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On the world of Dantooine, Khoonda burned, razed to the ground by the attacks of the brutal Kaleesh.


Originally, negotiations between the Republic and the Kaleesh had been planned. However, Senator Drazil Drewton, the Republic’s ambassador, was assassinated, and the Kaleesh attacked, thinking they had been tricked.

The only survivors of the attack on Drewton’s ship had been his two sons, who had fled to Khoonda upon landing on Dantooine…

…while the Kaleesh forces lay siege to the planet.

Khoonda itself had been raided by mercenaries, and the Drewtons and Administrator Ludge Ganler had been captured.

Searchings for the captives, the Jedi Master Idnum-Ki entered a dark cave in which he found the ancient Sith Lord Darth Desolous. From him he had been taught much of the dark side of the Force, and became determined to rise above the orders ofJedi and Sith.

Now, he and his Padawan were the only hope for Khoonda.

Not long into the battle, a group of Mandalorian Crusaders led by Daklif Ordo arrived.

Hundreds of innocent farmers were killed in the conflict.

But, worst of all for Dantooine, General Sheelal had arrived.

“You murdered my family!” a H’nemthe shouted, rushing towards him with a large battle-axe.

“You fool!” Sheelal said.

“You have wasted your life!” he said as if in regret, igniting a lightsaber.

“A Human?” the Ithorian said in surprise. “You are a son of Senator Drewton, aren’t you?”

“I’ve come for answers concerning him.”

“And what are the questions?”

“I know the assassin had to have had help. He killed the entire crew. My brother and I were the only survivors. I don’t think it was the Kaleesh, I think it was you.”

“What? You’re saying I manipulated events so that they would result in the Senator’s assassination?”

“Yes. I think you wanted to get more power for yourself, and possibly have someone else take his place in the Senate who would be more sympathetic to Dantooine. And if it wasn’t you, it was someone in Khoonda.”

“Boy, I didn’t even know your father was assassinated until you told me! Think, human. It was obviously done by the Kaleesh so that they could invade this world. We can prove this when this is all done; for now, just let me out of here. I want to help my government as much as you do, if not more.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Tarisian growled.

“But I have another task for you, which will turn the tide of the battle. I admit…I had a bomb placed on the bridge of the Invincible, General Sheelal’s Star Destroyer. I don’t claim that to have been the right choice, but the opportunity to set it off must be taken now. You can find the computer panel inside Khoonda…”

Meanwhile, Dular, though only a Padawan, proved himself to be a more powerful ally for Khoonda than ten militia soldiers together.

Raymus Drewton, Tarisian’s brother, had his own role in the battle. Knowing his piloting skills, he planned to hijack a Trade Federation AAT.

Once inside the vehicle, he was able to destroy many others, and the unsuspecting droid pilots were not able to fire back without going against their programming.

As the Kaleesh General Sheelal wrought more destruction, Jedi Master Idnum-Ki leaped with the Force in front of him, using a Makashi salute to show that he was prepared for a lightsaber duel.

“And now you witness the result of everything you have fought for on this world, and the beginning of the destruction to what you have ever lived for,” Qymaen said. “Dantooine will burn, until when I look upon it, it shall be a mirror of what your Republic did to my own world.”

“Perhaps. We shall see.”

With that, the duel began.

“Your Jar’Kai is undeveloped,” Idnum-Ki chastened. “Perhaps you excel at the role of strategist, but you are nothing in a lightsaber duel without the Force.”

“You have yet to strike me down, Jedi!”

“Until now.”

Bringing an end to merely a duel with lightsabers, the dark Jedi elevated the General from the ground and began to crush vital organs in his throat.

“You would need droid prosthetics in order to challenge a Jedi Master, General,” Idnum-Ki taunted.

“But let us change the focus of this discsussion…to the battle,” he continued, releasing Sheelal from the Force.

“Your forces are defeated Khoonda’s militia with ease…as expected.”

“Hundreds of lives have ended in this slaughter…”

“…and, you plan, this is only the beginning.”

“I have the ability to save your forces and bring them to victory.”


“…I can destroy them. With the power of the Force, I am in control of both armies. A true general. This is something you will never achieve. You tried to bury the identity of General Grievous, but your attempts have failed.”

“One of your wives has just passed away from the galaxy…ah, I am wrong. Two.”

“And your sons…I thought they would live longer.”

“I would have thought the destruction of your world had somehow changed you, made you a greater warrior. I was wrong, and your forces are being decimated.”

Meanwhile, after getting past Kaleesh forces, Tarisian Drewton desperately rushed to complete his task.

Far above, as Tarisian pressed the specified button on a computer panel, an explosion set off within the Invincible

…much to the confusion of Commander Troyb.

“Wha - that sounded like an explosion! Officers, what’s going on?”

“We don’t know, Commander, but - aaaahh!” a Kaleesh officer responded as his computer panel set on fire.

“Abandon!” Troyb shouted as the bridge around him exploded.

“The Invincible’s blowing up from the inside!” Khoonda General Patrian exclaimed from the bridge of the Khoonda cruiser Reliance.

“Red, is your squad doing that?” Patrian asked “Redemption Five” via comlink.

“No, sir. We don’t know how it’s happening. We have no plants there, as far as I know.”

“It doesn’t matter right now anyway, and it’s welcome. Without their leader, the other Kaleesh cruisers will fall into disorder. Order your squad to go on the offensive!”

“Yes, sir. Redemption Five out.”

“We’ve won!” the General smiled, unable to control himself.

Back on Dantooine’s surface, the farmers and militia cried shouts of relief. Idnum-Ki’s Battle Meditation had turned the tide.

“Master Ki!” administrator Ludge Ganler exclaimed upon locating the Cerean Jedi. “The battle is won!”

“Yes, it is indeed…but a mystery remains. Those battle droids appeared to be of Trade Federation design. The trade group is currently blockading Naboo, and if those droids were mdae by it, then either the Kaleesh stole the designs, or…Naboo will be invaded. I must return to Coruscant to warn my Council.”

“I see. And what of General Sheelal?”

“He…unfortunately escaped.”

Hours later…

“Citizens of Dantooine, we have been saved today by our militia, and the Jedi Knights of the Republic.”

“While we grieve for the loss of Senator Drewton, we must also be glad for our freedom.”

“If Master Idnum-Ki had not been here, we would all be Kaleesh slaves or dead, and he defeated General Qymaen jai Sheelal.”

“His Padawan, Dular helped to defend Khoonda as well. He defeated many of the Kaleesh and their droids.”

“Thanks must also be given to Raymus and Tarisian Drewton, the sons of Senator Drewton. When they crashed here in the escape pods as the last surviving members of the Legacy, they were forced to become part of the conflict. Raymus destroyed many of the Kaleesh tanks…”

“…and his brother, Tarisian, controlled a weapon which brought about the destruction of the Invincible, resulting in victory for Khoonda.”

“We are forever grateful to them, and their legacies will remain here forever.”

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