commander Troyb,” Qymaen said, addressing him. “Have the Republic leaders sent word explaining the delay?”

“N-no, General,” Troyb stammered. The commander panicked far less than most Neimoidians, but, seeing the General’s bone-white mask which he had carved from the skull of a fallen Jedi, he could not help himself at the time. He remembered vividly his predecessor’s brutal death. “The Legacy, which was in orbit around Dantooine a few hours ago, jumped into hyperspace. I-it appears that we have been tricked…”

“General, I.m receiving a message from the Duros spy we placed at Khoonda,” a Kaleesh officer said in the Kaleesh language, reading the words appearing on his computer console. He paused before continuing. “He says that they have Jedi with them.and that preparing for war.”

“Just as my lord predicted!” Qymaen said angrily. “They lied to us again. The Jedi — the Republic — will pay for what they did to us. My homeworld still burns to this day.”

“What are your orders, General?” Troyb asked.

“Wipe the Republic forces from the face of the galaxy! Today, we shall prove that the Republic is not impregnable, and neither are the Jedi.”

“Four Kaleesh cruisers just came out hyperspace! They’re opening fire on our ships!” Ithorian leader Ludge Ganler exclaimed. “I thought you said the situation was stable!”

“It was stable,” Idnum-Ki said. “An instable sort of stability.”

By this time, Raymus and Tarisian had entered the room, watching them.

“Err, our escape pod crashed, and—” Raymus began.

“We have no time for … wait, you are Senator Drewton’s sons, are you not? What is his fate?”

“He…died,” Tarisian said, with grief in his voice.

“This is sad news indeed. However, I would say that we are past the negotiation stage already.”

“What is happening, Master?” Idnum-Ki’s Padawan Dular asked him.

“The Kaleesh have come, and they want revenge.”

Preparing for the blaze of war, the Khoonda militia soldiers entered their Logitech X2 starships.

As they left the atmosphere of Dantooine…

…their fears of the Kaleesh grew to thinking that they were impregnable.

Qymaen jai Sheelal gazed at the battle from the bridge of the Invincible. “What does their defense comprise of?”

“Two squadrons of Logitech X2s, but otherwise, so far, very weak.”

“Good. Prepare the shuttles. I want the droids to land within the next half-four.”

“There’s too many of them!” a Captain shouted into his comlink…

…before he was blasted from the sky.

Soon, battle droid carriers given to the Kaleesh by the Trade Federation arrived.

The Battle of Dantooine had begun…

…and citizens were forced to either join the conflict or die.

Within a few minutes Khoonda was stormed by a bounty hunter named Jango Fett and several battle droids.

“I sense…” Idnum-Ki began.

His sentence was silently answered by the arrival of the Kaleesh forces.

He and his Padawan, Dular, ignited their lightsabers.

But before they could do more, Ludge Ganler was hit by a bolt of plasma…

…followed by Raymus and Tarisian!

“Set your blasters for elimination. The Jedi are of no use to the General.”

However, the two Jedi seemed to be invincible.

“It is not possible to destroy the Jedi,” a Trade Federation battle droid said to Jango. “It is suggested that we run away while their lightsabers warm up.”

“I think we might have to,” Jango growled. “Capture Ganler and the Senator’s sons!”

attempt to draw Idnum-Ki’s away from the droids, Fett grabbed his Padawan by the throat…

…and used him as a shield.

Within the next few seconds, the droids and the recruited Rodian had retrieved their unconscious objectives.

Now having their objectives, and not wanting to test his abilities against Idnum-Ki’s powerful connection to the Force, the bounty hunter ordered a retreat.

The two Jedi attempted to follow them…

…but the bounty hunter and the prisoners were lost in the blaze of war and confusion.

“This is only the beginning,” Idnum-Ki said quitely.

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